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Taking Iraq was never about terrorism. To argue the war on the basis of terrorism is to score one for the terrorists. Because while we argue, they’re doing push-ups.

It’s so easy to forget, it bears repeating: Taking Iraq was never about terrorism, never about American security, 9/11, al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, or the disruption of future terrorist plots against America.

Iraq is about real estate and spoils. Iraq is NOT about spreading “democracy,” unless democracy is defined as “winking capitalism.”

Does anyone dispute the enormous disadvantage of our military now that Iraq devolves to civil war? Ironically, it’s quite easy to pick out from the crowd a guy in camouflage.

If you want to take a country, you send the military. If you want to defeat a terror cell, you infiltrate and defeat it from within.

The reason America’s military is so ineffective is because our president has misunderstood its proper use. Worse, nobody’s told him no, which is this is the real crime. The Congress was lied to by the president, who hijacked the military. We marched into Baghdad and took it. Bush declared the war over, then talked of winning the peace, which sounded reasonable to most, but then he needed $87 billion for the first year. And Congress, for God knows what reason, thought they had to make a quick decision. It became a race. In record time, without debate of the consequences, Congress said yes.

Congress made Americans complicit. This is why the “left” is screaming bloody murder now. They should have screamed when Bush was in his flight suit on the boat. But they were distracted by the silly costume and the “Mission Accomplished” sign that Karl Rove recently said he regretted — once again — and reminded us that it was a banner commemorating the boat’s 40th mission, a claim that was disproved shortly after he said it the first time.

Left, right, red, blue, that’s not what this is about. It’s about right and wrong. Smart and dumb. Staying the course or examining a third option. There’s an awful lot of personal pride that goes into the pruning of a position. But when our stand becomes set, we stop thinking.

All I see is a war on terror that is being ignored while we debate lesser issues.

If George Bush were secretly working for Chalabi, his strategy would begin to make sense. But his strategy makes zero sense for America. Homeland security is just another department. How can we even begin to secure the homeland when our troops are all over in Iraq?

We, as a nation, need to quickly review the true lessons of Vietnam. The same issues remain:

1) American presidents have too much power to wage war and maneuver around our system of checks and balances.

2) Our intelligence agencies will continue to fail as long as they are scattered, secretive and scared of computers.

3) Our military needs new leadership that can make the quantum leap required to reinvent modern warfare as it’s being fought by our enemies.

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  • Maybe rejiggering your Presidential election system so it only appeals to power-mad fools with more money than brains would be a first step. For the past 40 years, the position of president has been bought. Why not have a system which relies on consensus such as a parliament and a monarch as head of state?

  • I meant to say, “so it doesn’t appeal …”

    Damn not being able to edit comments.

  • Lie: “Bush declared the war over”
    Fact: He declared an “end to hostilities.”

    Lie: “he needed $87 billion for the first year”
    Fact: only 20 million was for Iraq, 67 million went to the ongoing Afganistan campaign.
    Question: you state, “And Congress, for God knows what reason” approved the 87 million. Didn’t you already provide the answer for this? BUSH LIED!

    Lie: “it’s quite easy it is[sic] to pick out from the crowd a guy in camouflage.”

    While this is not exactly a lie, at best its disingenuous. Given that the casualty rate is about 100 Islamofacists to one US military member I tend to believe its not so easy to pick them out of the crowd.

    “The Congress was lied to by the president, who hijacked the military.”

    The Left apologists continue to use this as cover for their own failings and misdirect attention from the laundry list of other countries and the UN that all agreed that Saddam was worth taking out.

    And about that phrase, “hijacked the military.” That’s just a little over wrought isn’t it? Just how was this accomplished? Did Bush barge thru the Joint Chiefs of Staff door in full battle gear, assault rifle, gas mask, and ziplock handcuffs at the ready?

    I must admit, I read an enormous number of both left and right leaning Blogs and news sources. But you are one of the very few that still hold on to the “Bush Lied” dogma. Almost like Linus’s blanket, you cuddle it like it will save you from all the green meanies of the world. Take pride in being one of the last holdouts, and sleep tight with your warm little “blanky.”

  • Taloran

    So Marc unapologetically changes the B in Billion to an M, three times, when talking about war costs. Sounds very Republican to me.

  • Good to know “murrican bully boys still have use of their Fact:Lie facilities.

    Maybe if you spent any time looking at what your careless administration / closet government (amusing how you keep up the charade that government and administration and power is totally separate) is doing, and consider how you appear to the rest of the world … oh, why am I wasting my time talking to morons.

  • Marc: Thank you. The scales have fallen from my eyes. You’re so right. Nobody says Bush lies anymore. It’s so March. And you’re right about the blanky thing, much as I hate to admit it. I do like my blanky. Mainly I’m so sick of lying to the Republican readers. I sound like a Democrat, don’t I? All accusations and no facts. Even knowing I’m the worst of a bad lot is no comfort. Do you win all your debates, or am I just easy? XXOO Curt

  • Jim: What happened? You got all huffy all of a sudden. Was it something I said? You know, my parents are morons, but they’re good people. I inherited some moronic qualities myself. It makes television easier to understand. Are you an American yourself, or do you come from somewhere with a monarch and a parliament? Reason I ask is that it’s an odd suggestion. Not a bad idea, just odd for this country. To your statement that it’s “amusing how you keep up the charade that government and administration and power is totally separate,” you may be referring to the separation powers of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. These really are separate — it’s no charade. But I suspect you were probably making a different point before you got frustrated.

    Hey, I relate. It’s a cantankerous environment, earth is. These days anyway.

  • Nick Jones

    Anyone else as tired of the monolithic THE as I am? THE left: as if Howard Zinn, Malcolm X, and The SLA all shared the same beliefs, thinking, agenda, and tactics. It’s like if I conflated William F. Buckley, Jr., Bob Dole, and Benito Mussolini…not that SOME on the Left haven’t done so (stop that, My Comrades). THE Left, THE Right, THE blacks, THE whites, THE Jews, THE Muslims, THE Socialists, THE Communists, THE capitalists…it’s dehumanizing, dishonest, disingenuous, and intellectually lazy. Of course, if you can’t or won’t be bothered to take your opponent and his or her ideas seriously and argue your point accordingly, it’s so much easier to turn them into a faceless cypher and fire away.

  • Marc: Lie: "Bush declared the war over" Fact: He declared an "end to hostilities."

    Richard Perle, the Prince of Darkness himself, says you’re wrong, Marc.

    On May 2, 2003 the day after President Bush declared the war was over, here’s what Perle had to say, from the official State Department site:

    " Relax, Celebrate Victory," By Richard Perle

    2 May 2003: This byliner by Richard Perle, a member of the Defense Policy Board, first appeared in USA Today May 2 and is in the public domain. No republication restrictions.

    From start to finish, President Bush has led the United States and its coalition partners to the most important military victory since World War II. And like the allied victory over the axis powers, the liberation of Iraq is more than the end of a brutal dictatorship: It is the foundation for a decent, humane government that will represent all the people of Iraq.

    This was a war worth fighting. It ended quickly with few civilian casualties and with little damage to Iraq’s cities, towns or infrastructure. It ended without the Arab world rising up against us, as the war’s critics feared, without the quagmire they predicted, without the heavy losses in house-to-house fighting they warned us to expect. [Richard Perle, American Enterprise Institute site]

    Perle was as wrong as all the right-wing extremists (some of whom, like David Brooks, are now running for cover).

  • LOL @ Jim. He cuts us no slack in regard to the political mess we’re in. And, he’s right. Change the outcome of the 2000 election and we wouldn’t be increasingly mired in Iraq. Yes, 9/11 might still have happened. But, the current consequences would not have.

    Jim is a Canadian (like most thoughtful people?), Curt.

  • Uhm, I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, I didn’t do anything.

  • So Jim’s a Canadian, is he? Thank you, Ms. Diva. I’ll take it from here. A Canadian, eh? OK… I can respect that. I can envy that. I could go for some of that myself, except you guys are too smart to let in people like me and my fellow moron ‘Murricans, as you call us. Damn! What do you say to a Canadian? Jim. Do me a favor. Pretend you’re a Democrat. Or a Republican, doesn’t matter. Just give me some kind of surface to slap and I’m all over you.

  • Shark


    Two words:



    (Sic ’em!)

  • Bernard

    …Nurds on the left. Nurds on the right
    Religous fanatics on the air every night
    Sayin’ the Bible tells the story
    Makes the details sound real gory
    ‘Bout what to do if the geeks over there
    Don’t believe in the book we got over here

    You can’t run a race without no feet
    ‘N pretty soon there won’t be no street
    For dummies to jog on or doggies to dog on
    Religous fanatics can make it be all gone
    (I mean it won’t blow up ‘n disappear
    It’ll just look ugly for a thousand years…)

    You can’t run a country by a book of religion
    Not by a heap or a lump or a smidgeon
    Of foolish rules of ancient date
    Designed to make you all feel great
    While you fold, spindle and mutilate
    Those unbelievers from a neighboring state

    TO ARMS! TO ARMS! Hooray! That’s great
    Two legs ain’t bad unless there’s a crate
    They ship the parts to mama in
    For souvenirs: two ears
    Not his, not hers, but what the hey?
    The Good Book says: “It’s gotta be that way!”
    But their book says: “REVENGE THE CRUSADES…
    With whips ‘n chains ‘n hand grenades…”

    TWO ARMS? TWO ARMS? Have another and another
    Our God says: “There ain’t no other!”
    Our God says “It’s all okay!”
    Our God says “This is the way!”
    It says in the book: “Burn ‘n destroy…
    ‘n repent, ‘n redeem ‘n revenge, ‘n deploy
    ‘n rumble thee forth to the land of the unbelieving scum on the other side
    Cause they don’t go for what’s in the
    book ‘n that makes ’em BAD

    So verily we must choppeth them up
    And stompeth them down
    Or rent a nice French bomb
    To poof them out of existance
    While leaving their real estate just where
    we need it

    To use again for temples in which to praise
    OUR GOD (“Cause he can really take care of business!”)

    And when his humble TV servant with humble white hair and humble glasses and a nice brown suit
    And maybe a blond wife who takes phone calls
    Tells us our God says it’s okay to do this stuff
    Then we gotta do it, ‘Cause if we don’t do it,
    We ain’t rising up to heaven!

    (Depending on which book you’re using at the time…Can’t use theirs… that’s all wrong
    …it’s all lies…Gotta use mine…Ain’t that right? That’s what they say
    Every night…
    Every day…

    Hey, we can’t really be dumb
    If we’re just following God’s Orders
    He wrote this book here and in this book he says
    He made us all to be just like Him.
    so if we’re dumb, then God is dumb
    And maybe even a little bit ugly on the side

    Zappa for president, I don’t care if he is dead!

  • Woof! Woof! Woof!

    Bernie, baby, Bernie!

    I like verse, the verse the better. Bernard, do you blog? I didn’t see your url. You should. That’s great stuff.

  • Shark: My wife is in love with you and my adult children want a new dad who is you. They no longer read my blog. They go straight to the Museum. I hate these traitors so much. I suckled these children at my teat! Until I was incarcerated.

    So it’s beer and hockey, is it? These are two subjects of which I know little, except that they seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly, Martini & Rossi, Saccho & Vicente, Sears & Roebuck, and head injuries.

    If Canadians would stop sparing the rod and spank the living shit out of their kids, they’d grow up a lot more ‘murrican, as that cad Carruthers calls us. How I loathe him. Watch: my “children” will love him next, and still hit me up for money.

    They were to be my chips off the old blog, not chips in the tread of my shoe.

  • BB

    CW: I was so impressed with your treatise above that I sent a copy to the very Donald H. Rumsfeld. I hope you don’t mind. He said he will get back to me. Good thing I can hold my breath.

    Shark: You forgot – “eh, hoser”!

  • BB

    CW: I was so impressed with your treatise above that I sent a copy to the very Donald H. Rumsfeld. I hope you don’t mind. He said he will get back to me. Good thing I can hold my breath.

    Shark: You forgot the part – “eh, Hoser”!

  • His resume makes my resume look like my resume. How I loate him.

  • His resume makes my resume look like my resume. How I loathe him.

  • BB

    I loate, er loathe him too. But isn’t that what is great about politicians? They give us a channel to vent all that pent-up frustration.

  • While I like beer, I’m not that interested in the NHL since it is symptomatic of how the corporate USA tends to pervert and pimp almost everything it touches.

    And the recent uncivilized attacks on our man Doyle about how having Fox “News” in Canada would let us see ‘murricans as they are, not as they think they appear, has only reinforced my perceptions.

    It’s not like we aren’t coping with our own problems with an unelected leader who appears prone to lie and bluster, but at least we are keeping it at home and in scale (the amount in the scandal is less than the amount Shrub will be throwing at teevee advertising) but it is about the principal and ethics.

    Sorry for talking about ethics rather than about raw power and how to maintain it at all costs. Sorry Satan, for distracting your vassals from their greasing your scaly weasel.

  • Shark

    CW, in a rare moment when NOT in denial: “Shark: My wife is in love with you and my adult children want a new dad who is you…”

    That’s okay. I understand.

    It’s ’cause I’m just like you: I cook, clean, am totally flaccid, and “have a great sense of humor”.

    In other words, The Perfect Man.

  • Shark

    Jim, you don’t understand; Americans are only given a few choices when it comes to showing our “patriotism”:

    1) keep shopping

    2) stay terrified

    3) give Satan a hummer while begging him to continue to rule over our vassalhood.

    Lately, most of us do all three.

    A prowd ‘merrikun.

  • Stately Wayne Manor

    Not being a friggin’Canuckie,I wouldn’t
    know how it feels to be a resident of
    just another one of those insignificant
    “Nations” such as yours.It sure is hard
    to be ‘Merican and #ONE though, because
    lame ducks from from even lamer places
    are on your jock,24/7. You are funny as
    all great give a fuck though Carruthers.

  • Actually, I’m sorta curious (like people who ask gay couples – which one of you plays the man?). In the States, when it comes to servicing Satan, who are the vassals and who are the minions – the Republicrats or the Democumlicans?

    Because I get confused and can’t really tell them apart.

  • I’m just going to quote our man Doyle on how ‘murricans portray themselves to the rest of the world:

    Me, I find it quite bracing to be so reviled and it’s very encouraging to know that mere newspaper coverage of a TV news channel can make some people so very angry.
    The people who support Fox News must be the most uncivil and foul-mouthed creatures on the planet. This is an informed opinion. They’d give English soccer hooligans a run for their money.
    I lost count of the number of times I was called “an a**hole.” It was at least 43 times, anyway. I was called “a pussy,” “a wussy,” “a pr**k,” “a jerk,” “a hack” and “a creep.” A man in Cleveland not only called me “an a**hole” but also wished me a “f***ed-up day.” A lady — and I use the term advisedly — in Colorado wrote to say that all Canadians are “a**holes” and then ordered me not to visit her state. I was also called a Canadian numerous times, as if that were an automatic and withering insult.

  • Stately Wayne Manor

    Being called a Canuck isn’t an instant
    and withering insult??? HHMMMMMMM…….

    Americans who would support the FOX news
    network oughta be skinned alive & rolled
    in salt.Or sent to Canada,whichever is
    worse. On a serious note Jim,I honestly don’t know anyone who takes the FOX news
    very seriously here …

  • Nick Jones


    Here’s how you can tell the American political parties apart:

    The Democrats promise, but NEVER deliver, substantial social and economic benefits to their supposed constituency (women, minorities, the poor and the working class).

    The Republicans ALWAYS deliver on their promises to their constituency (corporations and the rich).

    There is NO party for the middle class, just as there is no party that really speaks for the supposed constituency of the Democrats.
    Middle class people who vote Democrat want to help the lower classes, but hope they don’t get too uppity, and that property taxes don’t rise too high.
    Middle class people who vote Republican are under the delusion that if they serve the upper class faithfully they will be allowed to join their ranks; realistically, the best they can hope for is ‘designated scapegoat’ when “60 Minutes” starts bringing cameras into the lobby.

    The Republicans are the right wing. The Democrats are the center wing. There is no left wing – not so’s you’d notice, anyway. Any radical political groups in the US are like the decorative trim around the edge of a large white dinner platter – unless you’re looking for it, you probably won’t even notice it’s there. Sometimes, the right wing likes to accuse the center wing of being dangerous radicals; this should be taken with a grain of salt, for if the center ever really made an effort to improve life for the lower 99% of the American populace, they would have been marginalized, shut down or killed decades ago – Cf. IWW; Eugene Debs; Martin Luther King, Jr..

  • Shark

    Nick, yer my new hero.

    Spot on, man.

    Your comment should be etched in stone and used as a weapon to bludgeon every new immigrant to the late-great United States.

  • Actually we don’t emigrate, we just go over the border and stay there. Los Angeles and NYC are somewhat tied for fourth-largest city in Canada. We take our orders from Dr. Evil (well, okay Lorne Michaels since if he calls himself “Dr.” there’s all this OHIP paperwork he just doesn’t want to deal with).

    While there we molest your daughters and boyfriends, complain about the beer, and subvert your comix, movies and teevee.

    In essence, it is like being an average citizen of the USA, disenfranchised and working their ass off.

  • “Jim is a Canadian (like most thoughtful people?)”

    Right. A nation of drunk, leftist, hokey fanatics. Real thoughtful.

    Why don;t you move there, MAC? No Affirmative Action benefits?

  • “Jim is a Canadian (like most thoughtful people?)”

    Right. A nation of drunk, leftist, hockey fanatics. Real thoughtful.

    Why don’t you move there, MAC? No Affirmative Action benefits?

  • Tongue-in-cheek, but excellent analysis, Nick. Perhaps the most perfidious myth in the United States is that there is really a Left. If only it were so. I can’t see that changing. I would guess half the people I knew in high school and college who called themselves leftists are Republicans by now. This is a country of selfish people. That is the sentiment that determines our politics more than anything else, I suspect.

  • Nick Jones

    Thanks MD, I worked long enough on it. It’s not perfect, but it pretty much sums up how I see it. Feel free to use it if you like.

    Selfishness indeed. Amazing how Americans can be conned into providing billions of tax dollars for a military operation to ‘avenge’ the deaths of some fellow citizens, but let others starve and go without healthcare because a social safety net is ‘too expensive’. Sometimes I wonder if we’re as stupid as the politicians think we are.

  • Nick Jones

    “Nick, yer my new hero.”

    Does that mean you’re sending over CW’s wife?

  • His what?

  • Nick Jones

    Sorry. A misreading of comment #16, off of “Shark: My wife is in love with you…”. Never mind. 48 hour nicotine withdrawal…concentration gone…spelling, grammar and punctuation fading…

    Hence the “nom de Internet”, Nick Jones.

  • Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?

    So… Nick… that’s your nickname?

    When I said “my wife bla bla bla” I meant my wife likes the way Shark writes. He assumed, and I applaud his choices here, that I wanted him to bake us cookies and clean up a little bit. You, on the other hand, Nick, chose poorly.

    All is forgiven 100%, you are free to go, run along, fly away, sin no more.

    But remember! Diva knows who you are.

    OK, sweeping jokes aside. NICK! Good moves on the sm*king! Put it out of your mind. You can do this thing.

    Just picture in your mind Shark’s wife…

    …eating cookies…

    …lifting her feet…

  • Nick Jones

    “Right. A nation of drunk, leftist, hockey fanatics. Real thoughtful.
    Why don’t you move there, MAC? No Affirmative Action benefits?”

    When all else fails, stereotype.

  • sheri

    Nick, it is a geometrical impossibilty to have a right without a left, even when the central is ideas or beliefs.Nice try though. I do agree with some of what you said in that comment, but like most propaganda, the standard method is “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”.

  • Shark

    “…it is a geometrical impossibilty to have a right without a left…”

    Not in a universe where everything is relative, and space-time is a curvature that wraps around your left side, meets on the right, and never enters the middle.

    In other words:

    The Middle can be considered Left relative to the Far Right.

    I think…

  • sheri


    Or the other way around , depending on your particular leaning. :0)

  • Right. A nation of drunk, leftist, hockey fanatics. Real thoughtful.

    That’s why they invented the innerweb, because I don’t think RJ really wants to deal with people who are drunk, leftists, carrying big sticks (and that’s just the women’s team). I guess the prospect of having the shit beat out of him is mostly what he’s thinking about, what did you think the penalty box is for, for to think about what you did.

    And the idea that somebody would be dozie enough to confuse Don Cherry with the left, it just makes me laugh and laugh. Talking to Americans, it not just for Rick Mercer anymore.

  • Nick Jones

    However, sheri, it is possible *architecturally* to have right and center wings without a left, which is how I was thinking of it, or a left wing that’s empty. The seats in the theaters at my local multiplex are set up in a tripartite division; if everyone sat in the middle and right seats, the left seats might as well not be there. I believe (trying to retrieve info I read decades ago) that the origin of the terms left and right wing come from the seating arrangements of the French legislature; pre-Revolutionary I think, but I’m not positive. Also, with all due respect, since you confuse satire with propaganda, you need to broaden your definitions, if not your thinking.

  • sheri

    Well, if the left seats might as well not be there, let’s say you are 100% correct. Now all you’ve done is shift the center.

    Interesting about the left-right origins, I didn’t know that.

    Ok, well then, am I now suppose to think everything you say is not to be taken seriously? Or are you just spinning me in circles here :0)

  • Shark

    Sheri, if ya gotta ask….

    PS: If a Coke spills in an empty theatre, does it become sticky if no one’s there to step in it?

    Okay, I’ll stop.

  • Nick:

    Name one American in the last 20 years who has “starved” to death, for lack of food?

  • RJ, that you don’t know the name of a fellow citizen who has starved to death out of the thousands, well, that is just an indictment of what a tool you are.

    Tell me who has starved to death. Or died of neglect. It can’t be difficult.

    Are you really that hate filled?

  • Shark

    Starved to death? Well…

    Khem Singh

  • Nick Jones

    Since my sense of humor sometimes consists of dry, deadpan mock seriousness, it’s sometimes hard to tell if i’m joking or not, especially in print rather than in person. My ‘Guide to American Political Parties for Canadians, Eh?’ is satirical, but isn’t all that exaggerated from how I really see the American political scene. If there is an opposition Left in the US, at least of any substance or influence, I don’t see it. I laugh myself sick every time I see that book (Ames?) that claims that Clinton wanted to turn the country ‘hard Left’. The author’s idea of ‘hard Left’ must be letting women vote.

  • sheri

    Dear Shark,

    I realize that you can reflect back on the days when you and King Solomon lounged about cracking jokes,but that don’t make you smarter than me . :0)

    p.s. when I come up with a good answer to your question, I’ll let you know.

  • “RJ, that you don’t know the name of a fellow citizen who has starved to death out of the thousands, well, that is just an indictment of what a tool you are.”

    Name one, you Canuck-commie.

  • “Khem Singh”


    Did he die because there was no food in the prison? Or because he refused to eat it?

    BIG difference…

  • Nick Jones

    You don’t have to starve to DEATH to be starving. But you do have to be some kind of serious scumbag to show ingratitude to the families of the men and women who are fighting your war:


  • ???

    Doesn’t starvation mean “dying from lack of food”?

    Who the fuck does this apply to, in the US?

  • Here’s a fucking wake-up call to those idiots who think Americans are starving in the streets because we aren’t socialists:

    If I was homeless, I would beg for money, I guess. I would almost certainly get enough money to buy some food.

    If begging didn’t work, I would go to soup kitchen. They are all over the place. Every decent-sized American city has them. I would go there, and be fed.

    If that didn’t pan out, I would shoplift from a gorcery store. One of two things would happen. I would either 1) get away with free food, or 2) be sent to prison where I would be fed three times a day!

    No one starves in America, unless they want to.

    (Those who don’t like this fact are welcome to call me heartless and a fascist.)

  • sheri

    Satire: etymology -“satura” dish of mixed ingredients, from feminine of “satur” well fed.

  • Nick Jones

    “(Those who don’t like this fact are welcome to call me heartless and a fascist.)”

    No need to.

  • No content, Nick. No content.

  • Bernard


    Thanks for the praise, I like your work as well.

    That was however not my writing but the lyrics to the only song in which Frank Zappa got political (to my knowledge anyway). He really should have done so more often, but that maybe just a tat off topic. I consider starting a blog at least twice a week, not done so though.

    But hey, I quit smoking yesterday, might as well start a new addiction, preferrably one without the risk of lung disease. We’ll see…

  • Nick Jones

    Sometimes three little words says it all, RJ.

  • I’m afraid I’ma have to call you out RJ. I, Al Barger alone, am the designated Right Wing White Devil of Blogcritics.

    You may POSE as a heartless right winger and opponent of all Progress, but compared to me you’re a compassionate conservative.

    You hear me, Elliott? I said you’re a compassionate conservative.

  • Bernard


    You are no devil… just misguided.
    But we understand your needs and respond by forgiving you. sending you lots of pinko love over the net.

    Do-gooders that we are. Don’t you just hate it…

  • RJ, very few people in the world starve to death unless it is caused by famine or embargo, or anorexia nervosa. The rest of us, like birds, can usually find something. The Catholic Church says it’s okay to steal food if you’re hungry. It’s in the catechism. We’re not supposed to deny each other food.

    Blogcritics readers are generally too smart to fall for the “Name Me One” game.

    Al Barger is offering you a valuable opportunity to learn a few things about the role of a conservative apologist. Maybe you could shadow him on “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.”

    Why have you transformed yourself into The World’s Angriest Man? Find out why and get back to yourself on it. You have work to do.

    In the meantime, we’re not statues and you’re not a pidgeon.

    Know what I mean?

  • Eric Olsen

    Back to the matter at hand: the country took a turn to the right during the Reagan administration, and especially, when the Berlin Wall fell and communism was discredited.

    However, all one has to do is read Blogcritics, or any other open forum to see how prevalent leftist ideas are, even if the numbers who support them are relatively small.

    In the real world, the Republican party starts at the far right and extends to the near left side of the middle. The Democratic party begins at the far left and extends to the right side of the middle.

    The issue of “compassion” is deceptive and usually specious. Very few serious people do not avow compassion: the question is how to best express and implement compassion beyond emergency measures tha virtually everyone agrees upon.

  • mike

    The political climate leans hard right in part because the hard right stole the 2000 election and governs like a Leninist party. As the popular vote that year told, the American public is center left in its views.

    American society tolerates levels of poverty not seen in more middle class and democratic societies like Canada and South Korea.

    It’s a large part of why this country has become such a cruel and mean-spirited place to live, and why overwhelming majorities in other democracies no longer regard it as a model.

    In fact, most people in other democratic societies now regard the United States as a threat to democracy, and rightly so.

  • “the Republican party starts at the far right and extends to the near left side of the middle. The Democratic party begins at the far left and extends to the right side of the middle.”

    Maybe, but if so, the population distribution probably looks something like this

  • mike

    The “left” has very little representation in the Democratic Party. That may change, as the majority of Democrats are moving to the left in their political views. Twenty years ago, there were tons of “Reagan Democrats.” Now there are very few “Bush Democrats.”

  • HAL that’s hilarious! I urge everyone to go up a few and click Hal’s underlined “this.” In Hal’s world, left and right, as graphed, make a nice looking rack.

    His picture suggests two teats from which Americans suck, when in fact it’s quite the other way around.

    If we Americans took our government as seriously as our politics, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    We Americans need to listen carefully when Mike says “most people in other democratic societies now regard the United States as a threat to democracy, and rightly so.”

    As conservative columnist Arianna Huffington said, “You don’t remodel when the house is burning down.” She wants Bush out. She’s a Kerry Republican, one of many more to come.

    The objection to George W. Bush has almost nothing to do with politics, left, right or center. George Bush is the fire that needs to be put out.

  • “…all one has to do is read Blogcritics, or any other open forum to see how prevalent leftist ideas are, even if the numbers who support them are relatively small.” –Eric Olsen

    That means it’s working! Yay! Pen wins, swords lose. It’s about time we Liberals started getting a little credit for all our hard work.

    I’m Leftist and Prevalent!

  • Eric Olsen

    Hal, excellent graphic job and not too far off: I’d move the whole thing a little to the left – the majority of each party are somewhere in the center.

  • the majority of each party are somewhere in the center

    I don’t have enough info for a definitive statement.

    I do know that 44 of the 50 state Republican committes are controlled or heavily influenced by the religious right. For the Dems, I don’t know of any large left-leaning gang (the Trotskyists became liberal Democrats then leaped the chasm to become neoconservatives), so the skew as represented is probably a reasonable approximation.

    The bottom line is that Democrats are, on balance, in the middle; Republicans are, on balance, noticeably to the right of them. (“On balance” would be the median of the population figures for each party.)

    If anybody out there can point me at more data, please let me know.

  • Joe

    Hey Hal, nice rack!

  • mike

    I think that is correct, but as the country continues to be ruled by the hard right, I think Democrats will become more FDR-like in their views in opposition. This is in part because the policies that will be implemented in Bush’s second term will brutalize core Democratic populations.

    Probably an overwhelming majority of Democrats support single payer, something that wasn’t true even five years ago.

  • “the country continues to be ruled by the hard right”

    That’s a fact.

    Over the years, the neoconservatives have crowed about getting into bed with the religious right to take over the Republican party (check National Review Online and other right-wingie sites).

    More recently there’s been a peep or two in neocon circles that maybe they should start distancing themselves from Evanagelicals, but I don’t think Ashcroft would like that so it won’thappen this year.

    The Christians did make a good stalking horse for the neos, though.

  • mike

    I think “The Passion” must be giving them fits over at The Weekly Standard. They’ll hold their noses until after the election, though.

  • sheri

    It would make a good read, how left and right is only relevant to the center, how one or the other will crush under it’s own weight, causing a shift in the center itself. Fundamental changes at the core.

    Right now, it gives me a headache.

  • Al, RJ, just get a room, why dontcha, jeez, most of us don’t really need to see your sweaty couplings behind the dumpster.

    Oh, what you say? that’s official right wing policy in the USA? Ewwww.

  • Actually, Eric, outside the USA, the right is on the run. In Canada, this weekend, the former Conservative Prime Minister of Canada, Joe Clarke said he would rather see Paul Martin as PM than the head of the new Conservative Party (basically ‘murrican style right wing yahoos). And the LIberal party is pretty right wing.

  • sheri

    Shark, I now have your answer.

    It starts with Nick: “Of course if you can’t or won’t be bothered to take your opponent and his or her ideas seriously, and argue your point accordingly…”

    (So I did, and argued “accordingly”.)

    Nick: “Also, with all due respect since you confuse satire with propaganda…”

    Sheri: “Ok, well then, am I now suppose to think everything you say is not to be taken seriously? Or are you just spinning me in circles here?”

    Shark” “Sheri, if ya gotta ask….” P.S. If a coke spills in an empty theater, does it become sticky if no one’s there to step in it?”

    (*singing…we’ll go round in circles*)

    Irony- a pretense of ignorance and willingness to learn from another assumed in order to make the other’s false conceptions conspicuous by adroit questioning.

    xoxo :0)

  • mike

    JC: What is the difference between a “Red Tory” and a right wing Liberal?

  • (Scratching head.)

    Where is the supposedly viable Left hiding? Yes, I’m aware of the existence of Indymedia and know about the so-called anarchist movement. That kind of stuff is focused where I live, the Pacific Northwest. Currently, we are trying to extradite a leading eco-terrorist from Canada. He went on the lam after persuading some college students to stop bathing and wearing shoes — and to set some vehicles at a car dealership on fire in support of the environment and against capitalism. But, those movements are tiny and will get tinier. The non-bathers will be hitting the Ivory and applying to law school so they can defend Weyerhauser in 10 years or so. Furthermore, they are as much about late adolescent angst as Leftism.

    The Democratic Party is way too much supportive of the status quo to be Leftist. The personable Clinton was actually fairly conservative, as the poor found out when they lost Aid to Families with Dependent Children whether they had jobs or not. Ditto for foreign policy. He was a caretaker following another caretaker. The day Joseph Biden becomes anything but mainly a yes man for keeping things the way they are, I’ll eat my hat. The same for more than half of his fellow Democratic Congresspersons. John Kerry is also not about to go ‘too far,’ ie, far at all. I support him over Shrub, but have no illusions. The country with Kerry in office may take a more realistic stance in regard to terrorism. Hopefully, the Justice Department will become interested in constitutional law again and Dick Cheney will retire to his bunker permanently. Over all, I don’t expect to see much change.

    Again, where is the viable Left hiding? Conservatives keep saying it exists, but refuse to direct me to it. Could it be that a viable American Left does not really exist?

  • As conservative columnist Arianna Huffington said, “You don’t remodel when the house is burning down.” She wants Bush out. She’s a Kerry Republican, one of many more to come.

    Uh, she hasn’t been a conservative in quite some time…

  • That’s what they tell me. I thought she was Zsa Zsa.

  • sheri

    Comment 76 : Evangelicals are more interested in the West Bank.

    Pat Robertson has stated that he believes if a person commits a crime upon instruction of God, he should not be prosecuted. Even if it’s murder.

    Christian Reconstructionism endorses the belief that rebellious teenagers should be killed.

    These are the ones that mainstream chrisitianity distances themselves from, and what I hope the Republican Party does also.

  • “Evangelicals are more interested in the West Bank.

    The religious right (“Christian conservatives”) is broader than just the Born-Agains, Evangelicals, Zionists (e.g., Ashcroft) and weird fundamentalists.

    The Republicans have actively pursued their support. A 2000 survey found that in 18 of 50 state Republican committees, the religious right held a majority of seats. In 26 more, they held large minorities. Not much has changed since then.

    That’s 88% of Republican state committees controlled or influenced by the religious right.

  • sheri

    Yep.There are quite a few. Some are hiding behind christianity and the religious right though.With their own agendas.

  • Shark

    Scene: Birthplace of the Third Reich

    Fat German Businessman #1: I’m afraid those Nazis are getting awfully strong…

    Doughy Aryan Industrialist #2: Don’t worry; we can control them down the road.

    — [ dissolve to ] —

    Scene: Birthplace of the Fourth Reich

    Secular Republican #1: I’m afraid those Fundamentalist Christians are getting awfully strong…

    Secular Republican #2: Don’t worry, we can control ’em down the road.

    FADE TO extremely black future —

  • sheri

    I am a Christian.I grew up going to church. I believe In God and Jesus Christ. But I guess I have been living in my own world, because I am just now learning about this.

    If it is true, this is some scary, scary stuff.Reconstructionsism , which is not traditional christianity, is worming it’s way into fundamentalist/evangelical doctrine.

    I tend to take what I read, especialy on the net, with caution, until I have researched it myself though.

  • Nick Jones

    I only learned about Christian Reconstructionism myself last year. As I understand it, they believe that America was promised to them by God, to become a exclusively Christian kingdom. That’d be okay if the Christian was, let’s say, Martin Luther King, Jr., but I get the feeling from what little I’ve read that it would more like Matthew Hale or William Pierce.

  • Shark

    Ve ist der Chosen Peepul.