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Twelve of the Thirteen Dead at Fort Hood Were Soldiers

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Yesterday afternoon there was breaking news that 11 people were dead and 31 wounded at Fort Hood,  which is near Killeen, Texas. That death toll now stands at 13, with many others in critical condition. Twelve of the dead are reported to be soldiers; the suspected shooter is not among them. Major Nidal Hasan, M.D. M.P.H. did not die at the scene of the shooting, though he was shot four times. His injuries were treated at a nearby hospital, where he is in police custody. Hasan is in serious but stable condition, and has been transferred to a hospital in San Antonio, TX for safekeeping.

Investigators have learned that Major Hasan cleared his apartment the day before by giving away all his furniture. He told the takers that he was being deployed (first deployment) to Iraq and would not be back. He was caught on videotape at a 7-Eleven twice; once on Tuesday wearing traditional Arab garb — long white tunic and loose-fitting white pants. In India these are known as men's pajamas. Then, on Thursday, he was caught on camera wearing fatigues. We now know that this was a planned attack, because the weapons were two handguns. One of the handguns goes by the nickname "cop killer" because it pierces body armor. We also know that the types of guns he selected made him ready for the reloading part needed to kill as many as 100 soldiers, as he planned.

Since Major Hasan was wounded and not killed at the crime scene as earlier reported, the army just might get some answers to the questions that have been raised by such an assault. In my experience, those who plan to make a scene or start a fight always advertise their intent. Since the doctor's computers were also seized, IT specialists will be able to unravel the web of messages that are certain to be found, verifying that he not only planned these alleged crimes, but also that he made it known he was planning an assault. He probably fully expected to be killed by return fire from police or armed soldiers. While he killed 12 soldiers, it is ironic that a female officer, and mom, is the one who took him down. She shot him four times, putting him in critical condition.

Finally, kudos to the other soldiers who saved lives with their quick action. They tore garments in order to create makeshift tourniquets, and  have been credited with saving lives at the scene before ambulances could arrive.

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  • Irene Wagner

    Oh, Christopher, I was advising neither you nor the tech crew, but the reader who might click on my link and get to the “not found” page.

    Here’s advice I would give the tech crew: Put a patch into the comment software
    If Username=”IreneWagner” then
    Make necessary corrections to href tags
    End if.

    The problem MAY be on your end, not mine. although last night the front page of BC itself was having problems linking to that very article. But it might be me, ask Clavos about the time I tried a link FOUR times!!! so I lack the confidence to insist the problem is on your end….

    I never debate with Cindy anymore. We are females, and thus relational. 🙂

  • I would fix whatever problem you’re experiencing if I could understand what you mean, Irene. Care to have another go in plain English?

    As to the debate you’re having with Cindy, you’re both wrong!

  • Irene Wagner

    Whoa, before you click that link: Here’s what you do when you get to the page that says “Page not found”,
    Go up to the address line, cut off the http://blogcritics.org/politics/article/twelve-of-the-thirteen-dead-at/comments-page-2/“ at the beginning and the double quotes that are left at the end, and then click the arrow at the right of the address box. That should get you there.

  • Irene Wagner

    Well, you can. Realist’s article “The Festivals of Mars” pg. 4 describes the deep suicidal pain and disillusionment experienced by many in the military and their families these days.

    The people closest to Jesus – -his disciples– “got it wrong” when they rebuked the people who were lining up their children to be in Jesus’ presence for a few moments. (Matt 19) There’s room for disillusioned soldiers there, too, and even for soldiers who still believe they, and their superiors, are managing to hold evil at bay for a season. Maybe some of them are.

  • Cindy the media seems to agree with Heloise!

    huh ???

    Heloise, that is like saying to me ‘even George Bush thinks so’. 🙂

    Second, on the contrary, any military uniform is a disgrace to its wearer. Jesus was a pacifist…not sure where all these religious folks think they are not terrorists although they support militaries. imo, if you believe in Jesus, you don’t believe in armies and uniforms.

  • Cindy the media seems to agree with Heloise! They are now investigating…I didn’t have to…about what a whack job Nidal was and the army really fd up like I said. No body would have hired this guy.

    He is a disgrace to the uniform and to the medical profession. But he’s a damn good Muslim. What sense does that make? It makes sense to those who know the real Koran…that’s who.

    And I have religious holdings in a branch of Islam and I call it like I see it–IT IS NOT a peaceful religion. Period. It is all about Jihad. It pains me to say that but it’s true.

    This reminds me of when I blurted out online that sex slavery and white slavery was going on right under everybody’s nose like ten years ago. Now, those exposes are everywhere. Can’t help if I am ahead of the curve. So, I will save you the trouble…I don’t ya so.

  • #16

    Correction to my own sexism. It is the take of an Islamic woman.

  • Again, we find the American coward-in-chief, Obama, unwilling to state the plain truth of the matter. This Major Hasan committed an act or terror arising from his Wahhabi background – but Obama refused to say that at all. He refuses to admit that an act of terrorism was committed on American soil, and the American media will just go along – like so many stupid drugged pigeons.

    I really do pity you the bastard you call “Mr. President”. You should have done better than choose this cowardly trash. There had to be a better Democratic nominee, a better Republican nominee than the garbage you all had to choose between.


  • Cannonshop,

    If you notice, I’ve been careful not to condemn Muslims in general. I’ve been specific – pinpointing the fact that this guy had ties to the Wahhabi terrorists.

    All that said, I agree that he should be tried for murder 1 (13 counts), murder 2 (1 count) and assault with intent to commit murder (however many were wounded). And he should fry for it.

  • Cannonshop

    Ruvy, there are thousands of devout muslims who serve in the Army, Navy, Airforce and Marine Corps with Honour. Hasan is just a traitor and a nutjob, no different morally from the Beltway Sniper, Tim McVeigh, or the Ft. Bragg shooter back in the nineties who took out several of his fellow soldiers during PT.

    His being a muslim just clouds the issue, unfortunately, and provides exactly the kind of excuse his defense attorney will need to keep him from being executed for his crime (Two capital crimes are involved, possibly more- first is Treason and taking up arms against the United States, the second is pre-meditated murder, multiple counts, and aggravated in nature).

    By all rights, they should strap his guilty ass in the same seat they put McVeigh in, throw the switch, and dispose of the corpse afterward.

  • zingzing

    ruvy, you know where i stand on the war. it’s mostly about controlling oil. but the excuse we have for getting in it is that we were attacked, at least in part for our support of israel.

    “We don’t need your “protection”.”

    yeah, you do. deny it all you like.

  • …us gutless bastards are fighting for you…

    Say what?

    You idiots in the States haven’t got a clue as to why your soldiers are out here in the Middle East. But, sure as shit, they’re not out here to protect us. We don’t need your “protection”.

    But the reason you haven’t a clue why what your soldiers are fighting and dying for is that the coward-in-chief hasn’t got a clue – and neither did his predecessor. And the leaders of the two headed mafia in your country, the Republocrats, haven’t a clue either. But the money is rolling in for their friends, so they’re happy.

    In the meantime, the war wives are left to make sense of a waste of time, blood and treasure. I pity you all….

  • When we murder you off, you can complain, Cindy.

    You almost did murder me off Ruvy. You and all the other dominator-brained zombie robots almost murdered off what was best in me. At 16 I was a beautiful human being and an example of what was best in human nature. But you (and of course I mean the collective you who accept this as how things have to be) cannot support that goodness. You have to stomp it out of existence. Some of you even claim it could never exist. What is wrong with you people? And you are all still busy killing off the souls of every other potentially humane child. Your plan does not support what is best in human nature. And yet so many of you claim to believe in a god. So, I’ve had it with your people–everyone in your dominator world and everyone who makes excuses to support dominators.

    People talk about what reality is; like this reality, created by nutcases, is the only one imaginable or acceptable or possible. People like you tell me armies are necessary. You tell children this is the real world, that is the real world. Your real world is not worth living in. If I were all alone in it with your people, I’d shoot myself in the head. I can have sympathy for people who haven’t the guts to stand up against dominators and live a real life with their short time here. I can’t have respect for you though.

    Your state is non-existent. No god worth believing in would support a state or the domination of some people over others. Your ideas are morally bankrupt. You are not able to see your own children in your enemy’s children. If your god was worthwhile, I’d think he’d show you at least that much.

    Why do men (not women mind you, but men–you know, those humans who created this version of reality for everyone whether we like it or not) create gods who are like some insecure, moronic, mean character. Why would any god look like that? Why wouldn’t god look like Jesus or Gandhi? Men never create gods who look like those guys. They create gods who look like little bully children stamping their feet and demanding to be worshiped.

    So, when you stop murdering off the people that could make up the only world I’d find worthwhile, I’ll shut up.

  • pablo


    Comment 8 was not meant to be amusing, mildly or otherwise, murder is a terrible thing.

  • zingzing

    ruvy: “zing, it’s not my fault if your country has become a bunch of gutless bastards with no balls. It’s yours.”

    nah. i don’t run the thing. but us gutless bastards are fighting for you, so you’d better be happy for that. i’m not. but whatever.

    “At least we do not have to beg you to let us live. If we did, we’d be long dead. That’s one of the nasty little lessons of WWII.”

    wow. you are amazing. it’s like someone hit you in the head. if it wasn’t for the backing of western nations, israel wouldn’t exist. and you seem to forget just who it was that died along with you in ww2.

    and just because we don’t hate a person for their religion doesn’t make us gutless. also, one would think that two wars would be enough to disprove our ball-lessness, but nooooo. and don’t you even fucking talk about balls unless you’re young enough that you might go to war. you talk your talk, but you couldn’t even walk your walk if you used a fucking cane.

    you are willing to put other peoples’ lives on the line because you don’t have to anymore. talk about no balls. your sons could very well die because of rhetoric like yours. think on that. does it make you happy? no? then find another way.

  • zing, it’s not my fault if your country has become a bunch of gutless bastards with no balls. It’s yours.

    Unfortunately, it is our problem – so long as we are stupid enough to link our survival to you, and pretend that you are a democracy, and the we are democracy. When needed we do what we can to defend ourselves against the savage animals in the Middle East who want to kill us. At least, thank G-d, we have the weaponry with which to do it, and the weaponry which keeps the lot of you nervously eying us is not gotten from the States – it is our nukes and our submarine force. At least we do not have to beg you to let us live. If we did, we’d be long dead. That’s one of the nasty little lessons of WWII.

    And seeing how the Wahhabi trash are playing with your heads and turning so many of you into mush, you can expect a lot more death at their hands, and you will deserve all of it.

  • zingzing

    ruvy: “they look always to blame my people for their own barbarism.”

    next time you say you want to nuke children in iran, you remember that.

  • Cindy, [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] Arab régimes are the most savage packs of animals on the planet.

    Stick the Sudanese, and Saudi trash, the Yemeni bastards, the Algerian savages, on your cross of condemnation.

    I’m tired of reading about how apostate traitors of Jews betray their own people and play the clown for the Jew-haters on the planet. I’m tired of seeing the double-standards of the liars of liberalism, the fascists of anarchism, and the nazis of capitalism as they look always to blame my people for their own barbarism.

    It was a Georgian piece of garbage who saw to the murder of 10 million Ukrainians, Cindy. Rub the world’s nose in the sins of Joe Stalin. Gramsci, the teacher of Alinsky, and the teacher of Obama, gets his imprimatur from that bastard, Stalin.

    It was a Chinese “revlutionary” who saw to it that 50 million Chinese were murdered off in one way or another. And then there are the savages in Cambodia, Burma and Thailand, the communal murderers in India and Bangladesh and the LTTE the guys who taught the Arabs all about suicide bombing.


    When we murder you off, you can complain, Cindy. Till then, you have nothing to whine about.

    In the meantime if you feel so damned sorry for the “poor Palestinians”, give them your home and sleep in the park. I don’t give a crap about the trash.

  • zingzing

    ruvy: “No, zing. Says the Jew with a sense of social justice – says the Israeli disgusted with your moral relativism – says the man who knows right from wrong who is not afraid to call a spade a spade.”

    your brad of social justice involves lots of blood. and you don’t know right from wrong, obviously. and moral relativism shouldn’t be in your vocabulary.

    “I used to be an American – and proud of it. Now Fuhgedaboutit.”

    american born, american. if it’s good enough for obama, it’s good enough for you.

  • Islam is damn scary. The army fucked up…

    You know what I find scarier than Islam? People who engage is hysteria against whole groups of other people*. Oh and the army, that is one scary enterprise. It’s like a dreamworld of self-created violence that everyone just thinks is normal. That scares me right down to my shoes.

    Here is a rational article for you Heloise. It’s the take of an Islamic man.

    Culture and tradition are always in flux in the Arab and Muslim worlds, as they are the world over. But stereotypes appear to be fixed and unchanging, reinforced by random acts of violence that are used to ascribe guilt by association.

    Indiscriminate attacks on civilians bring a horror all their own. And they violate international law, whether the attacks are by state or non-state actors and whatever the weapon used — whether a gun, plane, or the human body. The problem is that state actors have the power to shield themselves from international law, and their impunity creates a dangerous double standard that fuels violence.

    It is this impunity that Justice Richard Goldstone and his team are seeking to end with their report on Israel’s assault against Gaza, which holds accountable both the powerful state actor, Israel, and the militarily far weaker non-state actor Hamas. The application of international law to all would protect all.

    The problem of the double standard is compounded because the peoples of powerful nations are acutely conscious of the impact of the violence used against them as it receives massive media coverage, while the impact of the violence their governments visit on others is often just a blip on the screen.

    (*P.S. I’ve heard black people are pretty scary.)

  • says the american. good job!

    No, zing. Says the Jew with a sense of social justice – says the Israeli disgusted with your moral relativism – says the man who knows right from wrong who is not afraid to call a spade a spade.

    I used to be an American – and proud of it. Now? Fuhgedaboutit.

  • Clavos

    this article is absolutely hilarious. and disgusting.

    Equally disgusting (and not even mildly amusing) is the site linked in #8.

  • zingzing

    ruvy: “Americans, as usual, are self-centered navel sniffing hypocrites when it comes to how they influence others to murder off civilians. No surprises here.”

    says the american. good job!

  • zingzing

    this article is absolutely hilarious. and disgusting.

  • My comment got lost. But gist: Islam is damn scary. The army fucked up and should have courtmarshalled the guy a long time ago.

  • Something else for you Americans to mull over in the aftermath of the shooting at Fort Hood.

    When are you Americans going to learn what it is you are really dealing with? When are you going to bite the pig fat in the bullet and admit it? This is not said to condemn Muslims but to make clear that the mentality that allowed this army officer to take it upon himself to massacre his fellow soldiers was spawned by the evil of the Wahhabi.

  • A more intelligent take on all this comes from Dr. Phyllis Chesler, a feminist who follows honor killings and other media-suppressed phenomena that hurt women. But I see few Americans want to comment on the massacre on their own soil, just as they do not seem to care when the “Saudis” or Yemenis bomb innocent civilians in Yemen.

    Americans, as usual, are self-centered navel sniffing hypocrites when it comes to how they influence others to murder off civilians. No surprises here.

  • pablo

    Black ops all the way folks.

    Everything About Nidal Malik Hasan Screams “Patsy”

  • heloise

    I think bcz of his educ level he joined at captain rank. Then he must have been promoted. I already called this one. The army fd up why? They should have courtmarshalled his ass a long time ago.

  • It’s another reminder that you’ve got to be somewhat crazy to be a psychiatrist.

    Or to be a Republican under the current leadership.

  • It’s another reminder that you’ve got to be somewhat crazy to be a psychiatrist.

    Or to enlist in a military.

  • John Lake

    Although he was in fact a major, indicative of several years of service, I had speculated that he may have joined the American military in a covert, one man operation to do some damage on behalf of the Muslims – many of whom feel we Americans are at best antagonistic. Having decided, I continued to speculate, to do some such damage on his current tour, he took the additional step to forestall the waiting.
    In any case, soldiers throughout history have been taught that the enemy is less than human. Rather, an animal to be slaughtered or disdained. As a Muslim, maybe he felt that breach from Christian ethics. It is this pre-combat conditioning that results in the atrocities we have seen in Viet-Nam, Guantanamo Bay, and in wars throughout history.

  • Steve, he apparently complained repeatedly about being harassed because of his religion. Whether the harassment was real or in his head remains to be seen. Clearly he was not entirely in is right mind.

    It’s another reminder that you’ve got to be somewhat crazy to be a psychiatrist.


  • zingzing

    “what is with the aunt calling him a good american? A good american doesnt go shoot and kill unarmed soldiers on a military base.”

    because she’s his aunt? maybe she doesn’t understand and is wondering what the hell happened? duh.

  • steve

    why is it that on CNN they are portraying this mass murderer as a victim? There is no way that he was a victim of racism as a MAJOR in the army. If anyone gave him any bit of a hard time they would have been dealt with. And what is with the aunt calling him a good american? A good american doesnt go shoot and kill unarmed soldiers on a military base.