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Tyrants, Tyranny and Sunglasses

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How often have we celebrated the downfall of tyrants and their tyrannical systems of rule? Just in these last months we have witnessed two fall from their pedestals of glory.

These triumphant moments, in many cases, have ushered in a greater sense of democracy with its accompanying liberties, welfare and law. On the other hand, they’ve also opened the door to more of the same tyranny, or even worse. The mystery is how these tyrannical despots ever came to exist in the first place.

It seems that wherever there is intense political, social and economic upheaval mixed with a poor, uneducated and inattentive majority, who believe that only a savior will solve their problems, you have all the ingredients for dictatorship. Most tyrants have taken advantage of such conditions, and the people have only realised their mistake in the sudden and mysterious disappearances in the night and in the henchmen breaking down their doors. By then it’s been too late. Their savior had taken on frightening and absolute proportion.

But isn’t it amazing how, when citizens recognise their collective power and rise up as one, as they inevitably do, and strip these instruments of torture and oppression of their their robes, their bogus uniforms, medals and sunglasses, finally exposing their cowardly measliness, they are left with the question, “Why were we so scared of him in the first place?”

Hopefully, the answer will always provide for them the first seeds of growth into democratic and civic adulthood.

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About Don Scrooby

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Are you speaking of Qaddafi or the Koch brothers?

  • Don Scrooby

    About Tyrants in general, but the two referred to in the first paragraph were Hosni Mabarak and Laurent Gbagbo.

  • Glen, interesting comment.

    Perhaps this brought to mind someone else:

    It seems that wherever there is intense political, social and economic upheaval mixed with a poor, uneducated and inattentive majority, who believe that only a savior will solve their problems, you have all the ingredients for dictatorship.

    Have the seas ceased to rise, has the blight of racism disappeared and have the horrors of partisan governance ceased? Oddly, I hadn’t noticed.


  • zingzing

    can’t fail to notice the lack of a dictatorship, either, mr. dan dan. getting rid of the global warming deniers, racists and obstructionists on the right would certainly help those things, but that’s not how things work around here. maybe that’s unfortunate at times, but you always have to remember you’ll be on the other end of that equation in another few years.

    and this “savior” thing is pretty well tongue in cheek or a complete fantasy of the right.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    If you want examples of dictatorship in America, Dan, then look up the ‘Emergency Financial Managers’ in Wisconsin who – thanks to the Republican government that brought them into being – have the authority to remove ALL – repeat, ALL – authority from city governments (…all in the name of ‘fiscal responsibility’ in a state that was among the least affected by the Great Recession.

    So much for the conservative ideal of ‘limited government’.

  • Arch Conservative

    Are you speaking of Qaddafi or the Koch brothers?

    I think he was talking about your messiah. You know…the one we have been waiting for.

  • Here, due to an uncontrollable fit of bipartisanship, are my choices for our next President and Vice President. These choices are only fitting in the current context of intense political, social and economic upheaval mixed with a poor, uneducated and inattentive majority, who believe that only a savior will solve their problems . . .

    It won’t get any worse.


  • Glenn Contrarian

    Arch –

    Um, no, I don’t think he was talking about Jesus.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Dan –

    Hey, I understand Trump’s top on the Republican polls lately! Yeah, the same birther who believes it’s okay to invade in order to take oil. Boy, but you’ve got a bumper crop of looney-tuners this time. The only rather sane ones are both Mormon – Romney and Hunter – and the rest are an assortment of birthers (though Michelle Bachmann is now apparently a “recovering birther”) who (like most Republicans) have bought into the line of thought that if Obama (or his wife) supports something, no matter how honorable or proper or beneficial that thing may be to America, then it must be utterly wrong and evil and therefore opposed to the last breath!

    You know it’s sad when – with the exceptions of Romney and Hunter – DUBYA would be a preferable president than any of your other major candidates!!!!

    But the saddest thing of all is most Republicans who are still sane (who are a minority of the party since most Republicans are now birthers) will STILL vote for a looney-tuner like Gingrich or Bachmann or Palin or TRUMP(!) if said looney-tuner wins the party nomination…and apparently you would, too.

  • Nailman

    Maybe the Brazilians will be kind enough to lend us Grumpy after Obie buys all their oil…

    Naah. Like all the Latinos, the Brasileiros don’t like gringos.

    Can’t blame ’em.

  • zingzing

    i smell nails.

  • STM

    Hello nailman. Nice moniker.

  • Nailman

    Nails have no odor, zing.

    Greetings, Stan. Sorry I missed your call the other day.

  • If nails have no odour, then what is that smell when you walk into a hardware store?

  • zingzing

    middle age, doc. that’s middle age.

    and nailman, a nail smells like a nail.