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Two complaints about indecency in Paul McCartney’s Super Bowl halftime show

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Message to Sir Paul: you can’t please ’em all.

Nat Ives wrote in this past Monday’s New York Times that the F.C.C. had received not one but two complaints about McCartney’s halftime performance.

The whole point of enlisting him was to avoid a repetition of the Janet Jackson episode from last year.

Nevertheless, two viewers contacted the F.C.C. within 24 hours of Sir Paul’s performance questioning its decency.

Both complained that he had stepped over the line when he sang the Beatles’ classic “Get Back” complete with its references to “California Grass.”

Two other viewers contacted the F.C.C. to complain that McCartney had simply bored them.

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  • Carol A Price

    Sir Paul McCartney was there to Rock not to please everyone. I thought he was high-point of the Football game. His songs have stand the test of time.

  • Eric Olsen

    these complaints are hilarious, but TWO out of the tens of millions who watched, not much worth worrying about. And I also thought he was great, CARol

  • for some reason, it creeps me out when he’s refered to as “Sir Paul”.

    Elton too, while i’m at it.

  • Eric Olsen

    all of the entertainment “Sirs” sound pretentious and oxymoronic

  • let’s try it…

    Sir Al Barger…



  • Saleski- Yo, Holmes, how’d I get drug into this?

    For the record, I am Deeply Offended that this reprobate would be allowed to perform his musical call to Satan’s service on television. Don’t any of these people care about The Children?

    Perhaps Attorney General Gonzales can have him properly persecuted.

  • c’mon….i really thought that the combination of ‘Sir’ with ‘Al Barger’ was one ‘o the funniest i could come up with.

    i mean, i ya try something like Sir Aaron, Duke De Mondo…heck, it almost makes sense!

    ok, lets be fair…

    Sir RJ, the Elliot
    Sir Smegma
    Sir Clubhouse Cancer
    Sir Saleski, the Mark

    all creeepy, to a certain extent.

  • Eric Olsen

    broadening it out a bit isn’t the concept of aristocracy itself creepy?

  • yea, though if somebody wants ta make me a king i might have to let them.

    man, that’d be great. i’d be king….and…


    i’d get to have every CD ever recorded.


  • Dan

    “Two other viewers contacted the F.C.C. to complain that McCartney had simply bored them.”

    I was similarly bored by the Jackson-mania from the previous years Superbowl. I would have called in, but I was busy mixing a drink.

    Sir Dan

  • While McCartney was boring, at least it was good music which was only boring because I’ve heard it so many times. Janet Jackson bored me because her music is boring crap I don’t want to hear the first time.


  • I always liked the classic line, “You mean Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings?!?”

    And “don’t call me Sir, I work for my living…”

  • The Theory

    on certain message boards I am re-incarnated as Sir T Theory.

    I’m a pretentious dolt.

    I miss the half time show… instead I showed some friends taped performances from Frank Zappa on SNL and The Arcade Fire on Conan.

    Definately much better and more interesting than SIR Paul.

  • alexi

    Paul McCartney and John Lennon are geniuses, they are up there with Beethovan, Eienstien and all the other geniuses. His music is played so many times because it’s brilliant. Most of the crap put out today will be forgotten in a year and decompose just like all the negative comments made against him or the beatles. Thier music will last forever.

    PS. I’m only 19 and their music still reaches me (40 years later!)

  • rachel

    paul and john ARE geniuses im 16 and i eat sleep and breath the beatles im going to see paul in concert in september i cant wait

  • Apple

    I get sick of the way treat Paul like he is God or something. When will this insanity stop. Ive couldn’t stand him since he married that one-legged bimbo.

  • Gail

    Love that Paul-How do you think he’s been popular all these years. A great song-writer. The people who complain about him have no concept of what “class” really is. The music today is nothing but ” vulgar noise”. Boo!

  • Just 2 bored people is pretty insignificant. He even managed to entertain the teens, who usually would think he was a crusty old hippy. Which he isn’t of course.