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UFC 126: Belfort vs. Silva Preview

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After the press conference for the UFC 126 Live Event on February 2, 2011, everyone, especially the fans believed and felt exceptionally proud of how Anderson Silva presented himself while answering the questions being thrown at him. Vitor Belfort reacted otherwise; he said that Silva was kind of wearing a mask while playing so hard and confident during the press conference for the UFC 126 fight scheduled to take place tonight, February 5.

Vitor Belfort further responded to how Silva carried himself, saying he was unimpressed with how his opponent acted. Belfort stated that with those ways and how Silva wore his “mask,” he will have to bite the fruit so that he will know if the fruit is good. The former UFC light heavyweight champion said that he isn’t intimidated by anyone at this time, but also believes that Silva still has respect for him.

With the level of confidence that Belfort has now that the UFC 126 event is fast approaching, he said that he is currently on fire. He has so much confidence in himself that he thinks he will be giving UFC 126 his best shot and let everyone who will watch witness a good fight.

Belfort is himself. That’s one thing that he would like everyone to know. He said that he doesn’t need to have a certain persona to sell pay-per-views. This fighter, who is ranked the number six middleweight in the world, said this: “I am who I am, and that’s one of the things the fans can identify themselves with in me. Maybe I’m not perfect. Maybe I’m not the best. But I am who I am. That’s the main thing.”

Humility wraps Belfort’s persona right now. It can’t be certain if this is how he presents his confidence, but he believes in himself. In the upcoming UFC 126 Live Event, it is a test for him. He is himself, but he should be able to grab the title belt from Anderson “The Spider” Silva tonight.

The two Brazilian fighters will be facing each other in the Mandalay Bay Events Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Dana White, the UFC president, every fan is thrilled for this much awaited event, especially the Brazilian fans. These two had been planning to fight each other for a while, but previously scheduled events for their fights were canceled many times.

“I’m going to go there, and if I get knocked out or knock him out, I’m going to put on a show for you guys,” Belfort says. He also said that the fans paid the tickets to see a good fight, and so will provide entertainment for everyone. Belfort also mentioned that UFC invests millions of dollars to put up this much awaited fight between him and Anderson Silva and also for other fights on the ticket. So order and tune in to this highly anticipated event, starting at 9 p.m. EST.

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