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U2 Breaks More Records: Four Consecutive Shows Sold Out In Toronto

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U2’s Toronto concert, announced earlier this week, sold out in just 3 hours! Shane Bourbonnais, Clear Channel Senior Vice President said, “I’m as excited as the fans, it’s been an amazing day. We’re really proud to be involved with an event that obviously the fans want and will be great for the city of Toronto.”

The Biggest Band In the World was slated to perform one or two shows at the Air Canada Center, but the incredible demand resulted in not one but two more shows being added. In short, U2 will play four back to back shows in Toronto.

Ticketmaster spokesperson Patti Babin added, “Ticketmaster is delighted with the success of sales for the Concert For Toronto. Activity through all of our sales channels (outlets, call center and Internet) was extremely busy and demand far outweighed the supply of tickets. The response proves that the ticket buying public is confident in Toronto as the place to be”.

The U2 concert, along with the announcement that Lord of the Rings: The Musical will soon debut in Toronto, should help boost the city as an “it” spot for tourists, which is very good for a city that just over a year ago was plagued with the SARS scare (which spawned a summer benefit concert headlined by The Rolling Stones, , AC/DC, Rush, and an out-of-place Justin Timberlake).

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  • Their one and only show in Dallas sold out in less than fifteen minutes. WOuld that they would have a couple more!

  • Darned pre-sales!

  • They better sell out all these shows with the amount of money put into their latest marketing campaign.

  • Green Day sold out the new downtown hockey arena in Winnipeg in less than 20 minutes and there is a campagin to bring U2 to Winnipeg.

    They could easily sell out two shows in Winnipeg. Easily.

  • Pete

    Green Day are not yet the shoes of what U2 means to the rock and roll, alternative rock, pop, and every kind of music you can imagine. U2 is the best band ever in this planet we live. They sold out every SoCal date and we want a couple of adds to the SoCal shows in Los Angeles at least.

  • yeah…. too bad rock, pop, and all that stuff is irrelevant now.

    “the last of the rock stars when hip hope drove the big cars… in an age when new media was the big idea”

    wow, so profound bono, so profound.

  • I guess the fact that U2 is working with two concert promoters from Toronto has nothing to do with the four dates.

    As for Toronto being the place to be, yeah sure. What a load of media horse manure.

  • sydney

    “As for Toronto being the place to be, yeah sure. What a load of media horse manure.”

    Well I think it would be hoarse manure, had that been said about any city. That is to say, that article looked like it was written partly to plug toronto. However, Toronto seems as good as any city of that size. I like it anyway.

    Anyway, just wanted to make a little comment about the U2 record sales. I think they are so large due to a couple of factors.

    Firstly, they are a good band and have been for eons, or so it seems.

    Secondly, it’s a reflection of how little music the average rock fan consumes in his her lifetime. Now that the media has turned its’ back on any original, or relevent rock music, in favour of hip hop whose violence and sex is more saleable, legions of rock fans are stuck listening to classic rock radio. (the fact that my hoghschool students still know who cheap trick is, yet don’t know how bright eyes is, is such a joke to me)

    How pathetic is it that rock radio’s idea of new music is U2. So a new album of noteworthiness comes along every 5 years when U2 releases a new one. Such a sad state of affairs.

    here’s the truest cliche ever: We need a rock and roll revolution.

    Sadly, I Think bands like the strokes are going to have to start fuckin hoes and drivin pimped out SUV’s if they want to start the revolution.

  • sydney


    hoghschool = highschool
    how = who

    … and just want to make it clear that I think there is plenty of cool hip hop out there, but most of it is underground as well so.

  • There’s plenty of good hip hop that can kicks rocks ass. U2 is not considered New Rock or Alternative anymore… that category is saved for SUM 41, Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte, Default, Stained, Creed to name a few shit examples.

    And as far as Toronto being the place to be, I certainly do not think so. But it is better than quite a few other north american cities!

  • sydney

    You miss the point…

    of Course U2 is not new rock anymore, but according to rock radio it’s the closest thing to it.

    The avergage fan of rock music doesn’t even know who the relevent new music people are. How many people know who Ryan adams is, or ted leo, or josh rouse, or the raveonettes, or Bright eyes.. etc. It’s pathetic.

    And I said that I like alot of hip hop. Just that most of the hip hop I think is good and intelligent, is not played on the radio (or at least not mainstream radio). Where can we hear gangstar, mf doom, blackalicious, mos def? it’s all relegated to the underground despite the fact that it’s more catchy, more, intelligent and, all around, more listenable than the shit they play on the tv. The difference is that Blackalicious, and mos def wont stick chicks with bikinis in their videos and they wont tour around the country doing cheesy promo bits on kids shows.

    And as far as big citites go toronto is nearly as good as it gets..

  • Dude, when underground stuff gets played on the radio it gets oversaturated and then all these new bands copy bands with real talent and so on and so forth.. so why don’t we all try and learn something and just throw out our radios once and for all.. I used to be a huge huge die hard radio fan?

    What has that meduim offered to the listner in the last 5 or even 10 years? NOTHING. Let them die in the graves they insist upon digging for THEMSELVES. I can find my music elsewhere, without having to sit through commericials.

    As far as your “according to rock radio” statement goes… that might be too general. U2 gets a lot of play on many differnt formats… too much air play, actually. If a few corporate whores that own all the stations think U2 is rock, let ’em. I don’t care what they think anymore, neither do most people.

    Hip Hop is *WAY* more relevant now, it’s just sad there aren’t any really good “urban” stations”. Again.. radio? Who CARES anymore…

    Oh, and How many people know who Ryan adams is, or ted leo, or josh rouse, or the raveonettes, or Bright eyes is?

    Who cares.

    I thought it was more about Billy Talent, The Killers,. Hot Hot Heat, Interpol, Metric, Auf De Mar, Velvet Revolver….

    again, I couldn’t care less about this so-called “new rock” if kurt cobain himself came out of his grave and said it was “cool”


    kid koala
    theifery corporation
    de la soul
    even fiddy cent is better than “new rock” at this point!!!!

  • sydney

    Well the bands you mentioned (kid koala
    theifery corporation,fiest, de la soul, the killers, hot hot heat, interpol, metric, auf de maur) are all bands that I listen to as well. So though you say you don’t care about he bands I mentioned as being relevent, somthing tells me that you would if you gave them a listen.

    Scroll back, write down the names I mentioned and download em.

    We’re both in agreement about one thing; Radio sucks (anything the corporations touch is fucking a waste of time any more).

  • i don’t the killers, hot hot heat, etc. are relevant at all. radio seems to. they are all just third generation rip offs of old sounds. music is cyclical. for example, if i was 12 i might like sum 41 but being 27.. i was exposed to green day and the ramones before them.. it doesn’t interest me nor do i consider watered down corporate radio friendly crap worth anyone’s time.

  • oh… and i can’t download stuff at work.. or anywhere else right now for that matter. i’ll still shell out the cash for something WORTH it….

    but the last 20 times i went into a record store, they couldn’t even get me to buy 2 cd’s for 14 dollars…

  • sydney

    Well I like those two bands, though i do see similarities between them and older bands.
    Killers = pulp, smiths maybe…
    Hot hot heat = joe jackson.

    But good music is good music, and those bands are significantly different than the bands that influenced them.

    Theres nothing wrong with sounding old, as long as it’s intelligent and good.

  • fair enough, it just doesn’t work for me anymore. like esthero says, we’re all on a “bad musical diet…”

    i’m dying for something really good to come out, a whole album to listen to cover to cover…

    it’s so bloody SAD there’s not much out there, at least for me, that i can say i’d want to listen to like that…

  • sydney

    looking for a good ALBUM? One thats good from front to back and unified in sound and theme?

    Try these;

    1) Bright Eyes – “I’m wide awake, it’s morning”

    2)Josh Rouse – “1972”

    3) Devendra Banhart – “The rejoicing of the hands”

    4) The arcade Fire – “Funeral”

    5) Neko Case – try any album

    6) Hidden Cameras – either of their albums

  • Alex

    Do you guyz think just because the new age bands, like the killers for instance, are commericalized and mainstream realy due to the fact that technology has changed and it is possibly now to play music on the radio tv etc, that they are not as good as older bands who did not get much exposure ?