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TV Review: White Collar – “Flip of the Coin”

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Those who work for any law enforcement agency tend not to have any trouble finding work to do. After all, plenty of people make the decision to break the law every day. Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) is not exactly a typical cop. He works for the FBI on crimes committed by those who are in the upper echelons of society. These include art theft and embezzlement from large corporations. 

Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) is all too familiar with upper class crimes. He got sent to jail for securities fraud. Caffrey had enough common sense to offer his help in catching various criminal colleagues if he could get out of prison. While no government agency in its right mind would hire him, the Feds offer a consulting position. Caffrey naturally takes it.

This week, Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen), Pete's wife, brings a case for him to solve. John, a friend, has a federal warrant out for his arrest. Gold artifacts have been stolen from Iraq and brought home to the States. Worse yet, John just happens to be a military man. The theft is discovered once John gets home from leave. More than likely, this explains why he is not facing a military tribunal. On the show, anyway.

The conversation between Elizabeth and Peter over whether someone can look guilty without actually doing wrong works for DeKay and Thiessen. I particularly liked the part where Neal gets pulled into the conversation and has to answer how it looks when someone runs. Watching Neal squirm shows just how human he is.

Few things make Neal uncomfortable, although he tries his best to ensure that Pete and Mozzie (Willie Garson), Neal's shady friend whose help is typically needed to solve cases, do not meet. When they do, the reaction is priceless! The Fed knows exactly who Mozzie is, but decides to call him "Mr. Habersham." Why? Peter can hear quite well when he needs to. Go watch.

I thought the scene where Neal tells a news segment producer she has been found out to be abetting criminal behavior worked well. In fact, the episode title "Flip of the Coin" is clearly demonstrated. Neal gets the toss expertly, then grabs it before flipping it onto his other hand. The slow motion of the camerawork only enhances the scene.

Agent Lauren Cruz (Natalie Morales) is back, and opens up this time. She is fascinated by Neal, so much so that she wrote her thesis on him while at Quantico. I love the sassy way she rebuffs Neal's clear hint for attention by saying she really wants to work with Pete! Considering Morales is a series regular, each week presents an opportunity to watch her in action. I like this woman! She is not taken in by Neal's good looks and is not afraid to tell him so.

As always, a plan goes into place to get the bad guys so they can be put away for good. The limo pulling up is not a bad method of announcing one's presence. Driven by Mozzie, the two ladies and Neal make quite the entrance. I have to smile at the line where he questions Cruz about her bluff which could have gotten him killed. Now, do you really think they would send the lead six feet under? The fact he could only stresses how dangerous the job is. Tension-building scenes are a good reason to watch.

The mystery of Kate only extends to matching a map Neal finds in a book. What exactly this means, if anything, is anyone's guess. I do wish Neal would find himself a razor, though. Matt Bomer looks nice with stubble, but I happen to think he looks much much better clean-shaven.

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