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uBOB iPhone App Review

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Turn Your Photo into a Bobble Head

The uBOB iPhone App by Black Suede Digital is one of those silly little iPhone apps that makes having a smartphone so much fun. The basic premise of this app is to allow its users to turn a picture of themselves into their very own virtual bobble head doll.

Users can create their own giant head doll by taking a new picture or using one from their camera roll. Once they have chosen a picture the user can use two fingers to shrink and enlarge the image to size it properly for their bobble head.

They can then turn it into an on-screen rag doll. Once it’s in rag doll mode users can shake the screen and manipulate the rag doll by tapping and flicking the screen. It has very realistic rag doll physics and its motions are hilarious. One of the coolest things I liked were the little quotes that the rag doll yells at the user when it is jostled about the screen. It’s pretty funny to hear it tell you how expensive the suit he’s wearing is.

uBob’s developers remembered that these days social media drives the world. Users can share their bobble head with all of their Facebook and Twitter followers at any time right from the apps interface. Users can also share their bobble head with their Tumblr blogs and email them out to any friends they would like to frighten..uhhh…I mean entertain.

My overall opinion of the uBOB app is it’s a fun app that is great for kids of all ages. It’s bug free, well laid out, and users should be able to have some fun using this app. And the 99 cent price tag makes it easy for anyone to try out for themselves.

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  • It’s a nice looking app especially for kids and teens. The bobbleheads are very realistic too.