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Two Eighty Standings Through August 19

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Back in March I had this crazy idea to invent my own fantasy baseball game, not being satisfied with the traditional rotisserie leagues on Yahoo! Sports.

The concept was simple: pick a player from each team in hopes that each player ends the season with a batting average of .280. You score one point for every thousandth off from .280, and the lowest score wins.

And the participants were:

  • Do you know who he is? He's "The Adam Hoff"
  • Recently inducted into the 1000 Blogcritics Articles Club, Chris Beaumont
  • Because someone has to pay attention to UConn sports year round, we have Dan McGowan
  • Boston Red Sox's probable fifth starter, David R. Mark
  • Ask him about his shrine dedicated to Art Shell: DJRadiohead
  • One of a select few Ohio State students who doesn't wear bulletproof vests whilst driving, M.D. Sandwasher
  • The guy typing this sentence, Matt Sussman
  • The one who keeps Greg Anderson away from your athletic children, Sal Marinello
  • Tan the Man, who's wanted in 38 states
  • David Eckstein's replacement, Will Leitch
  • And Zach Baker as "The Beaver"

I did a few standings updates before the All-Star break, but not everyone selected had seen game action at the time. But now that the season's almost over, the averages won't change much for most of these players.

As for the players amounting to the fewest points, a couple of our heroes are even worth negative points, as they were within one point of .280 and garnered the 2-point bonuses for having at least 500 plate appearances this year (or 400 for catchers):

Luis Gonzalez: .281 – 2 = -1
Prince Fielder: .281 – 2 = -1
Aramis Ramirez: .278 – 2 = 0
Melvin Mora: .282 – 2 = 0
Craig Monroe: .281 = 1
Joe Randa: .279 = 1
Juan Encarnacion: .279 = 1
David Ortiz: .284 – 2 = 2
Jason Kendall: .284 – 2 = 2
JD Drew: .278 = 2
Jimmy Rollins: .276 – 2 = 2
Kevin Mench: .278 = 2
Chris Shelton: .277 = 3
Eric Byrnes: .277 = 3
Juan Pierre: .285 – 2 = 3
Mark Teixeira: .285 – 2 = 3
Mike Piazza: .283 = 3
Rafael Furcal: .285 – 2 = 3
Rich Aurilia: .277 = 3
Rocco Baldelli: .277 = 3
Ryan Zimmerman: .285 – 2 = 3

And here are the up-to-date standings through games played on August 19:

1. M.D. Sandwasher: 449
2. Dan McGowan: 569
3. David R. Mark: 575
4. Will Leitch: 583
5. Adam Hoff: 585
6. Sal Marinello: 636
7. Matt Sussman: 668
8. Tan the Man: 674
9. Zach Baker: 765
10. Chris Beaumont: 770
11. DJRadiohead: 947

M.D. has a 120-point lead over everybody. But when 18 of his 30 players are worth 10 points or fewer, you'll have that.

Then I looked at DJRadiohead in last place. Poor guy. He was definitely in last place when Stephen Drew and Andy Marte were still in Triple-A and had no batting average, but they're finally up. But now, quite simply many of his players are either having horrible years or great seasons.

Then I looked closer. When you take all DJR's player averages (not weighting them based on more at bats vs. fewer), his team average is .281.

This got me thinking. Were this part of the rules, who would be in first?

T-1. Dan McGowan, .280 (0)
T-1. Will Leitch, .280 (0)
3. DJRadiohead, .281 (1)
T-4. Sal Marinello, .276 (4)
T-4. Adam Hoff, .284 (4)
6. David R. Mark, .275 (5)
7. M.D. Sandwasher, .273 (7)
8. Zach Baker, .289 (9)
T-9. Tan the Man, .290 (10)
T-9. Matt Sussman, .270 (10)
11. Chris Beaumont, .265 (15)

So DJR, you have that to bank on. As for Chris … well, hey at least your Mets are in first place, right?

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  • http://www.djradiohead.com DJRadiohead

    I demand a recount. Or… something.

    At least I’m in first place in my REAL fantasy baseball league (how lame does that sound… real fantasy league?).

    Suss, we need to find some work for you. You have too much time on your hands to invent new games.

  • http://www.futonreport.net/ Matthew T. Sussman

    You want a recount? Or you want to pick someone besides Doug Mirabelli?

  • sal m

    this is a very interesting exercise…i don’t know what the purpose is, but very interesting nonetheless.

  • http://www.djradiohead.com DJRadiohead

    That Mirabelli situation didn’t help much at all.

  • http://www.dorksandlosers.com Tan The Man

    Oh wait. I thought we picked players to have the highest batting average?

  • http://www.futonreport.net/ Matthew T. Sussman

    That’s odd, Beaumont told me he thought it was the lowest averages.

  • http://www.dorksandlosers.com Tan The Man

    If Beaumont thought that, he should be picking minor league players and not players already in the show.