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TV Review: Zoey 101 TV Movie Spring Break-up

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Zoey 101, one of Nickelodeon’s many shows aimed at teens, is premiering its first TV movie. The movie is scheduled to air this Friday, March 10 at 8:00PM (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. The DVD will be released on March 14 and is available on Amazon.

The movie is called Spring Break-Up. Logan, the rich self-centered snob, invites the group to his daddy’s mansion. But knowing Logan, he always has something up his sleeve. And so he does.

Without telling his friends, he signed them up for a game show called “Gender Defenders.” It’s a reality show that Logan’s father was making where the guys compete against the girls. The teams are told to pick team captains. The girls select Zoey and the guys select Chase, this proves to be very important later.

Malcolm Reese, Logan’s dad and the producer, gives everyone cell phone-like products as gifts. Michael, who has been trying to convince Chase to confess his love to Zoey, text messages Chase telling him now is his chance. Chase types back saying that he would not tell Zoey he loves her because it might hurt their friendship. Later, it’s revealed that Chase accidentally sent the message to none other than Zoey.

I really liked the B plot, or sub-story, of the TV movie. Quinn, the science geek, is trying to create an energy drink with fewer chemicals and even more energy than the usual drinks. She explains that it is not yet done. She leaves the drink for a minute, thinking that nobody would touch it. Wrong. Dustin, Zoey’s brother, drinks it, claiming it tastes good. He goes on a major sugar high and starts working out on the exercise machines. When on the step climber, he climbs more than 22,000 stairs.

The B plot was funny and gave Paul Butcher (Dustin) a good acting opportunity. It was definitely well-written and performed well. It made the movie more desirable to watch.

One thing I didn’t like was how predictable it was. The commercial currently being shown on Nickelodeon is misleading. (I can’t explain without giving something away so I’ll talk about it at the end with the rest of the spoilers.) After starting to watch, I guessed correctly on most of what was going to happen. One thing totally shocked me, but I don’t want to give it away.

I watched the movie with my twin sister, Amanda. Usually, I cannot tell you what is going to happen in a show, but when watching it I could tell Amanda, “They are going to lose the challenge and blame the [other team].” I was so right.

There was one thing that really bugged me. Spring Break-up is advertised as a movie, but it really is not very long. When you think of movie, you generally think of 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The movie is an hour WITH COMMERCIALS. So in reality, it’s only 45 minutes of the show. Maybe I’m just upset it isn’t longer, but I thought it should be referred to a “special one-hour event” or something, because a movie is misleading.

I have got to admit, there was some incredible acting from the stars. Even Jamie Lynn did better than I expected. I really do want to point out Sean Flynn, playing Chase, because this show was basically his. He was in most of the scenes and he handled the responsibility better than Jamie. His role was bigger and Jamie’s was smaller than usual.

I loved how it wasn’t only Zoey this, Zoey that, which is actually another reason that the main part should be shared. I also would like to point out Chris Massey’s, playing Michael, acting skills really shined in this movie too. I was very impressed by him. The cast in general did very well, I thought. It was probably the best acting I’ve seen from the series. I want to applaud the whole cast on a job well done. This is another reason to tune in on Friday.

Overall, definitely something not to miss. Even if you just watch the show once in a while, it’s one of the better episodes. So, remember Friday at 8. I rate it a 8.5 out of 10.

Below are spoilers. You have been warned.

Although I refuse to tell you every single thing that happened in the movie, I will tell you some general things. First of all, as I have told you the commercials are VERY misleading. In the commercials, it makes it seem like Zoey did receive the text message and gets upset with Chase. She doesn’t know that Chase had a crush on her when she was upset with Chase. I will tell you though, the text message does make Zoey upset with Chase. I will also tell you the ending is very upsetting, but Zoey does NOT reject Chase. That is some of the stuff you should expect to see. But I still highly recommend you catch the movie, because there is a lot I haven’t told you.

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  • Maddy (author)

    anciousist: Though it may be a little late, I have thought of a solution. You can buy the DVD off Ebay. That’s how I buy all my stuff from Canada.

    Thanks everyone for commenting


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