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Tyler Hansbrough Bound For The NBA Draft Lottery

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Tyler Hansbrough of the University of North Carolina (UNC) is what I like to believe the epitome of basketball. I am here to tell you to disregard the game against George Mason University. The way he plays the game and displays passion on the court is a joy to watch. His overall talent and the hustle he possesses is nearly unparalleled in the college game. Although North Carolina had a disappointing loss at the hands of the George Mason University Patriots, Tyler Hansbrough still displayed his plentiful talents this past season.

When looking at Tyler Hansbrough’s most impressive game this season, in terms of overall play and circumstances, one can only come away impressed. The 6’9” Hansborough dropped in 27 points and pulled down 11 rebounds. The defense he played was nothing short of spectacular as well. Oh, did I mention that this impressive game I am referring to came in a 83-76 victory over Duke University?

Looking into the conference Tyler plays in, The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), one can find Tyler’s name on the list of the 1st Team All-Conference players. That is quite impressive considering that Tyler Hansbrough is a freshman playing in a conference with such teams as Duke and Boston College. Oh, did I mention that Tyler is the first freshman in the history of the ACC to be voted unanimously 1st Team All-Conference? I guess that can be interpreted as mildly impressive.

Speaking of being a freshman and Tyler Hansbrough being unanimously voted for an award; Tyler Hansbrough received the ACC’s Freshman of the Year award. Another impressive feat for the young and energetic Tyler Hansbrough.

Tyler Hansbrough definitely has the option to enter the draft after his freshman campaign. This year’s draft class features NBA tweeners such as JJ Redick, Shelden Williams, and Adam Morrison. Tyler could easily enter this year’s draft and be a lottery selection. Even though all of this is possible, I truly would love for Tyler to stay at North Carolina. I believe if he stays in Chapel Hill and learns more under Roy Williams, Tyler can turn out to be one of the most consistent and productive players in the Nation Basketball Association.

When looking for an NBA comparison for Tyler, one name popped into mind instantly. I simply thought to myself: what NBA player is a power forward, hard worker, intelligent post player, and happened to attend a school in the state of North Carolina, while playing for a Hall of Fame coach? Elton Brand fits the previous description quite well (and yes I realize it is a sin to compare a UNC player to a Duke alum). I truly do believe that if Tyler Hansbrough stays in school for a year or two longer, he could develop into a sophisticated post presence. These kids, who are passionate, fundamental, and hard working, always transition well to the NBA.

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  • Danny Brackett

    You are totally wrong when you say that Tyler Hansborough is the first freshmen to be named unanimously 1st team all-ACC. That distinction belongs to Skip Wise of Clemson in 1975.

  • Danny Brackett

    why is Tyler so much older than most players in his class? also, can he talk? I have never heard him interviewed. certainly someone of his stature coupled with the media monopoly UNC has always enjoyed would capitalize on this.

  • Bennie Lewis

    Tyler is almost 22 years old. The age where most players are entering there senior season. Where was he before UNC?

  • Ah, so he is returning.

    Well, to be fair Psycho, that comment was days before he announced he’d play for UNC his sophomore season.

  • read the news.

  • He definitely has the look and feel of an NBA player. He’ll probably stick around for one more year.