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Two from the Same Womb

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Distinctions and identities make up life. Siblings do not possess the same outlook and taste.

Manju and Shivu come from a respected family. Their father, Padmanabhan, is in manufacturing.  The two girls share everything—wealth, status, and the business.

Though they are from the same womb, there are extraordinary differences, which leave us with a dilemma. We query, “How is it possible?” We answer, most commonly, that they are two individuals, with a different mouth and spirit.

Manju is an introvert, and the other an extrovert, though they have been brought up in similar surroundings. Shivu excels in education, the other lags behind, though they attend the same school.  We can go on compiling the differences, but the complexity of it keeps us in a fix.

Their physical appearences also show a remarkable dissimilarity. One is fair, the other dark. Manju is tall, Shivu short. The younger, Shivu, has sharp features, the other has somewhat blunt looks. Shivu’s eyes emit a spark, the other’s reflect an empty look. Again, we can go on tabulating the distinctions, but we will not reach the depth

Identities are also found in certain circumstances. They are most prominent in mannerisms. One can discover the relation by closely observing the way of talking. The drawl and the language give the clue. The gestures, which are peculiar to the family, surface  occasionally, revealing the family links. Manju and Shivu have taken up the family traits of speaking slowly, with hesitation. Their peculiar way of placing their fingers over their lips is an exact replica of the filial trait.

But differences outscore identities. The expectation that appearance and behaviour would be the same among the siblings is not  appropriate. A personal visit to their homes would provide us exact  material evidence to prove the point. A sudden entry would be the most advisable. Having done that we could get a glimpse of the condition in which their houses appear. One’s place shows us that everything is in order, in immaculate condition. The other’s is a chaotic mess, with things strewn all around, and most badly maintained. Shivu is an embodiment of perfection. Manju is a laggard.

God’s creations are so many, so varied and so diversified, that identities sink into oblivion.

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