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UK Takes Turks and Caicos Citizens’ Right to a Jury Trial

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Many may have heard the news that the United Kingdom took the government and control of Turks and Caicos Islands on August 14, 2009. Previously, Turks and Caicos was an autonomous Caribbean territory of the UK. The UK's presence in Turks and Caicos was reportedly due to a corrupt Premier, Michael Misick, who left office in March 2009 and was replaced by a duly elected new government that month.

When the UK took control of the Turks and Caicos government, it also rescinded the islands' autonomous constitution. Along with so doing, it made an alarming and almost unprecedented announcement: jury trials were no longer to be held.

In an update made to the UK parliament this month, Chris Bryant, the Labour Government and Foreign & Commonwealth Office Minister, announced, "The Order also suspends the constitutional right to trial by jury in the Turks and Caicos Islands …"

British Turks and Caicos governor, Gordon Wetherell also declared, "The constitutional right to trial by jury is also suspended with immediate effect."

On the minds of many world citizens is the question, why the UK would rescind an accused citizen's right to a jury trial? Moreover, why is the UK forbidding Turks and Caicos citizens from sitting on a jury panel?

According to English common law, a jury trial is a fundamental civil liberty and it is every individual's right to be judged by a jury of peers.

How can the very inventors of jury trials unilaterally and capriciously terminate that right for 24,000 people in Turks and Caicos? But further, "WHY?" is the question.

It has been argued that in some extreme cases, as in Northern Island, the accused might not be judged fairly because of a tainted jury pool, but only as to the accused; certainly not the entire population. However, in the case of Turks and Caicos, the UK said the opposite; that the jury pool could not be trusted. All of the citizens in Turks and Caicos could be corrupted, the UK announced.

This theory by UK of universal corruption is utter rubbish. The people of Turks and Caicos are some of the most hospitable and sophisticated people in the world. Why are the citizens of Turks and Caicos being unfairly judged by UK? The answer is far more complicated than UK's explanation of weak-minded corruptible islanders.

Do I hasten to ask the question, why all of a sudden the drama in Turks and Caicos? After the found-to-be corrupt Premier, Michael Misick, was in office for 6 years, it seems strange that he was targeted so suddenly. He left office upon the publication of the "investigation" report. However, the UK continued to pursue seizure and did seize the islands 6 months after a new government was installed.

Sure, Misick was an easy target, married to a Hollywood actress, he had celebrity friends, was flashy and flamboyant. The allegations of corruption against Misick were plausible and easy though he claims he had personal real estate investments.

Once Misick was out of the picture, suddenly dozens of the developers were announced to be "corrupt". Who is announcing this? A rogue blog site, suspected of insider corruption, and run by a secret party candidate named Shaun Malcolm, was announcing all of these findings to Turks and Caicos and the cyberworld.

As I have pointed out in a former editorial, one developer dropped half a billion dollars on a development on a private island in Turks and Caicos, called Dellis Cay. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas purchased a one-of-a-kind Shigeru Ban Villa in the development. The developer, Cem Kinay, was targeted for corruption as were several other developers for so-called bribes which merely amounted to campaign contributions of $50,000. The UK cannot convince the world that a developer who founded Club Med, fresh off the boat from Europe, would risk his half-billion dollar development for a bribe of $50,000 to Michael Misick. It makes no sense. Nonetheless, his property went into receivership this date, October 15, 2009, and he was run out of the islands.

This is the same story for other new developments in Turks and Caicos including Nikki Beach which was a five-star celebrity-alluring resort that brought hundreds of jobs to the islands. It was reported in TCI Journal's website that the financier of the development and target of Shaun Malcolm, Lord Ashcroft, was — corrupt.

I could keep giving more examples, but the point is made. This is true for many other developments.

Beyond just jobs, these resorts brought in revenue from tourism. How could a political agenda cause so much destruction?

After the developers were targeted, TCI Journal had more bad news. Gillamo Williams, the new Premier since March, is also corrupt. The somewhat goofy but sweet "Gilly" must be a friend of Michael Misick. They grew up near each other. Hogwash, that means nothing. Turks and Caicos is not that big; everyone lives right around the corner from everyone else.

After the Gillamo Williams government was targeted, it was time for the opposition political leader of the PDM, Floyd Seymour's, turn. Amidst extreme pressure and accusations of, yes corruption, he resigned.

After Floyd Seymour was targeted, it was time for the registrar of Crown land, a well respected lawyer by the name of Mr. Kendle B. Williams. Kendle B. Williams was mysteriously targeted for claims that he took 3 sick days for which he explained he was seeking medical treatment for an illness. At least they didn't bother to say he was corrupt.

What is behind all of this? It sounds like Crown land to me. It's the only common denominator.

And what does this have to do with jury trials, you ask? A coverup. They can prosecute and put away anyone they want. After all, their theory that all of the citizens of Turks and Caicos are corrupt would preclude any fair trial, so they announced, let's let one UK judge make the decision, instead of impartial jurors.

Shaun Malcolm, who runs the TCI Journal, couldn't possibly have an interest in any of this, right? Not quite. My sources tell me that he, under cover of darkness, is planning a political party with help of some influential people from where … the UK.

Shaun Malcolm reportedly hasn't worked for four (4) years, yet is reported to fly first class and father babies outside of his marriage, refusing job opportunities. How does he run a full-time website, have several families and make no income? I will let the readers decide who is corrupt. Malcolm wants to go down in history? He might, but perhaps for infamy.

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  • Jimmy

    Just out of interest, have you ever been to the Turks and Caicos?

    Do you even know where it is?

  • One man’s opinion

    Have you ever been out of Turks and Caicos or are you so narrow minded that you don’t know that the world is watching? The UN, EU, grass roots organisations. We are all figuring this out, some more quickly than others. It will come out by me or by someone a lot more sophisticated than me. Sorry — you will have to try to intimidate a lot of people now to silence them. I have TCI citizens lined up for days wanting to spill the beans.

  • Jimmy

    Is “Gillamo Williams” one of them?

  • One man’s opinion

    “you will have to try to intimidate a lot of people now to silence them”

    Yes, many people were intimidated by you and your crew, including the newly installed Premier, Williams. That was your question, neh?

  • One man’s opinion

    Does everyone work for Galmo Williams now too? I thought everyone worked for Cem Kinay. How many people must be out there wanting to expose you? Keep coming with your theories. I would love to check them out.

  • Jimmy

    I just thought it was funny that an “investigative reporter” couldn’t get Gilley’s name right. I do like the idea that he’s intimidated by me. I’ll mention it next time I see him.

    I know who you work for. Just make sure you get paid up front. Cem doesn’t like paying his bills.

  • One man’s opinion

    When you see Galmo ask him what he thinks of you testifying and publicly stating that he is: cut from the same cloth as Misick, he cannot be trusted, he is tainted, his name rymes with silly… and dozens of other innuendos. Please report back and let me know what he thinks of your scheme.

  • One man’s opinion

    Let’s assume satan is paying US$1 Million – just to be the “devil’s advocate”. Everything we’ve reported can be backed up with hard facts. Who is paying TCI Journal to spread lies? That’s the bigger question. Who is benefitting from your lies. I know who is behind all of this, you have a mole Malcolm.

  • Jimmy

    You really have gone off the deep end now. I’ve never said anything like that about him. The things you make up are very strange.

    $1m? Now that’s funny. If you end up making fifty bucks from these people pretending to be a journalist I’ll be surprised. You say you can back up what you say with facts, but when I ask you about this $500m you have no answer. You have no facts. You write what Kinay tells you One week you tell us what a successful project Dellis is, the next it’s collapsed. You know nothing. You’ve never even been here.

  • One man’s opinion

    That’s not what Brook says

  • Jimmy

    Who’s Brook?

  • traxxs

    Jimmy you seem to me very misguided in your thinking. What makes you think that I as a educated Turks and Caicos Islander, want another man in house running my affairs and scolding my children.

    From the exchange above you seem to slip of the deep end when challenge and resort to name calling and inuendoes, that observations itself speaks volumes about your character, motives and agenda. Cant you debate the issues without being petty.

  • Jimmy

    I think it’s hypocritical of Kinay to complain about anonymous bloggers and then to hire people like this to do exactly the same thing.

    It’s very simple. They day the islands vote for independence, the brits are gone. Until then, it’s their responsibility.

  • STM

    I dunno, but something’s not ringing true here.

    There’s certainly an agenda here, Jimmy. I can’t quite work out yet exactly what it is because the frequency of the articles is just giving me the feeling that what you see on the surface might not be all there is.

    A series of articles banged out one after the other devoted to the one subject to keep it out there …

    Luckily BC encourages a near-absolute right to free speech.

    It’s not for me to judge: Mr Burke, however, might simply be a passionate true believer in his cause.

    If so, good on him – because what you see here is democracy at work. In which case, why not come out and tell us why there are so many new articles, suddenly, on the Turks and Caicos issue – which isn’t new, BTW??

    TCI Watch is an interesting site. Google it. Certainly Mr Burke’s name is used in relation to TCI Watch on Twitter.

    If TCI Watch it’s Mr Burke’s site (and I don’t know that for certain), he claims to be an investigative reporter based in Los Angeles who also claims to be non-partisan and “HAS NO LINKS TO THE ISLAND(s)” – yes 🙂 there’s more than one – “AT ALL”. The writing of some of the comments on BC reminds me of someone else who’s been on here in the past who’s actually from … India (which on its own wouldn’t be an issue; it’s exactly the same as a person from the UK commenting on American politics).

    But …

    And yeah, we know about the jury trial issue. It’s the RIGHT to a jury trial that’s been suspended. To be restored or further suspended in that two-year period as is seen fit and depending on the circumstances. The right is suspended but jury trials are not necessarily being denied in all cases (or even most cases), is my understanding. Even the US has bench trials in some situations.

    I understood that it was a provision made to follow the English precedent (rembering of course that TCI is actually a self-governing BOT, not a sovereign entity) where most civil trials are conducted without a jury. Magistrates hear minor criminal cases without a jury but may act to commit for trial. Cases heard in the Crown Court will be heard with a jury, and virtually all criminal cases are heard with a jury.

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong on that and how it might relate to TCI but I believe I’m not.

    So why is the RIGHT (rather than the actuality) suspended in this case?

    This is public information, but it’s obvious anyway. I’ll throw the coin down on the opposite side to the author, who seems to want this to be a “heads I win, tails you lose” argument.

    It’s because: So that in certain cases that might arise in relation to the quite serious allegations Mr Burke appears to be glossing over somewhat in his series of articles, evidence can be heard by judge alone … because there’s at least an expectation that the judiciary is a) independent b) well-versed in the law and c), like a Royal Commissioner, might also be able to act in a quasi-investigative fashion to find out facts that might otherwise be obscured or twisted by the smoke and mirrors tactics used by lawyers in our confrontational system of justice.

    Independent is the key issue … unlike some juries in some small countries (or some small counties even … read Harper Lee’s classic semi-autobiography in regard to how that works) which, even if they might start out independent, might not always end that way.

    Juries don’t always have to be paid off financially to; sometimes they can be intimidated as well, and intimidation can take many forms.

    Threat of job loss, for instance.

    So I would see the opposite viewpoint, even though I don’t agree with suspending such a right normally: what the British are doing here is making sure that justice might not only be done, but might be seen to be done.

    You might want to argue here that TCI has had its rights taken away, but I’d argue that the British have stepped in to make sure thopse rights ultimately are back to ALL the people in a fair and transparent fashion.

    Let justice work its course before we rush to judgment.

  • Michael

    Every day there is more bad news from Turks and Caicos. It is just a relief that SOMEONE is pointing this out. Every day there is some nwe bad news – I went on vacation to Turks and Caicos with a scuba team and it was lux there. Everything was laid back and beautiful. What kind of crap is muddying up that place.

    What is scary about letting the UK decide about who should get a jury is that this article says that it is not to protect the person on trial but that the people of Turks and Caicos cannot b trusted to serve a jury. This is typical UK greed for you.

    They had their own scandals of corruption earlier this year. UK gave each member of parliament tax free and daily cash and nobody had to account for it, this was about $400 a day. Why is the UK deciding who needs help?

    I am interested to find out if taking the right to a jury trial – if that language means giving up the constitutional right. STM seems angry but I am not sure why. You should never defend giving something up especially by the UK.

    I am not sure why he is defending this.

    I think the “right” to give up a jury trial does not mean that there might e some on a case by case basis. That is not a good spin Mr. Brit supporter. Giving up the “right” means that you had a constitutional right and now you don’t, meaning that you have given up this right and this right has been taken away. Perhaps a lawyer can look this up in Black’s Law of something.

    It should never be the UK’s call to take any democracy away from anyone. They have their own problems to worry about. Maybe another country has the moral authority to go and fix uk.

    never give up democractic rights!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy


    I think it’s very clear that tciwatch is a front operation set up and funded by Kinay. It’s clear that he advertised for bloggers over the summer (the advert is still online) since when these articles have started appearing. Tciwatch was set up by the same people and at the same time as turks journal, the site to which the oproperties site now redirects. I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here.

  • Eirik Petersen

    Norway is the number 1 place in the world to live. We did not gain this title by allowing anyone to pillage us or pull the wool over our eyes. We stood up for you commodity and resources and allowed our people to retain control of the government which provided our people with prosperity. Turks and Cacois is having the reverse problem. It has welcomed an opportunist nation to take instead of add anything to what they already enjoyed.

    What a shame. Turks and Caicos was enjoying such promise of a booming tourist purse. Which is exactly why GB jumped the chance. GB further installed the G20 and orders attempting to take financial banking into the dark ages which is another resource for the Caribbean communities.

  • One man’s opinion

    The Wikileaks publication also came out in the summer. The islands were also taken over in the summer. The new government had been overthrown in the summer. a British war vessel was waiting outside Turks and Caicos over the summer. Lots of events happened in the summer friend. But you can dissent with democracy seekers and rights activists by trying to discredit the purpose. You can take a stab at anything you wish. We both have that right then.

  • Jimmy

    So you’re a democracy seeker and rights activist are you?

    What democracy seeking and rights activity were you involved in before Kinay’s want ad was published?

  • traxxs

    What a yawn Jimmy is Kinay hater i can see that but what else is he after.

  • traxxs

    I supposed Jimmy has always been on the wrong side of history. The British can’t be here in the TCI forever; I wonder what he is going to do when they are force to leave in shame. Oh, I know he will still be a proud Brit. living in the TCI???

  • traxxs

    STM do not seem to understand the difference here. let me see if i can help him. Yes, in the UK in some extreme cases a judge alone may hear a case; where this is allowed the offences are clearly define. The constutional right to a jury in all other UK cases remain intact.

    Now, with the suspension of the TCI constution, tyhe constutional right to a jury trial in the TCI was abolish outright. A person charge with a crime (no matter the circumstances or type)no longer have a right to elect a jury trial as was the case before the constitution was suspended. The law of the land now is that a judge hearing a matter may if he/she see fit give an acuse an oppurtunity to elect a jury trial in an appropiate case. This is a huge difference from what happens in England, the USA and many other civilise country.

    The truth is that if the Brits thought they had the evidence to suceed against the Misick government they would not be going to such extreme.

  • Jimmy

    Nonsense. The law has not been changed at all. They simply now have the power to change it. Nothing has been done yet.

    During the Commission it was Misick’s lawyer who argued that he couldn’t get a fair trial because the people would be biased against him because of the information that had come out. He was hoping of course that the Commission would decide there should be no trials at all.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • Jimmy

    ps Burke/OMO will be pleased to know that none of this applies to his boss, who skipped town some time ago. He is an Austrian citizen and cannot be extradited under Austrian law.

  • One man’s opinion

    If he skipped and I am an employee, then why am I still here? He went into receivership last week, the man is flattened. I confirmed with his staff. I worked in South Africa prior to TCI. I have been conveniently gagged there for telling the truth. I’m a pain in the ass, aren’t I? How’s your boss enjoying the African culture? I can give him some tips on some hot spots.

  • One man’s opinion

    Jimmy/Shaun — What a lie — here’s the UN explanation:

    “… and where, for so many potential jurors in this jurisdiction, much turns on commitment to party politics and local and family allegiances; the clear risk, in such circumstances, of jury–tampering;”

    Riddle me that? What say you on the UK’s own words? Any spin for that?

  • Jimmy

    You haven’t even bothered reading the inquiry transcripts?

    What on earth is Cem pretending he’s going to pay you for?

  • One man’s opinion

    This and other quotes from the Commission of Enquiry Report can be found on TCIwatch.com — there is also analysis found on Wikileaks posted to our site. I urge everyone to log on and see what rights are being taken.

    The enquiry report further states that it agrees with the UN’s resolution to give autonomy to the oversees territories toward sovreignty. Please read and be informed. This is everyone right as TCI Citizens and world citizens not to settle for any new precendent for imperialism.

  • One man’s opinion

    Jimmy aka Malcolm – why didn’t the UK investigate you – the person who takes credit for bringing the UK to Turks and Caicos? What a missed opportunity for an entertaining report. They missed that – Loskoppie (Afrikaans for sloppy).

  • Jimmy

    Shaun really got to your boss didn’t he?

  • One man’s opinion

    Yes he did. My boss is the people.

  • Rohan

    You don’t know the half of what’s happening in TCI. I don’t think that anyone will come to visit now with the one percent tax hike for hospitality by the UK. The hotels are considering what to do and many may not survive the new taxes and reduced tourism benefits. As far as Belonger’s jobs, we have been hit hard by unemployment. But the resorts that are closing will cause a reputation and confidence problem with travelers. God save the Queen.

  • Comments are being made under multiple names from one IP address [edited] by James, To Ligedua, Jessup, Colin, One man’s opinion, Martin, tciwatch, Chris Burke, Michael, Eirik Petersen, and Rohan.

    I’m really not happy about that and can’t imagine why that should be necessary so, if I see it happening once more, I am going to ban that IP address. Pick one name and stick with it.

    Christopher Rose
    Blogcritics Comments Editor

  • STM

    Chris, it looks to like like propaganda, this series of articles.

    Check out the multip[le comments.

    It’s not fair dinkum mate. CBurke the blogger claims on TCIwatch to also live in Los Angeles but if it’s the same CBurke writing on here, that person claims to live in TCI.

    If it’s the same person who is writing these pieces here AND commenting, then it’s a drama and would appear to be against BC policy.

    If so – and I don’t have any proof – it means we’ve been suckered. IMO this whole things is awfully fishy …

    This is not what BC is about.

  • STM

    Perhaps we should see if the articles have been posted from the same [Edited] IP address.

  • I have never claimed to live in TCI mate.

  • Jimmy

    Actually you do claim on your allvoices site to live in TCI, as do several of your sock puppets on here.

    Chris, this individual has been hired as part of an astroturf campaign by the developer Cem Kinay.

  • traxxs

    Jimmy [edited] does not seem to be familiar with the Order in Council that seek to give this prop-up governor legitimatcy.

    He argues that the suspension of trial by jury is not yet abolish in the TCI. Well let me enlighten Jimmy by popinting him to 6(2)(g) of the TCI constitution 2006 (I am assuming you have a copy of this document) read what is say about jury trials now take a look at schedule 1 of the The Turks and Caicos Islands Constitution (Interim Amendment) Order 2009.

    Section 7
    1. Section 6(2)(g).
    2. In section 22″
    (a) in subsection (1), the words “shall be a Belonger and”;
    (b) in subsection (2), the words “who is a Belonger”.
    (I assume you have a copy of this document)

    Now Jimmy since you live in the TCI you would be aware that this Order has been brought into effect in August 2009; Unless you can show me where this Order has expired or cease to be in effect, then you must agree with me that Jury Trial in the TCI has been suspended effectively with the bring in of this order by the Governor.

    PS. I can provide you with copies of these documents if you wish, I think you would be alarm at the power this Governor weilds. Thanks to our brilliant but misconceived Sir Robin Auld

  • traxxs

    TCIWATCH -I think it would be a good idea to post a copy of TCI constitution 2006 alongside with the Order in Council 2009 for the benefit of Jimmy, STM Cris and others.

  • STM

    Rosey, this whole thing is a rort …

    It cheapens blogcritics.

    Having an in interest in what’s happened of late in Fiji under Bainarama, I’ve taken an interest in TCI from the start. I thought it might be good for some intelligent debate on the issue.

    But like I say, we’ve been suckered by the looks of it.

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out what’s going on here.

    The multiple comments from the same IP address might be the clue.

    It looks like me and Jimmy are the only ones on here who are fair dinkum.

    Sad …

  • Jimmy


    It’s a common misunderstanding, but the order gives the governor the power to suspend jury trial as he sees fit. He has not yet exercised the power and if you go down to the courthouse tomorrow you will see the juries are still there. He will at some point exercise the power, but we don’t know the details yet.

  • Jimmy


    You may be interested to know that the former chair of the Fijian appeal court, Gordon Ward, is now Chief Justice of TCI.

  • STM

    Ah, that is interesting … Fiji is a mess since Bainarama took over.

    That’s why I wondered whether the British had that stuff in mind.

    Both Bainarama and the British say they have the same aim: restoration of democracy.

    I notice the British gave it a two-year period and Bainarama has been saying all along he won’t hold elections BEFORE 2014.

    Fiji has strangled all debate, too.

    That’s not the case in TCI. Nor, as I thought and Jimmy has now confirmed, are they doing away with jury trials. You don’t have to be a rocket scientists to work out why they might not want to use them in some cases, however.

  • Jimmy

    Elections weren’t due for another two years anyway. I doubt the mess will be cleared up in that time though. The place is broke. Juries won’t be used for corruption trials. I don’t think there’s any intention to make it any wider than that but as I said, we haven’t seen the legislation yet.

    I looked up Ward when he came here. I read that back in Tonga (I think) they burned his house down. This should be a little easier for him.

    There are of course serious questions to be asked about the British, but I doubt they’re going to be asked by some blogger in a room in England (or wherever) paid by a dodgy developer.

  • traxxs

    If the Governor keeps doing things to roll back the gains made by the Belonger population over the past years and continue to appointing people to public office who appear to be anti Belonger, he risk setting off race/class riots in the TCI. Remember the riots of the junjanoo movements and take note; although the TCI are peaceful people they can get nasty when backed into a corner.

  • STM

    Jimmy: “There are of course serious questions to be asked about the British, but I doubt they’re going to be asked by some blogger in a room in England (or wherever) paid by a dodgy developer.”

    That is the whole thing. I don’t necessarily agree with what they’ve done, but I can understand why.

    It’s illuminating that it all came to a head during the Global Financial Crisis … as with anything, as soon as the money stops flowing, all the dodgy deals fall down.

    I’m no fan either of governments – anywhere in the Commonwealth, including my country – selling off big chunks of Crown land. Given the size of TCI, that could really change the whole look and nature of the islands.

    Crown land really belongs to the people.

  • traxxs

    STM. I assume you agree that it is ok for the British politicians to cut deals to bring investments into Britian; but when commonwealth counrties do the same thing it is called corruption. Just look at the British Air Systems deal with Saudi Arabia. The inquiry into that shady deal was cut short citing national interest. Tell me why is that the investigating of Developers and forcing them out of business not veiwed as natioal interest in the TCI? Is it because we are not English, American or Europeans??
    The only major establishment left to be closed by this prop-up governor is Beaches. I wonder when they will become targets.

  • Jimmy


    I agree with you about the Saudi deal. Just because someone gets away with corruption somewhere else doesn’t mean they should here.


  • traxxs

    Jimmy; It is am important consideration, when the people who got away with corruption are the same british officials who here in the TCI with a mandate to save the TCI from corruption how ironic is that???. Here Brits corruption has already begun. Clive Stanbrook appointed to a position he knows nothing about, that is cryonism; the Human Rights comissioner is part of a government who was not elected by the people, whos right to elected representation and right to being tried by a jury of their peers taken; how ironic is that???. Dave Jumpy Hartshorn construction company given contracts in a category which his business license does not permit; mark drulett the man now running the tourist ministry letters to the governor got MS Sutton fired and got SPICE disbanded how ironic is that??? The people of the TCI footing the bill for British expertise to live on the beach in big houses and wine and dine their friends at provos finest restaurants how ironic is that???. Where is the clean break from the past that this governor talks about
    I could go on but you get the picture.

  • Jimmy

    We all got the picture I’m afraid. They’re not the same people but you’re right to point out that they are very selective about corruption at times. I have a horrible feeling they plan to prosecute TI politicians only and let expat developers walk away. That won’t go down well. I’m also not impressed by the suggestion that they’re not also responsible for what happened.

    Let’s face it though, you’re not really in any position to complain about cronyism are you?

  • Keke

    Eirik, i appreciate your way of thinking. However, what can one do to a wayward child that does not wish to adhere to the guidelines that is set for his own protection and repeatedly dodges these set of rules? There comes a time that the parent needs to be firm and strict to the point that the child is not even given the opportunity to create such circumstances. Unfortunately, this is the position which a few men have placed the TCI – my beloved home.

    It is a travesty of rights to the highest order. However, when you have grown “Men” that should know better by now to try and stay close to the rules (not less than a generation we have repeated the offence), and cannot gather the concept of doing things in the right way – something is really wrong especially in the psyche of people themselves.

    It is “my” belief that those who benefit greatly (scrupulous, greedy investors) from men full of blatant greed, and lust to hang with the “big-wigs”, are of the same kinds of men. You see, why go through the required red tapes and bureaucracies (and believe me it does get a little crazy to get anything done on this island government wise at times) when you can just pay your way through without though for the consequences , because you and your connection share the same mantra “all for me babe, all for me”.

    I see it as choosing the lesser of two evils, hopefully this time we will really learn not to stick our necks so deep. Why we keep blaming the UK I have no idea and cannot fathom for the life why we do not see the obvious. There is no prosperity worse than false prosperity.

  • traxxs

    Keke; sorry to say you are like nikita you will never know.

    Are you saying it fine for your father to come into your house uninvited sleep with your wife, eat your food and beat your children for something you have done? Is that the jist of your argument. When he could have just as easily, call the police and have you prosicuted and spare your wife and children the abuse and humiliation.

  • traxxs

    I am not one to complain; I am just stating the facts as we all know them to be. I am sure you see the trend this interim administration is taking; I am afraid it is a mirror image of you scratch my back and I will rub yours mentality of past administrations. Check which comercial space is being rented and which businesses are benefiting from TCIG’s activities; you will be amaze. Do you seriously think the selling of those Land Rovers at 50%-60% of their value is a management choice, hell no its a publicity stunt “Smokes and Mirrors” the 200K-230K to be gained by this auction not going to do much for TCIG national budget.

  • Jimmy

    If you have evidence of corruption then by all means publish it, but your problem is that you certainly didn’t complain when you were benefiting from it. How much rent did you get from government before your brother quit?

    As for the land rovers, then yes there is an element of truth in what you say, but what else are they supposed to do with them? I’d be surprised if they can get anyone to buy them. They should never have been bought in the first place.

  • Keke


    I sorry for you but i do know. You sound like one of those who have been adversely affected personally or maybe even financially by this change.

    Who told you that the father is for sure 100% going to do these atrocities? The thing is, you really do not know. And yes, while the father might not be the ideal father, I am sure that he might be better than most. One thing is for certain, he can’t be worse than what we had before.

    And had he (the father)come uninvited their would have been blood shed throughout the streets of the Turks and Caicos. So you really need to come with a new line.

  • Jimmy

    I don’t understand. Is no-one allowed to say anything about Chal?