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Ubisoft Wants Gamers To Get Lost

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Ubisoft has picked up the rights to create Lost the game. The new title will be based on ABC’s hit series.

There’s no word on what gamers will get to do in the title, but ABC/Touchstone’s senior VP, Bruce Gersh, has said it’s hoped to be an extension of the show. My guess is that it will involve survival on the island, exploration, and hopefully some action and puzzle solving. It would be awesome if the game addressed some of the unanswered questions from the series, too.

“Our experience with CSI opened our eyes to the potential of games based on TV shows,” said Pascal Bonnet, Ubisoft’s director of licensing. “Sales of games based on movies tend to peak for the three months around the film’s release, but a game based on a TV show can sell for up to six months and you’re not committed to coming out by the theatrical release.”

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  • I love the show, but some of the extra stuff is starting to wear me out. I’m sure the game will be quite popular, though.

  • Ubisoft is clearly following EA (and THQ for that matter) creating low budget games based on licensed content, in hope to capitalize on the already established TV show/movie/comic. And just like EA and THQ did, Ubisoft will probably fail. At least on an artistic level.