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Tweexchange Helps Companies Establish an Online Presence

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When starting a new business or trying to re-brand an existing one, there are so many things you need to do, including creating a Web site and establishing an online presence. Years ago when I first started my PR business, I needed a Web site and a brochure. Today, it’s imperative that companies have an online presence (social networking, interacting with consumers, etc.) as well.

When I came across a press release announcing a new application that would brand a product or service on both Twitter and the Internet, I got excited. The product, Tweexchange, was recently released by the New York company, Blast Applications, Inc.

It’s actually pretty easy to use. When I sign in, Tweexchange asks me to type in my preferred Twitter usernames and domain names in the white bar on the home page. Within seconds, I got results.

What I find to be the beauty of Tweexchange is that it has a great interface with GoDaddy.com, a domain name registrar. Once at GoDaddy.com, you have the opportunity to purchase a domain name within minutes. If the name that you want is taken, the site offers alternatives or it will direct you to Sedo.com, where you can try to purchase the domain name.

It also has an interface with Twitter. Once you choose the name that you want, with one click, you can sign up for Twitter with the username that you select, easily and securely. If the name is not available, the site will search for alternatives.

Unfortunately, when I played with the site, I found some limitations. A few times, I wasn’t offered an alternative name when one I wanted was taken and I found that frustrating. The other thing that I didn’t like about the site was that it should have had integrations with Facebook, Plaxo, and LinkedIn, among some of the other popular sites so that if you wanted to really brand your company online, you could do it all in one place.

All in all, the site was easy to use and pretty intuitive. I tried it several times, typing in various names that I knew were already taken on both the Internet and Twitter and names that I wasn’t sure were taken. I was impressed at how quickly the program compiled the results and how simple it was to go from Tweexchange to both GoDaddy and Twitter.

Despite its limitations, I still think it’s a great site for any business looking for an online presence and wants to brand their current identity. You don’t need to know how to use Twitter or how to register for a domain name if you never did it before. Tweexchange will walk you through the process and, within moments, you will have a Twitter username and domain name that works for you. I’m sure if this program were around in 1992, I would have used it when I started my business.

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