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UE Logitech 600vi Earphones Review

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Logitech does an awesome job packaging their earphones as well as other products. The UE Logitech 600vi were packaged with the cord coming out tangle free which was a positive thing straight away. The 600vi comes with five different pairs of soft ear cushions (xxs,xs,s,m,L), two pair of Comply Foam Tips, a shirt clip, user manual, and the headset with the controls on the cord. The controls on the cord are definitely one of the best features these earphones offer. The UE Logitech 600 offers users a model without the cord controls called the UE 600. All of these items can be packed in the hardshell case which was included for protecting the earphone during transportation.

One of the biggest problems users seem to have with this type of earphones is the wiring. Many users will wrap the cord around the iPod or iPhone which puts pressure on the wiring at the housing or causing the wire to break next to the jack.

The sound quality of these earphones is great. While testing these earphones I played several different types of music through them. The Logitech 600vi offers nice clean sound quality with just the right amount of bass without being too thumpy and overwhelming or distorting at higher volume levels.

I have read on different sites that users should put the earphones through a break in period called “burning in”. They recommend playing at least twelve hours of high volume music played through the earphones before using or testing them. It’s supposed to improve the drivers’ sound quality inside the earphones. Whether this is scientifically correct or not, I’ll let you be your own judge. However, they generally only recommend the “burning in” for earphones moderately priced ($50-$60) and above. Visit www.logitech.com to purchase the UE Logitech 600vi today for $119.

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