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Hey Donny…Wanna explain that “shot down the plane” thing any further?

Ok. I’m no conspiracy theorist. But I do question those who say, “If the USA had shot down Flight 93 over Pennsylvania, they would want everyone to know. They wouldn’t hide it.” I disagree with this. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to say, “The plane went down because of a struggle in the cockpit.”, than to say, “We decided to shoot the plane down.” The second guessing would have been tremendous, whether it would have been deserved or not.

If he did just misspeak, can this guy do anything right? He is clumsier than Bush.

Rummy Says We Shot 93 Down

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  • He simply misspoke. If you read the quote in context he’s listing off actions of terrorists.

  • This is a tough one… but I’m not sure it’s even that relevant in today’s world. Bush has been re-elected, and today’s environment is really more of a post-Iraq one at this point than post-9/11.

    If it were proven that the plane was shot down then sure, it would be a big deal. But until then, I think there’s much bigger fish to fry… like this Slate artice that likens Iraq 2004 to Vietnam 1966… (ouch):


    Eric Berlin
    Dumpster Bust: Miracles from Mind Trash

  • “I’m not sure it’s even that relevant in today’s world.”

    I think every single evidence of this administration lying is relevant, until the rest of the country gets it that these guys will lie straight to Americas face about anything and everything.

    I’m not sure which way I feel about this particular incident, but the fact that some of the wreck landed away from the rest of it does seem kind of odd in a supposed crash into the ground with no mid air explosion…

  • Yes, sure, it would be relevant were it proven. But the cold reality is that concrete proof isn’t very likely to show itself one way or the other. The other cold reality is that we’re looking at four more years of Bush whether anybody likes it or not.

    Therefore, short of mass-scale impeachments, I think the more relevant issues are homeland security, US foreign policy, Iraq, taxes, social security, social issues, and on and on.

  • The Dude

    “The other cold reality is that we’re looking at four more years of Bush whether anybody likes it or not.”

    Ya mean, you go with the president we have, not the one we want?

  • Well, I would replace “go” with “deal” in this case but yep, that’s pretty much it.