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Tweets are individual posts on the popular social networking and microblogging service Twitter. Tweets, also known as Twitter updates, are usually less than 140 characters and are updated in real-time.

Any user who has subscribed to a Twitter feed would be able to view the Tweets of that particular Twitter feed on their Twitter home page. Although Twitter does enable a user to hide their Tweets from the public timeline, and one can also send direct Tweets to others which would make those Tweets invisible in their Twitter subscriber's feed.

A Tweet can contain characters, ASCII codes and/or numbers. Tweets sent to a particular user usually begin with @username, direct Tweets usually begin with the letter d. The collection of a user Tweets and the Twitter feeds they have subscribed to is called a Twitter stream. Tweets can be viewed through the Twitter website or with various desktop or smartphone applications, and then others usually rely on SMS messaging.

With the phenomenol growth of Twitter users, Tweets have become an important channel for communication.

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