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TV Review: White Collar – “Vital Signs”

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Ever hear of a victimless crime? The term, I assume, is intended to mean nobody gets hurt and all will be just fine after the fact. Of course, it doesn't exist in real life. Nor in this week's episode about the Fed and the smarmy convicted felon who also happens to be his partner.

Neal (Matt Bomer) brings Peter (Tim DeKay) a potential case for the FBI to handle. Naturally, Peter is suspicious. Why would a not so reformed con artist want the Feds looking over his shoulder? Easy. June (Diahann Carroll), Neal's landlady, needs their help. Big time. One of her youngest relatives is in renal failure. A kidney is needed, but a charity offering to help makes a request. Donate $100,000 as a means of smoothing things over. How do you spell fraud? Kyle Secor as the main guest star works well as a doctor with a deadly secret.

There is more than a touch of role reversal as the duo attempts to get information. Peter must become a chiropractor! Oh dear. I tend to doubt he really loathes working out knots on a female guest star. The key is knowing it's all an act. Neal remarking later about female body inspection is a great line.

Nice to see DeKay get some of the attention. He would not survive as a con artist for long, just because he looks so much like a cop. Still, he's not bad looking. He also gets Tiffani Thiessen as his onscreen wife. How fun.

Willie Garson, as usual, has some of the best scenes. The image of him in a wifebeater (aka white tank top) is unique. Who knew Mozzie hates hospitals? Perhaps this is a concept the writers should work on exploring. Very little is known about the character other than that he's a friend to Neal and his constant partner in crime.

Trust is still an issue between Neal and Peter. Getting caught makes for some tense moments. Putting Neal in restraints is slightly nerve-wracking, but he has a wisecrack which gives a nod to Jack Nicholson. The burst into song is delightful. I would love to hear him sing sometime when not under the influence of narcotics.

Peter is the only one Neal trusts? Awww. Nice to know he is not completely enamored with Kate, his longtime girlfriend. Peter well understands not to believe Neal could not one day go back to his old ways, but the sentiment is touching just the same.

DeKay and Bomer have created a dynamic which makes the characters seem much like brothers. Yes, they have their conflicts from time to time. In the end, they work together.

Only four more episodes are left, but a problem is about to arise. USA is under the same parent company as NBC. So what? you ask. Well, the Olympics are right around the corner. I have to think there will come a week where programming will bump the show. Setting the TiVo might just be the best solution. 

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