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Twitter is about Interaction

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Admittedly, I’m a Tweet-nerd. I love Twitter! The opportunity to meet new people, discover new companies, and find new blogs or sites to read is endless. There is however, one thing that drives me up the wall: people who tweet at you, rather than with you.

Allow me to explain; we all use Twitter for different reasons. Even individuals who tweet mainly to their inner circle may occasionally tweet in reference to their job, business venture, or work-related promotion. (That’s a-okay in my book!)

But have you ever looked at a company or person’s Twitter account and seen nothing but things like this: “Check out XYZ product today,” followed by their website link? This is not an effective use of social media!

Twitter and other social media outlets are about interaction. While it’s easy to set your Facebook page to automatically update your Twitter profile, that doesn’t mean you get to neglect your Twitter followers.

I thank people and brands who make interaction a part of their social media endeavors and make social media more than just a one-sided conversation.

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