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Twilight the Movie: Views From a Teen Not Obsessed With The Book

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I am one of the few still-standing teenage girls not obsessed with Twilight. At my school, there are girls who actually think Edward Cullen, the hot vampire in the book/movie, exists. There are also Facebook groups about him. And I swear fifty girls from the senior class alone went to the midnight showing Thursday despite the fact that there were a ton of tests the next day.

The movie follows Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), a junior who just moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington to live with her father (Billy Burke). Bella meets a dreamy vampire, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), who has the need to protect her. His natural instincts tell him to drink her blood, but his heart tells him to love her forever. Oh, and then there are these bad vampires who try to kill Bella, making it so Edward has to save her.

I was pressured to read the best-selling series the movie was based on by Stephenie Meyer. I refused until I lost a bet. I made it through half the book before I put it down. The problem I had with the book was the same I had with the movie. How’s this for annoying: “Bella, I can’t be with you, because I’m dangerous. You have to get away from me.”

And then Bella, who isn’t particularly bright if you ask me, says to the guy who said he’s going to kill her, “It’s okay, Edward, I trust you.”

“No, Bella. We can never be together.”

Over and over. That is why I put the book down.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate the entire plot, but I hated Edward Cullen for the first half of the movie. He’s the most annoying guy ever; I don’t know how any girl — fictional or real — can possibly find him appealing. Although between you and me, Robert Pattinson got hotter and hotter as the movie went on and on. After a while, Edward becomes actually bearable and a bit fun and the plot is okay. Plus, when the evil vampires came after Bella, the special effects totally rocked.

I actually didn’t want to see the movie at all, but my twin sister looked so cute. She sold me on the fact that Kristen Stewart was in the movie and I think Kristen is a great actress. All of the actors in the movie did a great job, especially Kristen and Robert and that was one of the main reasons I am happy I spent ten dollars on this movie.

Twilight has already grossed 70 million and the sequel has been green-lighted. Although I’m sure all the diehard fans are screaming, I’m still not quite sure I’ll go. The acting was great and the special effects were awesome, but I’m still not sold on Twilight.

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  • Thank you, God! Someone has actually retained some sense amongst this recent surge of rabid teenage hormones.

    Although I actually didn’t think the movie itself was too horrible, not great, though definitely not impressive – what turned me off to it was all the negative connotations associated with what has become the (CRAZED) Twilight subculture. And it definitely gets to me too, especially being a teenaged girl.
    I guess we’re a rare breed for our age group now-a-days – meaning kids who are actually driven to see a movie based on the plot and good acting rather than unceasing lust for the leading man.

    Just being in the theater to see the movie, I could almost feel the estrogen amounting to unbearable levels – I probably don’t have to stress how obnoxious squealing tweens are in close proximities (I feel SO sorry for you, Robert Pattinson). You could almost feel the angst saturating the air – or maybe it was the girl behind me constantly nagging at my ears with her oh-so subtle cries of ‘take your shirt off! take your shirt off!!!’
    I thought she was going to have an aneurism when the scene finally came.

    Another big problem I have with Twilight is the constant perpetuation of fantasy (in relationships, that is) especially keeping in mind the demographics for this particular movie and the drastic effect it’s having.
    I’m afraid that we’re going to have a whole subset of prepubescent girls who are all starry-eyed over the ideal lover being an untamed, yet pretty, tortured vampire. Using that as a model for a counterpart in a relationship is just the complete wrong way to go about it (plus, it’s pretty weird.)

    I completely agree that Bella must be brain-damaged. Like a lemming. Hm.
    Personally, if I had a blood-thirsty vampire stalking me, I might be tempted to wear a suit of armor 24/7…
    So what if you can crumple the side of a mini van with your bare hands? Your teeth are only calcium deposits (ones which are over a hundred years old) – have fun biting into my neck plate of STEEL!

    And yes, Edward was annoying, and incredibly creepy, and whiney. Good sense should tell anyone that he has a kind of Ted Bundy-esque charm to him and to stay far, FAR away.

  • brandy

    not to be be mean or say that what u think is worng.

    I just have to disagree.I believe that the movie was great,even though at first I had my doutds about it and didnt really want to see it but im glad my friend had me go see it with her.Because
    first of all, it had a little bit of every thing in it.like horror,drama,romance and a little bit of comady every now an then.Second of all,I loved the way bella and edward connected. I only wished I had the strangth and capabilty of loving someone that could kill her in a matter of seconds if he were to ever lose it.I mean I would love to never be scared of something like that.OH and last but not least, I dont believe that every teenage girl that likes this moive likes it only because edward is so hot, dont get me wrong I think hes pretty cute but im just sayin the reason i love the movie is i love the way he loves bella.

  • Don’t agree at all…

    Well, I hadn’t read the books at all before I saw the movie. My daughter (yes, daughter age 16) was into them before then, and since she LOVES to read (and reads mainly vampire books among others) and couldn’t wait to see it, I went with her.

    We have gone 7 times. I do feel sorry for Robert, because I do see the preteens getting pretty excited over him (where ARE their mothers btw), but this movie has held my attention since the first time. Then I read the books – now I know how those girls feel – and I am older.

    However, I don’t believe he is “stalking her”. He feels protective of her, and she likes him. “Stalking” would be more appropriate if she didn’t like him.

    Even though it is a teenage love story, it touched my heart in ways I don’t even know – and I am still trying to figure out.

  • Yaridia

    Im 16 and a huge twilight fan and i’ve read all four books in about a month even though some ppl read each book like in 3 days (crazy)…..i have to agree that yes it was kind of annoying all the on and off thing but over all i think is a great book. The movie sucked compared to the book but at the middle almost the end it got really good! i loved the baseball part =]….. about Robert Pattinson….damn he’s freaking hot and awesome!! I’ll love to have a vampire boyfriend!!

  • wut?

    thank god for the people who still have their sanity and dignity and who aren’t obsessed with twilight.
    I swear i think half the people in the audience came when edward took his shirt off.