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U2 on SNL tonight

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Holy crap! Did you see that? Tell me you saw that. That was phenomenal, groundbreaking, life rock and roll live television (for me anyhow, but I am hardcore music dork). U2 just proved why they are the greatest band in the business. Allow me to sum up > The first song was Vertigo, and I think y’all know how that one goes. The second song was something about going it alone (sorry, I am the only guy in the country who doesn’t have it off the net, and so don’t know the titles or melodies yet). It starts out slow and boring, and mid-way through it becomes every U2 song you have ever heard. However, it becomes powerful and beautiful towards the end. It ended as a great performance. Then we go to the goodbye stage where everybody waves and smiles and credits roll. The credits do not roll though, and the familiar piano melody isn’t there. Bono is up front with the host, and all the sudden you hear the opening riff to ‘I will follow’. Bono takes off of the stage and heads to the left. The camera follows him and the band is still set up. The bust into ‘I will follow’ and just knock it out of the park. Towards the end of the song Bono takes off (not unlike what he he did here during Beautiful Day a few years ago) and is carousing with the audience. Then Edge walks out there too. The cameramen are struggling to follow, and now Bono is on some gal’s lap… still singing his heart out.

Lemme tell you, I have not missed more than a couple of Saturday Night Live’s in the last 15 years and that was simply a powerful perfect excellent performance. There were woman weeping in the aisles, especially the one who got a lapdance from Bono. Never has a band done three songs on SNL, unless you count Fear’s mini set a long long time ago (which got cut live, as the band would not stop playing). I am sure you are sick of hearing about U2 right now, frankly you should be… but pray your buddy taped this. This band never ‘phones it in’. I have had an ongoing discussion with a pal for years as to who is the most important and vital band in rock today. He goes with Springsteen every time (a wise choice). However, tonight U2 proved they are the kinds of rock… and they do it with about 70% less people than the Boss does. The band then went into a fourth song, but the show had to cut to credits.

If only these guys could get a little press, I think this album may do ok.

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  • phantom55

    I saw the SNL episode featuring U2 before ringing in 2005. I actually just happened to catch it. So as soon as I saw that they were the band for the night last night, I threw a tape in the VCR right away. I am a full time musician, and feel that the industry has all but killed this country’s exposure to music. I say this because I’ve noticed when I am in other countries, that the quality and variety of music the people are exposed is on a seemingly boundless scale; and artists are APPRECIATED in these other courntries. Last night on SNL, when U2 kicked into “I Will Follow” at the end, I teared up too, because their performance reminded me of why I’ve been drumming since I was 4 years old, why I wanted to do what I have been blessed to do, and quite frankly – and this is what hurts – it spelled out just how much I REALLY MISS seeing and hearing truly great music from great BANDS on major media airwaves. There was such an intense realness and spirit to U2’s music and performance. I am praying that the counterfeit “artists” would cease ruining such a blessed artform. Even if it means that the corporate industry which signs these stars and promotes this stuff dies. If there is no more money to be made in the industry by musicians (and yes, this includes me), then at least the only people who will be playing music will be the ones who really love it. Personally, I’d rather have real music without the bling, than what we have right now. You can’t even get to the real music because bling has choked out and blurred the vision, and we as a society have gotten so caught up in it, that we can’t see it. As far as I am concerned, U2 showed the world that they are one of those bands who just love what they do. Money or not! God bless them! Don’t you just love how the corporate industry wants to talk about how they “don’t settle for mediocrity” and how they “only sign the best artists out there”, when the true artists, singers, and songwriters are the ones that you’ve never heard of because they don’t get “discovered” or just flat out don’t get credited for the writing they do on some of the biggest selling albums out there (if the manufactured albums actually do sell)? Meanwhile, the Jessica & Ashlee Simpsons and Avril LaVignes or whoever is going to come along after 2005 get all of the glory (and the fame & fortune) while the true songwriters are sitting at home broke, playing dives and still waiting to get “discovered”. Check out your latest Jessica Simpson record. See if you can find who actually wrote the songs. No? Well, that’s because the industry knows that in this society, all we do is look at the album cover, buy into the hype purchase the record, they (the industry and the manufactured “artist”) get rich off of us, and all is happy. I pray that the people got U2’s message. Their performance was so inspiring! And yes, BHW, hearing Bono say “Saturday Night Live, Live, Live” was intense. It gave me chills. It sounded like a mantra to me. What’s also really frightening to me is that, if U2 were trying to get signed today, it wouldn’t happen. They don’t fit the image, and are considered to old for todays music. How many other bands are there out there, and we haven’t heard of? Thanks folks, I really enjoyed reading your comments. Please pardon my personal feelings. I just don’t get to voice my fear of the world losing a wonderful artform that we all enjoy. Music is such a gift, and seems to be so underappreciated nowadays. Take care and be blessed, all of you!!!

  • Yup, every time you think U2 has run outta’ ideas they come out and pull a Red Rocks on you looking almost as young and purposeful as they did that 20 odd years ago. Compare the U2 performance with John Mayer’s aenemic performance awhile back and you see that only a few mainstream artists really count as art or even exciting. Here’s hoping REM can do the same with their next one! Cheers to all U2 lovers.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes bhw, and also paying a little tribute to the fact that the show has been a constant in a changing world, continuing “live” through thick and thin

  • bhw

    I just watched the clip online. At the end, Bono kept saying “Saturday Night Live, Live, Live,” and repeating the “live,” which made me think he was just pointing out, a la the little teeny bopper controversy, that U2 does actually play live and not lip synch or use backup tapes.

  • Oh, I agree. The coolest live performance I’ve seen in a while on TV. They played it like they were in a nightclub or something. Totally casual but big time pro.

    They got 3 songs, finishing with “I Will Follow”. I love how they worked into it. The cast saying goodnight, then Bono walks to the stage and kicks in. It looks like the audience in New York got an extra song or two after the braodcast finished.

    Anyway, cool for you guys, U2.


  • posted by Eric Olsen on November 21, 2004 03:28 PM:

    video of “I Will Follow” linked from here

    To quote Lono – Holy crap !
    Thanks Eric.

  • Eric Olsen

    video of “I Will Follow” linked from here

  • Ah Feck.
    I am kicking myself right now.
    I usually watch to the very end. But tonight I didn’t.

    I hope someone posts a video of this moment online somewhere. (Hint)

  • It was a beautiful thing, Lono. I rarely bother to watch SNL any more, but it was totally worth putting up with the unfunny comedy skits last night to see this.