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Two New Poems

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This is a preview of two new poems that I have written. Why post them on Blogcritics? To give our readers something to critique!

And while you’re at it, check out all my poetry at http://www.getyouroj.com/poetry/poetrymenu.html 🙂

Here are the brand new selections:

jason meltzer

i’ve got no advice for jah people
they are lost and broken in the supermarkets
don’t need no god fixed to church or steeple
i aint got no advice for jah people
who could never be saved
by the soul of reggae
aint got no tolerance for jah ego
still love you like a brother
we are growing spirits in this moment
we are everflowing with the livalect
but i aint got no advice for jah people
it’s an unholy game we are playing
InI better look to Jah heart
start prayin
I guess dats my advice for jah people
dat is all dat is all I am sayin

Spring Come Into Jah Heart Of Life
Jason Meltzer

spring come soon
save worry for latah
don’t feed the hatred
don’t be no instigator
let jah spirit shine oh shine
like Her holy heart let Jah spirit start
we can begin again oh don’t depart
let’s make love we’ll call it art
let’s make peace
cuz it’s a start

there aint no holy land
there aint no place to roam
that can set you free
make you feel not alone
everything is nothingness
everything is one
everything is dharma law
this cannot be undone

it won’t be on yout TV screen
you cannot be prepared
so embrace your spirit, ever-bright
love one another
stay aware
the media aint foolin me
we should be livin as a free country
a free world held by unity
please let peace flow freely

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