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TV’s Next Season

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With the TV season ending next month, executive producers are already thinking about next season. What shows do we need to keep? Those which do not meet their requirements will end up on the chopping block.

ABC has already gotten started by renewing Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal. Smart move on their part. Desperate Housewives has done amazingly well for a debut season. Audiences and colleagues alike agree, which is why this show has received a Golden Globe win for Best Actress (Teri Hatcher) as well as Best New Show. At the Screen Actors Guild awards, Desperate Housewives again won for Best Comedy.

Why all the interest? It may have something to do with the situations each week. Even though they are taken to extremes, what happens is not unlike reality. “Perfect” families have cracks inside glass houses. The first of seven new episodes focused on Bree and Rex’s son Andrew, getting hauled off to a “camp” for at risk youth. It stayed with me long after the credits rolled. Gabrielle’s husband made a plea deal of prison time to avoid harsher charges. For them, trying to keep up with the Jones’s did not work. Carlos broke the law to keep Gabi in the style she was accustomed to.

To my delight, Boston Legal is coming back!

This is probably the best written show on television. The acting is superb, led by the brilliant acting of James Spader and William Shatner. Shatner, incidentally, won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Denny Crane. Lori Colson, played by Monica Potter, seems out of her league trying to bring her uptight lawyer to life. One cannot watch this show without thinking about the show’s themes. When last we left Alan Shore, he was trying to get a death row defendant out of his lethal confinement.

Viewers got to see Spader’s strong acting range as he went from mad to gentle to shocked. After seeing Carl Reiner’s guest starring role on another episode, people were considering the die with dignity issue more closely. And this came before Terri Schiavo made headlines.

NBC has renewed The West Wing for a seventh season. Matt Santos got the Democratic nomination for President (gee, couldn’t have possibly guessed that from the teasers) with Leo stepping up for Vice President.

CBS starts showing new episodes of CSI NY later this month. If any CSI show needs to return, it’s this one. Gary Sinise heads a solid cast and well written characters.

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