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TV Review: ‘Young and Hungry’

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Clearly ABC is out to dominate the world of the sit-com, and to set some great new precedents in the doing. This is going to be a great new season.


A case in point is Young and Hungry, with Emily Osment in the lead part of Gabi Diamond, and Jonathon Sadowski who plays rich and affluent Josh Kaminski. In the just-presented pilot episode we are introduced to character Gabi, a sweet young lady who cooks by intuition and pluck, and who seeks to become a household chef.

With stealth, cunning, and exuberance she wins a place cooking for Josh in his high-style palatial apartment. Her initial preparation for Josh lands her the job. “I’m a mind reader; it’s one of my superpowers!” Then Gabi makes a grilled cheese sandwich. Josh beams. It is just what he wants. Following, Josh needs a special dinner to persuade his long limbed and slender girlfriend, Caroline (Mallory Jansen,) to become his bride. Gabi presents a meal and a table setting befitting royalty, but Caroline cancels the date and the meal remains un-eaten. Josh is heartbroken, and Gabi cries and sings softly to herself. She may be distraught, but her spirit remains intact. As it turns out Gabi and Josh have a common interest in singing.

Following a smooth and note-worthy transition, we find (wasting no time) the next morning, in bed, the cook and the master, Gabi and Josh, sound asleep in Josh’s big bed. Surprisingly the knowledge that her nearly-betrothed has bedded another woman causes girlfriend Caroline hardly a yawn. This pilot episode sets the stage and leaves us yearning for more from the Wednesday evening series.

The director, Andy Cadiff, and the film editor, Brent Carpenter, set new standards in their art. The camera work is innovative and imaginative; camera angles bring out the best in the upbeat set; at the beginnings of selected scenes, glimpses of furniture in the foreground set a unique standard.


Aimee Carrero

The script likewise is as finely written as anything on television today. A staff of nine pooled their talents to write a bright and delightful script. As an example of their work here’s this: At one point, upon waking together, Gabi and Josh determine they should keep their tryst a secret, and Gabi is relegated to the closet. Therein, the lowly cook bides her time for awhile. Discussing the matter later, she quips to her girlfriend, Sophia (Aimee Carrero in a continuing role,) that she, Gabi, was so restricted, for so long, that she “..had to pee in one of his shoes.”  But, she explains, “I tried to find the cheapest one!”

“It’s the cheapest one now!” Sophia responds.

Emily Osment is relaxed and natural and ready for fame and fortune. She is a treat and brings life to the role. She is best known for her work in Disney’s Hannah Montana, and played Girty Giggles in the Spy Kids series. We hope to see more of this fresh young talent. Jonathon Sadowski has appeared in She’s The Man some episodes of  House, Friday the 13th, and Spring Breakdown to name but a few. As a couple, Josh and Gabi make a terrific team. They form an exuberant synergy;  they make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.They bring out one-another’s best.

Kym Whitley

Lest we forget, Kym Whitley as Yolanda the house keeper. She has in this first episode established herself as a confidant for Gabi. Whitley is great in the part, and we remember her for I Love You, Man, Along Came Polly, and more. Balancing Kym comes the butler — house-man and concierge — in the persona of Eliot Park(Rex Lee,) whose dry humor keeps us in stitches.

We are looking forward to the new season, and all should make a note to watch ABC’s Young and hungry.

To give credit where credit is due, the writing staff for Young and Hungry stands at: David Holden, Devon Kelly, Jenny Lee, Caryn Lucas, Gabi Moskowitz, Ryan Shankel, Lucas Brown Eyes, and Michael Dow.

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  • John Lake

    I write faster than I think. I must point out that in the “pee in his shoe” scene, character Gabi says “tried,” not “tries.” I really enjoyed the show and the film work caught my eye.

  • Great piece- just one correction BPI dores not operate at Attica but is a 6 other medium and maxium secruity…

    • John Lake

      you may have posted on the wrong page, Mikala —- or maybe I missed something.:)

  • Joy

    Brilliant writing! Refreshingly funny. Can’t wait to see more…

    • John Lake

      Thanks so much. More on the way. Great day!