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Um, Billy Joel Marries 23 Year-Old

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My daughter is 20 – if three years from now some 55 year-old, car-crashing, perpetual-rehabbing, sclerotic lech looks at her this way, I’ll blind the fucker.

The grim tidings:

    Billy Joel and his new bride, Katie Lee, got into a married state of mind over the weekend.

    The Piano Man, 55, swapped vows with Lee, 23, at his Long Island estate Saturday with throngs of friends and family—including Joel’s ex-wife, Christie Brinkley—looking on.

    It’s the third time down the aisle for Joel and the first for Lee, a recent college grad and restaurant correspondent for the PBS show, George Hirsch: Living it Up!

    The duo got engaged this past winter while on vacation on the Caribbean island of St. Bart’s, where Joel gifted his fiancé with a five-carat sparkler. They first began dating in spring 2003. [E! online]

Ick, ick, ick – perhaps I am overly sensitive, being father of said daughter and all, but it’s crap in both directions. I don’t care who you are, what you have, what astral plane you connect on – 15 years perhaps, even 20 years under the right circumstances, but 32 years difference is absurd. And the Piano Man is not a particularly well preserved 55, either, dude is no Jack LaLanne.

More on the nightmare here.

I’ll bet there’s quite an interesting pre-nup – she won’t get the house.

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  • C’mon man – Billy is just living the American dream!


    Maybe since she grew up with his music, she might be able to kick his ass and get him back to recording some rock and roll!

  • Man. I bet they have LOTS to talk about, what with all they have in common. What happened? This is the guy who recorded “Captain Jack,” for crying out loud. He used to be cutting edge. Then he got this jones for uptown girls, and he hasn’t been the same since.

  • Eric, that is quite possibly one of the best opening paragraphs I’ve ever read. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read it, or I would have spurtzed it out my nose.

    His own daughter is 18, adding immeasurably to the ick factor, I think.

  • Dude, as the father of THREE daughters, I am so down with what you say I can’t get any…um, downer. You know what I mean.

  • No, Eric… maybe she won’t get the house. However, her family’s business savvy attorney has secured “portions of stock on a legendary car collection that will secure the family for generations”.

    When we met with the attorney shortly after this statement was released, he said:

    what? seriously? really? he left Christie Brinkley? Then he crashed three fucking cars? into houses did he? with his own kids in the car, did he? Holy shit, Jesus Christ… we didn’t sign anything yet, did we?

  • This wedding scene sounds like the classic Elvis Costello song “When I Was Cruel.”

    Moreover, hearing of Christie Brinkley’s attendance only made it more Elvis-y, “there’s number three just by the door.”

    I wonder if by any chance this Lee chick happened to be selling boats at a trade show when Billy Joel met her.

  • redkez

    There’s definately something of the Zeta Jones about her. Not sure who’s being taken for a ride here…

  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks, great replys! glad I’m not alone in my disgust – I thought I might have been a bit over the top. And I don’t minimize her complicity in this – the ick goes both ways.

  • Well. . . as long as she just doesn’t have to have sex with him.

  • wasn’t there some comedy where somebody’s yelling about a woman being with an older man…something about “old man balls”?

  • I’ve heard they droop.

  • Dude

    She’s an adult, right?

    Here’s hoping your daughter’s ugly, you tiny man.

  • Eric Olsen

    not even sure how to respond to that, Aqualung

  • Vic

    Well. . . as long as she just doesn’t have to have sex with him.

    I’m pretty sure that a 55 yr old guy doesn’t marry a 23 yr old hottie to *not* have sex with her.

    I’m not agreeing with it (I have a daughter, too), but isn’t this story as old as the hills (pardon the pun)? Haven’t old, wealthy, powerful guys always attracted hot young things because of their wealth/power?


  • Eric Olsen

    And it has always been despicable, in both directions; I’m not saying he is the only scum-sucking shitbird here. But he should know better.

  • I dunno, I mean while Billy Joel isn’t my type and while we can all decide that the future former Mrs. Joel is not doing herself any favors here, at some point it crosses the line for you to commit violence if some gnarly old dude leers at your daughter. Blinding’s a pretty harsh punishment for thoughtcrime. I’ve pretty much got to come down squarely against it. “A cat may look at a king”, presumably safe from having you gouge his eyes out.

    The piano man doesn’t hold a candle to Tony Randall, though. Now that was an age gap. He was 70 and she was 20.

  • Eric Clapton (could there be something telling in the first name?) did it, too. The current wife could almost be his granddaughter.

    I am less critical if the couple actually has a nexus. For example, I don’t think Paul Simon’s marriage to Edie Brickell is all about lechery. And, Mary Tyler Moore’s baby boy physician seems to have been the marriage that worked for her. The giveaway may be when youth is being traded for economic advantage.

  • bhw

    The really icky thing here is that not only is she probably having sex with him *a lot*, but that he’s sloshed during it, too. Mmmmmm.

    I guess the new wife doesn’t mind being nothing more than an ego booster and sperm sponge for the Piano Man.

    Women generally have a thing for older men, and some women are attracted to money and/or power. But the 30-year differential is pretty big.

    Look at it this way: in five years, she’ll have popped out another bulgy-eyed piano progeny or two, and then she’ll be financially set for life when she files for divorce.

  • Eric O.: “And the Piano Man is not a particularly well preserved 55 …”

    Billy Joel was really a looker throughout the ’70s and ’80s:


    But I think drink and smoking took its toll on him.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, long ago and far away, although they always airbrushed the unsuccessful-boxer’s nose

  • Eric writes:

    I don’t care who you are, what you have, what astral plane you connect on – 15 years perhaps, even 20 years under the right circumstances, but 32 years difference is absurd.

    Not at all. At the ripe old age of 80, Fred Astaire married the fetching jockey Robyn Smith, then 36. The marriage lasted until his death in 1987, and was by all acounts a happy one.

    I have an 18-year-old daughter and Billy Joel’s wedding doesn’t offend me even a teensy-tiny bit. I say: you go, Billy.

  • And furthermore —

    “In 1993, he married Joan Child, 30 years his junior. He credited her with improving his outlook.” — from today’s Washington Post obit of Rodney Dangerfield

  • Vic

    How many women marry guys 30+ years older than them that aren’t rich?

    True love… Right.


  • Eric Olsen

    there will always be exceptions – makes no general difference; in addition, the older the couple the less exploitative the age difference, ie, 50-20=sick, 75-45=less so

  • Joel actually credited the fact that his nose was broken during a bout for his voice – which is either a good or bad thing, depending on what you think of his singing. I love Joel’s stuff, although he was too much of a tenor.

    And as for your daughter, Eric? If she’s under 6 feet, you can rest easy from the likes of Billy Joel. It’s obvious the man’s got a dominatrix fetish. His first wife was the same height as him and his wives just kept getting taller.

  • Eric Olsen

    Like Stipe and his phlegm.

    My daughter’s 5’6″ – it’s likely the younger one will be taller, but at 5 in a couple of weeks, she’s probably too young for Joel, who will be 68 when she’s 18; but, you know, what’s 50 years between friends?

  • rebekkah spain

    I think a gentleman who defends this type of behavior is exercising EST-type wish fulfillment in the same way some of the poor vote for Republicans because they want to protect their chance at the American dream.

    I have 5 children, so I am not making this next comment lightly:

    As crude as it sounds, advocating this type of action is essentially saying you’d f**k your own….who made that taboo anyway? It’s not taboo among other animals. To applaud this shows none of the discernment which humans are supposed to posess.

  • Eric Olsen

    I wouldn’t go that far, but in thinking about it more, what disturbs me most IS the animalistic side of it – it’s such an atavistic thing to do and way to think – the bigger the difference the less realistic and equal the relationship

  • Eric Olsen

    And I’m not talking about looking, or being friendly, or anything like that, no problem there – I’m talking about a real relationship such as a marriage is supposed to be.

  • Rebekkah Spain, You’re just silly. By your logic, if a woman marries an older man then she’s saying she’d f**k her dad, or if she married someone her own age she’d f**k her brother. Bad thinking.

    Eric, you call it animalistic. Certainly it involves a natural urge. It is perfectly natural for any heterosexual male past the age of twelve to be attracted to a young woman in the prime of her sexual attractiveness; that is the way the world works and always will work. That is why prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, and that is why porn is a multi-billion dollar business. There are endless references in the Bible and other religious texts to the desireability of young women. Is there a story in the Bible where an old man decides to marry a woman his own age?

    Is such a relationship predatory? Certainly, it can be — from either side. Look at Anna Nicole Smith. But so can all relationships, half of which — in this country — are headed for divorce court. So again, you go, Billy Joel.

  • Years ago, Drew Friedman had one of his caricatures of Billy Joel in the 21st century (I think it might have been in Spy Magazine) with a hideous looking Joel, being caressed by Christy saying “Isn’t he cute?”

    Who’d a thunk it would be even worse.

  • Eric Olsen

    good one Jim – it’s grim

  • Johnny g

    My theory is this: Billy Joel has been heavily depressed ever since Christie Brinkley divorced him for that goofy looking Taubman guy, which only lasted a year at best. He practically gives up his rock and roll career in 1993 as a result, develops enough of a drinking problem for the public to notice (how can you not notice someone driving a Citroen into a house on your way to get pizza?), lets his appearance go completely to pot (even Rod Stewart looks better than Billy Joel does for chrissakes!)and doesn’t date anyone older than 28 years old, thus grasping to anything young enough that can even come close to resembling a supermodel like Brinkley. But, there is light for Billy and us Billy Joel fans at the end of the tunnel. I predict his new wife will become pregnant by January 2005 and he will be inspired enough to finally release a new rock album to say to Brinkley, “Screw you and your Uptown Girl, I landed a 23 year-old!” Then Billy will turn 60, his 28 year-old wife will have enough, divorce him, and then Billy will finally sink into oblivion until his 4th marriage to a 19 year-old blonde supermodel!

  • a fan

    That last theory was great! I agree 100%

    He allowed Christy to break him down to nothing… I have rarely seen anyone age that fast in such a short period of time. Even watching him on the Actors Studio on Bravo a couple of years ago… he was huge and looked about 75with grey stragly hair and beard.He looked like a bloated Orsen Wells!When a student questioned something about his breakup, he got all choked up about it. It’s a shame anyone should allow themselves to get into that condition because someone left them. I think he should take some of the great advice he has given us through the years of many wonderful songs he has written.
    Despite the youth of his new wife, and what anyone thinks of it, good or bad… I hope he has found the right path again and that she inspires him to create more great music for all who are fans to enjoy

  • Eric Olsen

    aw, you guys are softies – I hope he gets it together also and comes up with something he can be proud of and we can think doesn’t suck

  • kel

    well now… why are some people in here just throwing crap to the PIANO MAN. If anything we all envy him…. I’m 33 and my g/f is 21… before that.. when i was 30.. i was with a 22 y/o. Society always talk down on people like that.. for example Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. I think most of are jealous when we see somebody can do what we can’t. Many unhappy men in their 40’s or 50’s unhappily married would give up everything to be married to a young beautiful blonde like Billy Joel. All I have to say is
    ” DON’T HATE “. Billy Joel worked hard to be able to do what he is doing. And we don’t know if this will his last marriage. But when Billy Joel is in his death bed. He can say that he lived a life what everyman dreamed of. Soo to all the haters out there, and you know who you are.. stop fantasizing about dating a younger women, go out and grow some HUEVOS and do it… or atleast try.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • Duane

    “Many unhappy men in their 40’s or 50’s unhappily married would give up everything to be married to a young beautiful blonde like Billy Joel.”

    Well, I sure as hell wouldn’t marry Billy Joel, Kel. What are you thinking, man? By the way, he’s not that young, and he’s definitely not blonde. Look at the picture, man. He ain’t nowhere near beautiful. Jeez, man.

  • Eric Olsen

    Kel, what may be reasonable at 33 (you’re only talking about 12 years difference, though as a percentage of age it is substantial: 36% for you, 57% for her) may be extremely creepy at 55. Going with the pure age difference, no one would have given it a second thought had he married someone 43, but it’s a hell of a long way from 55 to 23 (58% of his life, a whopping 139% of hers). Do you think they are actually “compatible”?

  • a fan

    Gosh you guys like to repeat yourselves. You’re commenting. on age, beauty, uglyness, creepyness. Beauty comes from with in… I don’t know the man personally but anyone to write the kind of music he has written has to have some depth and beauty with in. As far as people who are talking about the way he looks. To hell with the his looks… everyones peoples facial features go to the dump sooner or later. ……..unless one has had a lot of plastic surgery. I bet at least one or more of the people writing in this Blog are average or less than average looking and over weight .
    As far as who Billy Joel is married to, that is none of anyones business…….. and I say you are jealous. No matter what anyone thinks….If he is happy then let it go and be happy for him. He has has asuccessful carreer most could only dream of, is a great performer has a show on Broadway and in LA. Kudos to him for all his past present and future successes

  • Suzi

    I’m probably way too late to post this, but what the hell…..I absolutely LOVE Billy Joel. I’ve been a fan since 1975—-years before his current wife was even a twinkle in her daddy’s eye!! I’m just waiting for the divorce, and to step in as wife #4!!! haha

  • Well, Suzi, it’s been nearly a year. My cynical brain says you’re about due for a chance…

  • Suzi

    Thanks Dr pat! I think I might be too old—I’m 42!

  • Have any teenage daughters? At least you could be his mother-in-law…

    Sorry, I know that’s not funny. I like Joel, too, but have to think that this is a sad move for him. He was still with Katie Lee in April of this year when he had a little bout of “gastro-intestinal distress brought on by heavy drinking.”

  • Suzi

    Like any man, he was thinking with his, uh hem, instead of his head. But what about her? Didn’t she have any friends that said “EW–he could be your dad?”

  • sylvia

    Billy Joel is a talented man and a beautiful
    woman like his wife is turned on by the artist
    in him. And you know what they say about the sex drive in artists. IT IS STRONG. So what’s the big deal about age difference.

  • anonymous

    i personally dont no y any one would do that but thats the way they want it to be!!!! i would never do it but they obviously want to do it soooooooooo thats fine with me cuz its their life not mine!!!!!!!!!!

  • ron

    hey way to go piano man ALL men wished they had 3 things 1) alot of cash 2) a young beauty 3) 2 or more women in his bed….i have none so i am fucked

  • Mageo

    I’ll have to disagree to some extent. I’m from a family where my aunt married a man 27 years her senior and remained happily married to him until his death after 30 years of marriage. She was 18 and he was 45 when they married, he was by no means remotely close to being wealthy. But she was crazy about him.

    My uncle (same aunt’s brother) married a woman who was 25+ years older than him. They also remained happily married until his wife died 35 years later.

    I’m not saying I would be thrilled if it were my daughter. I have a daughter the exact same age; she actually graduated from high school in the same class/school as Katie Lee.

  • Lefty

    Okay, I’ve been a Billy Joel fan for 18 years now. I have every album and I have seen him in numerous interviews. He is smart, funny and very talented. He wrote not only the lyrics but also the music for all of his songs.

    So he married someone much younger. Big deal. Who are we to judge? They are the ones who have to live with each other. What does it matter to everyone else?

    If they have nothing in common, so be it. The marriage will go stale sooner or later. There is more to having things in common than just what decade you were born in. But what if they did find something in each other that made them happy. I’m not talking her looks or his money/fame. I’m talking about something deeper. What if they make each other laugh? What if she appreciates his talent? What if he makes her feel special? What if he was feeling like his life was meaningless and she was there to help him through it?

    The truth is, we don’t know. We don’t know what motivated them to get married. We don’t know what their relationship is like. We can only theorize on what makes them tick as a couple.

    No, he’s not the best looking (although he did have periods in his life in his younger days when he was kinda cute) and no, he definitely hasn’t aged well but that’s not what love is about, is it?

    The guy has a kind of charisma that many women would find very attractive. Even attractive enough for them to overlook his physical flaws. This might be where his young bride came into the picture.

    My concern is less about their age difference and more about how much she and his daughter Alexa look alike.

  • Rm

    Mister Olsen is entitled to his opinion regarding the marriage of Billy Joel to a much younger woman, but I disagree. And if Olsen’s eldest daughter should choose to fall in love with a much older man, it IS HER BUSINESS. There is a difference between parental concern and parental disapproval/interferance.

  • Wait, wait. Keith Richards is still the king. He married his son’s wife’s daughter.

    Doesn’t that potentially make him his own grandchildrens brother in law? Now there’s ick.


  • RM

    I did not appreciate Olsen’s remarks at the beginning of his highly negative view of Billy Joel’s marriage. Frankly, Mister Olsen if an older man found himself attracted to your Daughter and you did in fact, “Blind the Fucker” as you so bluntly put it, that man would be more than justified in taking you to court. I also suspect that you would be arrested for assault and battery.

  • I like the way she towers over him like a giantess to his twisted little trollness.


  • Dave, you have the wrong Stone in #51. Bill Wyman is the one with the uh… ick, as you put it.

    Keith has actually been married to his present wife a good long while and if memory serves is not related to any of his children.

  • Damn, I can never keep those creepy old bastards straight.


  • I’m 35 and today I spent time with the neighbours 2 year old. He is very cute! Great giggle, tons of blonde curls, I admit it I had to kiss him.

    Does that make me a bad person?! Not in Billy Joel’s world anyway!

  • Kimberly

    I am married to a man 29 years older than me. We have been married for 5 years and things are great. I didn’t marry for money. I love him and he loves me.

  • Lefty

    A.L. Harper – No, it makes you a pervert. They (Billy and wife) are both adults. 57 yrs and 23 yrs is VERY different than 35 yrs and 2 yrs. My parents have a 10 year age difference. They met when he was 30 and she was 20. Which is fine. If you dial that back to him being 20 and her being 10, that’s not fine. See the difference?

  • Nick P

    I have been a Billy Joel fan for quite some time,
    but over the years it seems that he has become more of an upper crust snob. I always thought of Joel as a blue collar type New Yorker who made it big with his music through hard work, determination, and sheer talent. Now, he is no more than an ego maniac who has millions to burn in the Hamptons, while he boozes it up in his overpriced rides. Nothing like a little preferential treatment for celebs who break the law. His latest marriage to this underaged gold digger really takes the cake. Yeah, that marriage is another car crash waiting to happen. She’s a dope for laying down with someone old enough to be her father and he’s just gross for even dating her in the first place. What is wrong with the parents of Katie Lee? Believe me, if he wasn’t loaded, I doubt her parents would have let that mariage go through. $$$ is all this damn world cares about; makes me sick!

  • Catherine

    MAYBE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER? The fact that most people cannot fathom that a much younger women would want to go for Billy Joel is most of the stigma. If they love one another,then what’s the problem? Is their reltionship really bothering you that much. For those of you that say yuck: are you sinle/married? happy with yourself? And why do you spend so much time criticizing happy people?

  • sexyguitargirl

    I am 23 and a major fan of Billy Joel. I think he is and always has been extremely attractive. I also admire his personality, and his musical abilty. You can tell how he thinks by listening to his music, as he wrote everything himself. I would have hot wild and crazy sex with him anyday for the pure joy of satisfaction, regardless of status or money. I date men who look similar to him, and have a similar personality. That is just my type and would be regardless if I would have ever herd of Billy Joel or not. I do not personaly know the two of them, but I can deffinatly tell you that there are girls out there who like him for who he is. Older women are just jealouse, and men are mad that they could never have what he has.

  • Caterina

    Sono una grandissima FAN di Billy Joel.Non capisco perchè il suo matrimonio con Katie Lee suscita tante critiche.Ci sono coppie non famose con tanta differenza d’età,ma non conta.Ci sono anche altri valori importanti in una coppia.A vederli insieme,Katie e Billy sembrano molto innamorati.Le persone gelose e invidiose ci sono sempre state,che vivano nella loro tristezza mentale.La stampa Americana è molto più “cattiva” rispetto a quella Italiana.Consoglio,di lasciare vivere serenamente questa bellissima coppia.Basta con la Brinkley,l’ho sempre trovata noiosa,una donna che pensa solo ad apparire perfetta,ma con quattro matrimoni FALLITI,io incomincerei a pensare cos’ho di sbagliato,mentre lei si fa scivolare tutto addosso,con estrema superficialità.Non e stata corretta con Billy,quando ani fa pur essendo sposata con lui,iniziò un altra relazione.Ho letto che al matrimonio di Billy e Katie ha dato la sua BENEDIZIONE.Ma penso,che anche senza quella,Billy è Katie sono felici comunque.La differenza d’età non sta negli anni,ma nel cervello di coloro che hanno paura di amare.
    Grazie Billy,per tutte le tue meravigliose canzoni,che ancora adesso mi fanno sognare.Sii felice con la tua Katie.



  • bosco

    “and thus they cloth their naked villany with old odd ends stolen forth from holy writ and seem the saint when they mostly play the devil”

    …you’d better get use to it, things aren’t quite the way they were back in the 60’s & 70’s, and won’t be the way they currently are in 2020, or haven’t you noticed?

  • Ruvy


    This article is four years old, and your daughter is now 24.

    I took a look at the Piano Man and time, cigarettes and booze does take its toll. I never smoked or boozed but time has taken its toll on me, I’ll tell ya. Frankly, I can’t imagine marrying someone 32 years younger than me. If the Piano Man can’t keep up with this young tall thing he married, she’ll be screwing around with someone else.

    And the Piano man can go back to singing sad songs, smoking cigarettes and sucking on his booze.

  • T.C.

    I say as long as the person they are dating or marrying is age 21 or older, then its fine. now anything below that age is kinda strange. im seeing someone who is 35 years my senior and im 23



  • I bookmarked this artcle. Not because of EO’s writing, but because I’ve always been a Billy Joel fan and I need swomething to remind what age can do both to a man’s body, and to his mind….

    Evidently the two are still happy together. She would have traded up by now if she really wanted out of the deal.

  • Maybe being married to Katie Lee is doing him some good if it is keeping him in shape. I looked at the pictures my husband posted and he looks a lot better today than he did the day he got married.

    Adina (Ruvy’s wife)

  • Terry Moran

    Please tell me this is a joke. I have never seen a more pious, morally superior, pompous, judgemental, wretched, gag-inducing series of blogs in my life. Who the hell do these people think they are ? This may be the most comprehensive mass hypocrisy that has ever appeared on the internet.

  • Monique

    Full agreement with Terry Moran: There’s a lot of pompous, condescending blogging going on here and it’s sad. Billy Joel, while rich and talented, has had a pretty tough life. He deserves what happiness he can find, so good on him for marrying someone who can make him happy, no matter their age difference. To Eric Olsen: Why would a 20-year age gap be allright but not a 25- or 32-year one? How do you set the number? And under certain circumstances a 20-year age gap would be OK, but not others? This is getting pretty complicated. As for Joel being well preserved, give me a break. Who do you think you are, pronouncing these judgements? And finally, methinks you are perhaps feeling a little envious of Mr. Joel? Your putdowns and vivid descriptions of him (‘…car-crashing, perpetual-rehabbing, sclerotic lech…’) seem to prove it. Ick. I would never want any daughter of mine ending up with the likes of you.

  • Jupiter

    F.Y.I. Billy Joel has only been through rehab once. He has never been accused of, charged with, or convicted of D.U.I. No one else was involved in his car accidents. He is exactly the same height as his wife -he just doesn’t wear high heels. If his appearance is less than movie star handsome, he has a boxer’s broken face [which was never airbrushed] and he is nearly 60 years old. He is a funny, warm, talented, down-to-earth man who grew up in difficult circumstances and made something of himself. All these snide, cruel and derogatory comments are made by people who are apparently jealous, frustrated, unhappy and self-loathing. All he ever tried to do was create music and make the world a more beautiful place. Who else on this pathetic site has accomplished anything at all other than spewing self-righteous insults? I am grateful for his efforts, and I wish him and his wife peace and contentment.

  • mark shapiro

    age has no bearing on love and those who think otherwise are only acting out of total ignorance.. consider that half the marriages in america end in divorce and I doubt it is because of an age difference but the fact its hard enough to live with someone in the first place.

  • Ieyre

    And of course…they’re getting divorced now. LOL