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TV Review: West Wing

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New Day, New Time, New President?

It is with a guarded delight that I tune into NBC’s West Wing this season.

Delight in the new day and time, guarded because the producers still insist on doing that circle-camera thing that makes me dizzy at the watching.

The former Wednesday night time gave me grief in that’s generally a busy night for me. I like the Sunday night time and the earlier 8 pm hour much better.

I could handle that dizzying camera thing if they wouldn’t do it quite so often. This camera action is meant, I assume, to create a busy happening reality, a reality exactly like the political world the West Wing represents.

Right now I must whisper that I am a political junkie as well as a Conservative. Conservatives, in general, do not like the West Wing TV series. Although I’d lay odds that more conservative political junkees watch the show than will admit. I say conservatives surely can raise some money from the big corporations and put on their own version of West Wing. If they don’t, then stop complaining.

What, exactly, don’t conservatives like about this series?

The West Wing is populated by Democrats, for one thing. For another, almost every plot has a liberal bent and in the end, the liberal thinking wins.

In reality, liberalism brought changes during the 1960s for women, minorities and soldiers conscripted against their war and sent to a nasty jungle across the sea. This being accomplished, liberalism has failed at everything since. As Thomas Jefferson’s “law of countervailing forces”, the pendulum must change in a world more subject to danger from those who would have us all dead.

Yet on West Wing, President Bartlett can pluck the equivalent of Yasser Arafat, a son of a camel who did nothing for the Palestinian people during his entire tenure as their President, out of a super secret hiding spot and have the man do noble things to insure the peace with Israel.

Damn! This would never happen in real life and this is why conservatives don’t like West Wing. Americans watch West Wing and think this is how it is when, ahem, it’s how it’s NOT.

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As a political junkie, I love to watch the show and laugh at the things liberals think they could do if only they had the White House.

Jeb Bartlett routinely carries an approval rating of over 60%.

Yeah, right, That happens all the time too.

This year the series begins with 101 days until the next election. Bartlett, the viewer understands, will not be the next president. The viewer also assumes there will be a new President and this season will likely dwell on the campaign and eventual victory. Next season would commence with a new President.

The new President will likely be either Congressman Matt Santos, a Latino with a conscience, or Senator Vinnick, a Republican with a conscience.

Santos and Vinnick do have their real life counterparts and read no further. This Grandma Blogger will tell yon reader who in the real life political spectrum these candidates represent.

Santos is, of course, Bill Richardson, Democrat Governor of New Mexico.

Vinnick is, of course, John McCain, that beloved RINO(Republican In Name Only) of the liberals.

Conservatives do not like John McCain because frankly, it doesn’t matter whether it’s liberal or conservative, McCain is all about MCCAIN.

This season promises a lot of plot twists and turns and I’ll shall pay attention.

Is CJ the leak in the White House?

Will Josh and his former White House secretary ever jump into bed, damn it?

Will Vinnick, in fact, win the Presidency?

Below is a Google link to a newsgroup’s “West Wing FAQ’s”. This fellow does a wonderful job of tracking who is who, even tracking the music played on the series!

All things West Wing

Soon, because God has commanded, I will be writing all about, tada, Commander in Chief.

Is she really Hillary?


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