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UFC 124 Live on Pay-Per-View: Is This Event Worth Your Money?

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The hype on the upcoming UFC 124 event Saturday night is exceedingly great. Watching two of the greatest fighters in the UFC welterweight division live is much anticipated by many mixed martial arts fans in the world. There are a few ways to watch this event and one of them is through pay-per-view (PPV).

Georges “Rush” St. Pierre is considered to be one of the most talented fighters in UFC history. He is on the top spot of almost all UFC/MMA rankings on the Internet. He already won 20 fights, and only lost two. He is known to be an excellent wrestler and is prolific in taking down his opponents and never letting them to stand up again.

This fight is very important for him because he is defending his Welterweight Championship belt which he successfully did a number of times in recent fights. He’s also been the coach of one of the teams in the recently concluded 12th season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF).

His contender, Josh “Kos” Koscheck, is known for his antics and trash talking behavior, especially as the opposing coach in TUF 12. He’s already been defeated by St. Pierre in UFC 74 by unanimous decision. He will try again to strip St. Pierre of his title in tonight’s UFC event. 

Kos is a warrior on the octagon, beating down a number of opponents in order to get where he is now. Known for his striking power, he brags that his mother predicted that he will win by knock out on Saturday.

So, at $50, do you think watching UFC 124 live on pay-per-view is worth your money or not? For me, it would be a big “YES.” I can’t wait to watch St. Pierre do his wonder on the octagon again, even if some of his critics think of him as a boring fighter. He’s just very wise and has the power to definitely take down Koscheck and win by knockout. However, this could be a very interesting fight due to the intense training each fighter has undergone and their evolution after fighting three years ago.

If you are not willing to throw your money at this fight, there are also other options in order to watch it. If you are not particular in watching the main events, the preliminary cards are free to watch at Spike TV. Also, there are other online streaming websites where you can watch UFC 124 live with a much lesser fee.

Or, if you are not in a hurry to see it live, you can watch the replay of the event on some websites, which is definitely for free. Whatever way you want to watch this event, there is definitely a possibility that you can find something that is worth your time and money. And for me, watching UFC 124 live on PPV is definitely the best option.

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  • JohnOKs

    G.P.S. will take-out Koscheck. JGW

  • greg


  • Arch Conservative

    Very few of the UFC events are actually worth your money, unless you have a couple of guys over and split the cost.

    Lesnar is extremely overrated and while Velsquez and Dos Santos are much better I still don’t think that either one could hang with Fedor if he brings his A game.