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UFC 110: Australia Enters the Octagon

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UFC 110 goes off Saturday in Sydney, Australia, and it's another fight card with no championships on the menu. Those Aussies don't mind though, as any UFC card down under will be standing-room-only empty-keg shows no matter who is in the Octagon! The fights are interesting at the lower levels as up and coming fighters battle some vets looking to extend their careers.

Wanderlai "The Axe Murderer" Silva vs. Michael 'the Count' Bisping

Bisping will want to keep this fight standing and use his speed to look for the button attached to Wanderlai's chin. This is Wanderlai's first fight at 185 pounds so he could be faster than usual, but his age will likely ensure he's the slower fighter and the drop in weight usually leads to endurance problems. However Silva is a true UFC veteran and will give 110% no matter what.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Cain Velasquez

Velasquez is undefeated but has only seven wins over mediocre level competition. He's a rising star in the heavyweight division but he is facing his toughest test in Nogueira. Nicknamed "Big Nog" because his little brother also fights in the UFC, Antonio Nogueira has fought every big fighter the UFC has seen in the past 10 years. Unofficially the grizzled vet that anyone has to beat to reach the top tier in MMA, "Minotauro" has a solid ground game and an iron chin. Velasquez better not be taking this fight lightly because he's facing a professional fighter who enjoys his work and fights to secure his family's future.

Joe "Daddy" Stevenson vs. George Sotiropoulos

A fight between two "nice" guys outside the Octagon, someone will likely go home with a limb from the other guy. Both George and Joe "Daddy" are submission specialists so this fight is likely to go to the ground and end quickly. Joe "Daddy" has shown excellent Jiu-Jitsu with only the living legend, BJ Penn, getting the best of him on the ground. Joe "Daddy" also carries a wealth of fight experience into this, his 42nd fight. George Sotiropoulos (say that five times quickly!) was known for his The Ultimate Fighter Season 6 appearance but only made it to the semi-finals. Since then he's been injured and hasn't seen much competition, let alone anyone with much of a ranking in the UFC. George will be eager to show he's worked hard and deserves to stay in the UFC but he's facing one of the top fighters at 156 pounds. Don't put your money on George unless you're getting huge odds and forgot to buy your lotto ticket. Anything can happen in a fight of course.

Keith "The Dean of Mean" Jardine vs. Ryan "Darth" Bader

Here's another grizzled veteran fight where the up and comer Bader takes on the most awkward fighting style in the UFC in Jardine. Bader loves to ground and pound so he'll be shooting for a leg early but Jardine is a veteran who is hard to take down. If Bader can get Jardine, quite possibly the ugliest UFC fighter, down to the mat this fight will be slow and painful to watch. Jardine swings from everywhere so "Darth" will hope The Force is with him in Australia.

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic vs. "Big" Ben Rothwell

The big question in this fight is what does the famous "Cro Cop" have left in the tank? He was postered by Gonzaga with an infamous head kick that left him out cold before he hit the canvas. He weakly submitted to Kongo after suffering a cracked rib and won a controversial decision over Al-Turk before being destroyed again by Junior Dos Santos. He completely re-vamped his training and is facing a young and energetic Ben Rothwell. Ben punches hard and submits with long limbs so this could be another disappointing evening for Mirko who might just be wrapping up a legendary MMA fighting career with a couple more fights remaining on his contract.

Krysztof "The Polish Experiment" Soszynski vs. Stephan "American Psycho" Bonnar

This fight gets my potential "fight of the night" mention. Bonnar isn't nicknamed "Psycho" for nothing! He is known to bring a lot of energy to any fight with enough holes to get knocked down but a strong enough chin to get back up. He always seems to get cut wide open, so if this fight is too early in the night, everyone stepping in the Octagon afterwards will likely get their feet wet. Soszynski is a mature up and coming fighter who impressed enough on The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 to get into the UFC where he tapped out a couple guys via kimura but recently got decisioned by Brandon "The Truth" Vera. This should be a tough fight that will go the distance if Soszynski is tough enough to hold up to Bonnar's fight pace.

UFC 110 has a bunch of undercard fights with some intriguing match-ups. Young vs. old is the theme so who you're cheering for is likely more related to your own age. Whether it's a passing of the torch or a night of grizzled beatdowns, Australia is in for a great show!

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