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Two-Tier Medicare…As Long As It’s Not Dr. Nick.

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Let’s get right to it. I am indeed very for two-tiered health care. Even though most of my principles lean towards socialistic tendencies, I believe that the only way our health care system can survive and flourish is under a two-tiered system.

There is one thing that must be enforced for this to work. A minimum percentage of the GDP must be reserved for Medicare. Publicly-funded health care should not be compromised or watered-down. Any and all services and hospitals that are available now for free should remain so and it would be illegal for it to change. A constitutional amendment should be implemented. Private clinics and hospitals would be permitted to open, but public facilities should not be converted into private ones.

So you ask, what’s the point? If the services are already in place free of charge, why would you go to a pay clinic? I don’t know. Maybe you should ask the people that were paying for services after-hours at a hospital in Montreal. When the general populace found out about this, the hospital cancelled the program. Patients had given glowing reviews though; saying that they paid for the services because wait-times had taken way too long for them for necessary tests. So even with the current infrastructure in place, there will still be a demand for private care. People with money will go to the private care hospitals which would lessen the burden of the emergency rooms which would benefit everyone.

I have not heard one solid argument that is against the implementation of a two-tier health system. Some people say that if a two-tier system is brought in, it will eventually lead to a completely private system. Wouldn’t bankruptcy of the current system by default lead to a private system. Another argument that I hear is that the current system is one of Canada’s greatest achievements and is heralded throughout the room. Our current system is screwed up. FUBAR if you will. We can not pride ourselves in relying in international reputation alone. As you can see with the Americans how quickly world reputation can change.

We have an aging population and the burden of the current state is only going to get worse. Think about that before you think of pride.

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  • There will always be two (or more) tiers to health care in any country with a modicum of free market values. The rich can afford things the poor can’t. Even if those things are “free” for everyone, the rich will be willing to pay for a slightly higher quality of that product/service.

    This does not apply only to health care, by the way. It applies to anything.

    Let’s say a government decides to give away cars for free, to every citizen over 18. Well, of course these cars are going to be pretty basic, standard models, like a Neon or an Elantra. And the rich won’t want that, so they’ll go out and buy a BMW or a Benz.

    Take education. In the US, everyone gets their “free” public school education. But it pretty much sucks. So, those who can afford it send their kids to “second tier” private schools.


    Only in a truly communistic nation would you be able to prevent, through state coersion, a second tier from developing. (Well, even in that case, it still might, on the black market.)

    Anyway, here’s hoping the Liberals get their asses handed to them. :-]

  • I don’t really know how preventing access to a public good is seen as helping the public, but you people do strange things and worship dark tentacled old ones. But, what prevents profit from taking priority from health-care? Oh, wait, that’s how it works.

    Since both Canada and Cuba have better public health-care than the USA, why don’t you just change your name to start with “C:>” and then you can also soak Gates to fund the system?

  • Life expectancy is greater in the US than in Cuba. And the people are, you know, free and stuff too.

  • Wow, given that stunning display of wit and logic, I just give up.

    But if I catch you filling a prescription here, or smoking a cigar, well, you are getting a nice ride from the Saskatoon City Police Force while dressed in one of our native costumes.

  • I work for a living. I have health insurance. I don’t need no steenking Canuck drugs, mano.