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Twice Adopted by Michael Reagan

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I have a must-read book recommendation for you.

Twice Adopted by Michael Reagan is an amazing story of pain and redemption. Yes you got it; Michael is the adopted son of the late President Ronald Reagan. The story is an account of the pain, sorrow and rejection that Michael experienced as an adopted child. Then through the divorce of his famous parents Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman he experienced even more loss and insecurity. Add to that with the busy schedules of his famous parents, he was sent off to boarding schools and summer camps to provide care for him.

While at a camp one summer, he was sexually molested and photographed by the camp leader. All of this initiated a downward spiral in his life that included all kinds of destructive behaviors. But through the love of his wife and the power of God to heal, Michael has been able to survive these tragedies and thrive. He has used his experiences to help others that have suffered from divorce and sexual abuse.

He uses his radio show The Michael Reagan Show to discuss many issues of our day one of which is to crusade for safety for our children. He encourages the transformation of no fault divoce laws to ensure children are thought of first and protected. He also works for justice to be administered to sexual perpetrators.

My wife and kids will tell you I am a pretty emotional guy (heck my favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” What can you expect?), so of course I found myself crying many times during this tale. Even if you are a tough Marine you may shed a tear or two. And of course like all really good stories, there is a happy ending. The book does not shy away from discussing difficult realities but it also leaves the reader with great hope.

This is a must-read book.

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  • Our Adult Education class teacher at Church was so impressed at an early passage where Reagan said something like: Leviticus said bastards could not enter into the congregation that he put down the Bible at 10 or 11 and didn’t put up another one for 20+ years.

    that he read several pages leading up to it. i don’t think there was a dry eye in the class.

  • Christian in Kingston, NY

    This was a great book!! It covered a lot of different things, and was one of the best Christian books I have ever read.