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Two Books by Stanley Bing

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Bing has written two satirical novels about business, Lloyd: What Happened and You Look Nice Today, in a wry, witty style. He is extremely skilled at capturing the corporate culture of big business, and the joys and woes of all the little cogs who make the wheels turn round.

These books will make you laugh, but with a rueful sigh. You can’t help but sympathize with the mid-level executives who are caught in the intrigue and jostling for power that occur every day in a large corporation, and sometimes destroyed by them.

Two memorable books&#8212I recommend them to anyone who is fascinated by the quotidian.

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  • Free ASINs: 1582342806 (You Look Nice Today); 0375705643 (Lloyd: What Happened) [note the title punctuation, too, please!]; 0060529555 (The Big Bing); 0060734779 (Sun Tzu was a Sissy); 0066620112 (What Would Machiavelli Do? The Ends Justify the Meanness); 0060934220 (Throwing the Elephant : Zen and the Art of Managing Up) – all by Stanley Bing.

  • I have moved this piece from “Review” to “Opinion.” A little more of your own reaction, assessment, or other input is needed to move it to “review” level.

    For example, what – specifically – made them memorable for you? What joys or woes of little cogs sparked your sympathy? What mid-level executive’s destruction sent a shiver down your own back?

    I also corrected the book title and took the extra spaces out of your Amazon link numbers, and changed the semi-colon to a comma. Voila!

  • BTW, Throwing the Elephant is fun and useful…

  • Thanks. It was written in haste. I did enjoy the books, though.