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TV Review: What About Brian – A Second Look

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In my first review of this program, it was screened simply as Brian. The show with its full title, What About Brian, aired its second episode last night. Introduced as an ensemble show, the cast consists of seven close-knit friends, all coupled up except “seventh wheel” Brian (Barry Watson, previously of 7th Heaven).

The viewers enter into the stories of each couple. Brian’s sister Nic (Roseanna Arquette) and her hunky husband Angelo (Raoul Bova) are struggling to get pregnant. She’s much older than her husband and, judging by the innuendo, may be hovering in her 40s, which, by Hollywood standards, is almost geriatric. Then there is Brian’s business partner, Dave (Rick Gomez), married to bored but gorgeous Amanda Detmer, known as Deena. Deena manages to look beauty queen perfect, hair cloyingly coifed with the latest crop of hair treatments — even though she’s toting three small children around. They are introduced in the series premier as a couple whom, even though they have produced all the little kiddos, have no sex life. Poor Dave is outwardly befuddled and confused while Marjorie seductively works to manipulate him into an open marriage. Dave tries to play along by tagging along with Brian and Adam, Bri’s best friend, to a loud open singles bar, but the poor guy just couldn’t wait to get back home. Perhaps one reason for the lack of relations with Deena is that all their little bundles of joy sleep with them in a community bed. Scheming Deena, tellingly playing possum after Dave’s return, just can’t get it through her processed hair what a really great guy Dave is and what a great life she really has.

Then there are the struggles the hero of this show, Brian, must endure to put his secret love for Marjorie, his best friend’s fiancee, behind him. Not only is he set up by Marjorie with a hot, yet true to hair color blonde, Lisa, he bonuses with a “2 in 24”. This is guyspeak by Adam, meaning bedding two chicks in 24 hours. I told you this guy is struggling. Brian meets Lisa’s roommate, also named Lisa (this could have been dubbed “Tale of Two Lisas”) while he is showering. I can’t think of a better way to rise and shine now than seeing Barry Watson, water dripping off his naked body…beats the hell out of a cup of Starbucks. Brian takes one for the team and scores his 2 in 24. Neither Lisa works out for him, after all, they weren’t the “ones”, so he must try for another week to strive to get over Marjorie, and hopefully pull another shower scene.

Teaser relationship: Adam and Marjorie. The love couple experience a minor tiff over the planning of their wedding. Adam gets ‘all guy’ about his career and orders Marjorie to plan the entire event by herself. Marjorie, a pediatrician, just doesn’t have enough to do, and after all, poor Adam, it IS his chance to make partner in the legal firm and he doesn’t want to blow it. Of course, kissing and making up are in order as the show closes. Brian doesn’t get his girl.

While I was never a fan of 7th Heaven (just too much schmaltz for my taste), I admit I did, on occasion, tune in to keep an eye on Barry Watson. Barry, while dishing out the dripping wet eye-candy, turns in a believable performance as a “geez, he’s too hot to not be able to get the girl” kind of guy. I’ve had a few guy pals like Brian and it does happen; they do exist. This show has potential and is worth tuning into for an hour to watch Watson’s travails in What About Brian.

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  • Bonnie

    I watched “What about Brian” on Sunday and thought it was ok. It reminded me quite a bit of “30 Something”.
    I did not watch it on Monday evening. It is up against “Medium” and I am a true fan of “Medium”.
    Good luck with the show. For those who don’t remember “30 Something” they will probably like the show.

  • “30 Something” was an OK show; this one has a younger twist, but defintiely with the casting and format does take on that feel. & Yo !! Brian ispretty decent to look at! I like the writers *props* – * and thanks * so tune in again… I know “Medium” is a tough one to beat; I have watched it a few times. Free TV it’s a jungle out there…

  • Jewels

    Oh, and typing seems not to be my forte’ lately – sorry for the ‘definitely’ and the other idiot typos…maybe I’m deserving of handicapped parking all along. agh. Again, sorry.

  • Scott Butki

    Ah I see my confusion.

    The first episode I saw – what I thoght was the
    premiere this week – was its second episode.

  • Scott Butki

    Thirty something had amazing writing. It was for an older crowd than mine but this show at times
    reminded me more of Threes Company than 30 Something – two roomates named Lisa? Ugh.

  • Scott Butki

    Jewel, thanks for the compliment on my fotolog

  • jon

    i watchted the first episode of “what about brian” the other day and thought that it was a good light hearted comedy with good acting and a pretty good plot. but i wondered if any one could tell me the name of te song played in the scene with brian nd dave in the office. i have been looking for ages and wouldn’t mind anyone giving me a push in the right direction. jon