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TV Review: White Collar – “On Guard”

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The boys are back! When we last left Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), they were on the trail of Vincent Adler, who was not only responsible for the death of Kate, but had obtained a Nazi U Boat full of treasures. Add to this one ticking time bomb of a warehouse, and the launch of an entire new season of a mystery came into play.

Peter believes that although Neal is his partner, the opportunity to grab a few art items is far too tempting. He also understands there needs to be a lot more proof if Neal or whoever gets hauled down to federal prison. A hunch is hardly enough. The identity of the culprit is revealed early on, although regular viewers probably can figure things out long before.

Of course, it would not be White Collar without a crime of the week to be solved. David Lawrence has recently escaped from prison and wants help in getting sixty million out of the country. Neal must use an old alias to bring Lawrence in, and fast.

Bomer and DeKay are experienced professionals. These two play the tension well, and this storyline will play out for a bit. Season Three is much more of a darker tone, with Bomer having to portray Neal with a conflicted personality. Does he make nice and give up the life of crime, or turn his back and live as he was when he got sent to prison? Good and evil do not always belong in logical spots.

Tiffani Thiessen provides the voice of reason in this series as she plays Elizabeth, the wife of Peter. Thiessen and DeKay handle the married life as a couple who understand well the importance of support as well as determination. There is a slight change in Elizabeth this season with the reveal of her art history background. Will she return there instead of continuing her catering job? It’s too soon to say for sure, but the assumption is reasonable.

Hilarie Burton has been promoted to series regular, but Sara, the character Burton plays, just might end up out the door sometime before the last finale. Perhaps she could even be gone prior to the mid-season finale. The chemistry between Burton and Bomer is undeniable, but the show is not based on having her around.

Even more helpful is seeing Jones (Sharif Atkins) and Diana (Marsha Thomason) in scenes each week. These two take a backseat to the Peter and Neal relationship, but both provide a fullness of tone to the character development. Add in Mozzie (Willie Garson) for humorous bits, and this is a show to watch this summer.

Tune in Tuesdays at 9pm for all new episodes of White Collar!

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