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TV Reviews: Ghost Whisperer – “Head Over Heels”/Medium – “Bite Me”

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Ghost Whisperer – "Head Over Heels"

The show begins with Melinda packing up pumpkins for Aiden's school. When it is time to leave, she goes to Aiden's room. Aiden is sitting at his table and having a conversation with no one. Melinda doesn't see a ghost and she's upset that she can't see what Aiden sees. Jim, who always takes things in stride, tells her not to worry – all little kids have imaginary friends.

When Melinda drops Aiden off at school, she asks his teacher, Caroline Mayhew, if Aiden has been speaking with imaginary friends. Caroline says she hasn't noticed, but she mentions that Aiden knows everything about ghosts. Caroline takes “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” away from a young student. Aiden sees the imagine of the headless horseman and it torments Melinda. If the idea of the headless horseman on a book isn't scary enough, she then sees it walking down the hall of her home. She follows it out on to the front lawn. The horse rears up above here, before riding off into the dark night.

Caroline's father has passed away and she has settled her mother in another place. Caroline and and her younger sister Dana want to sell off their parents' things. Melinda agrees to take some things into her shop and sell them. Halloween was always a big deal at the Mayhews' house. They would throw a big shindig and everyone was required to wear a costume. Thus, they had quite the collection of costumes. While going through the costumes, Melinda has a vision of a party. As if she's viewing the scene from behind a mask, she spots a couple kissing.

A little stop for interesting trivia. The woman who plays Dana – the younger sister – is Amy Davidson. She played Kerry Michelle Hennessy on 8 Simple Rules from 2002 until the show went off the air in 2005.

When Melinda stops by the Mayhew home to look at more items for sale, she learns that Mr. Mayhew died of early onset Alzheimer's. She doesn't understand the fit between a death from Alzheimer's and a headless horseman. While at the house, she has a vision of Mr. Mayhew being haunted by the same headless horseman that she has been seeing.

That night, Melinda has a visit from the headless man without the horse. The visit comes complete with the feeling that a steel rod has been inserted into her neck and that she couldn't move. The ghost tells her that he doesn't know how it got there. Jim tells Melinda that in some spinal injuries the head becomes detached from the body and a steel rod is inserted into the spine to hold everything together.

The next day, Caroline tells Melinda about her boyfriend, Shawn. He was accused of stealing jewelry from her mother. He fled the scene on a horse and was thrown. He lived for a few weeks in the hospital, but died from his broken neck. That night, Caroline is haunted by the headless horseman at school.

The climax comes when Melinda gets Shawn together. Turns out that Caroline's father was not happy about her relationship with Shawn. Mr. Mayhew posed as Shawn and stole the jewelry. He made sure that Dana saw him do it without revealing his face. She, then, told her mother what she saw, that Shawn had stolen from the family. Shawn was upset at the thought that Caroline could believe that he could steal from them. He took off, was thrown and the rest was history.

While the story wasn't as dark as past stories, it reminded me of the lightheartedness Ghost Whisperer used to be. And Aiden's friends? They are light beings, parts of people who are drawn to the light when the rest of them has left for somewhere else. There's going to be more coming with Aiden's little friends, there has to be.

Medium – "Bite Me"

Oh, you have to love Medium and its beginnings. This week's has to be the best one ever and I don't write that lightly. Allison's voice can be heard talking over images of people sleeping. She talking about dreams and how you can be free in them. The images are soft and sweet. Then she goes on and says, “There's one thing every school kid knows…you can't die in your dreams.” Now, the images are darker — planes blowing up, a woman tied to a train track. When she wakes right up with a start in bed, she's not Allison. She's Elvira and we're off and running on one of the best Mediums I've seen in a long time.

Miss Scarlett, the school's tarantula, has invaded the DuBois' bathroom. Bridgette is watching the large, ugly spider and she placed it – in its aquarium – in the bathroom. Ariel throws a fit and I'm right with her. If one of my brothers had a huge, ugly spider in our bathroom, I would've freaked.

Allison gets called away from this lovely family scene to go with Lee. There's a missing funeral director, Carl Catalano, and his daughter, Bobbie, is very upset. He has made enemies of the drug dealers in the neighborhood and she believes one of them has done something to him.

Back at home, Miss Scarlett has gone to that big web in the sky. Bridgette is beside herself. She doesn't even want to stay up and watch the zombie movie marathon. Allison has a strange black and white dream about zombies. A young man keeps calling her Barb, before he is killed by an attacking zombie. Allison is chased by a zombie. She escapes into a house and a zombie breaks the window and scratches her arm. When she wakes up, the exact same scratches are on her arm. When Joe is dressing her arm, he reasons that she must've done it to herself while sleeping.

Meanwhile, the funeral director is found dead in — are you ready for this? — a graveyard. She meets a sick man, who says nothing to her, but has convulsions and passes out. They determine that the sick man, a drug addict, killed Carl Catalano. Lee tells Allison that the man was high on a new drug concoction.

Poor Bridgette believes that she is being haunted by Miss Scarlett. Turns out that she gave candy to little Miss Scarlett just to see if the spider would like it. The spider keeps showing up around her.

Allison has another dream. She wakes up in the house from her earlier dream. The TV is turned to a news show and it is announced that the “unburied dead are coming back to life.” Allison hears a noise, goes to investigate. She finds a man boarding up the windows. He looks and talks like Joe, but he says his name is Dale Cosgrove. He's boarding up the windows. Their daughters are there, except Dale/Joe calls the girls Abigail, Mabel, and Bella. He tells a story that his family was driving along the interstate when the zombies stopped them. He and his girls got away, but the zombies got his mother. The girls are there and there's a man in the basement that Dale/Joe has found along the way to the house they're in. The man in the basement is Carl Catalano and he is dead. He comes back to life and goes after Allison. He bites her on her leg and the bite shows up in real life.

Joe takes Allison to the hospital. They learn that sometimes stress can cause these kinds of wounds that Allison has been having. Allison worries that she's going to die in one of her dreams. Joe suggests that they sleep in shifts, so Joe can wake Allison up if she has a nightmare.

That day, Carl Catalano's daughter stops by the office. She thanks Allison for her help in catching her father's killer. She has the same scratches on her arm that Allison has.

Allison goes to sleep and dreams that she has fought off the zombie – Mr. Catalano – in the basement of the house. She goes up the basement stairs, where Dale/Joe and children are fighting off zombies. Fearful that she will die in her dream, she flees back to the basement and locks them all out.

Joe wakes her upset and she's very upset about the dream. It is his turn to sleep. Allison goes into the living room and starts flipping through channels. She falls asleep and this time dreams that Lee and Mr. Devalos have arrested her, calling her Barbara as they did so. Then, they locked her away in a truck with the dead Joe and kids. She wakes up on the couch with a burn mark on her right arm.

Allison goes to visit Barbara. When Barbara burns herself – exactly like Allison's burn – it dawns on her what Bobbie stands for. Turns out that Barbara killed her father during an argument. She's been using the embalming fluid to make the latest drug craze – wet. Barbara confesses to Devalos, Lee, and Allison.

All's well that ends well, including Miss Scarlett's fate. It turns out that she was just trying to let Bridgette know that she had laid some eggs in the aquarium.

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