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TV Review: White Collar – Season Three

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For Season Three, much of White Collar is going to focus on the Uboat and its stolen contents. For once, Peter (Tim DeKay) is wrong about the involvement of Neal (Matt Bomer). However, the true culprit should have been evident long ago. FBI agents are known for their smarts, as anyone who works for an intelligence agency is required to have a high degree of them.

Storyline continuity is important, even if television is not exactly on the same timeline as those who sit and absorb. After all, productionn companies have a limited amount of episodes to run. Various blockades can go up. Some are network issues, like scheduled time for special event programming. Think sports events or award shows. Any network has the option to throw off any program at any time for any reason. Usually, though, these come at specific times and the shows schedule accordingly.

USA has enough common sense to split several of their series into two time periods Summer and Winter, thereby avoiding the glut of Premieres and the explosive bang Finales often have. White Collar irks no exception. So far, the memorable moments are centered on character development.

For example, Mozzie (Willie Garson) gets his own episode in “Dentist of Detroit.” Not only is there an explanation of how Mozzie got his name, but viewers are clearly shown the far reaching ramifications of why he would want to lead a life of crime. Marsha Thomason, who plays Diana, shows off her British roots in “Deadline,” plus there are moments with her girlfriend, Christie. Look for an episode which centers around Jones (Sharif Atkins) later this season.

Speaking of cast regulars, what happened to James Rebhorn? FBI director Hughes has yet to make an appearance and four episodes have already aired. At least Diahann Carroll shows up as June, Neal’s landlord, on a semi regular basis.

Well known guest stars also help this series to keep people watching on a regular basis. Jayne Atkinson, who tends to pop up on Criminal Minds these days, stepped in as Helen in “Deadline.” The Masterson brothers, Chris and Danny, made a nice touch with “Where There’s a Will.” Madchen Amick and Jonathan Silverman are the latest with “Veiled Threat.”

This show is so popular, even a cast member from Real Housewives of New York put in a cameo appearance.

Nothing is ever what it seems on this USA smash, but that should be expected with the FBI involvement on every case. Tune in Tuesday nights at 9pm for all new episodes of White Collar.

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