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TV Review: Weeds – Season Finale

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What's a girl to do? Nancy's got six guns pointed at her head, a safe empty of $300,000-worth of MILF weed, a son on the phone holding the weed hostage for a stake in her business (who is also about to be busted for stealing neighborhood spy cams), and another son on the road to Para- or Uruguay with a psycho flaky girl, from Alaska, who, by the way, has an Inuit bounty hunter on her trail to bust her for stealing $1.3 million in casino chips.

And to top it all off, her DEA agent husband-on-paper is lying dead in the neighbor's garage after being iced by the Armenians looking to get their territory back. Now she has to wait for some vague time in 2007 to come up with a way to get her pretty face out of all of this. Ah, life in the suburbs!

The season finale of Weeds most certainly did not disappoint. Though the season itself moved rather slowly, the finale tied up some loose ends while unraveling a lot more strings along the way. I have to say Weeds is one of the most original and best-written shows on television. It was announced that Showtime would confirm whether or not it would renew the series for a third season around the time of the finale, and, in case you missed the little recap at after the credits, they did.

Now, let's catch up on what's happening in Agrestic. Silas did not come back after running off to his room and jumping out the window, leading Nancy to chop down his door with an axe, only to find the missing "Drug Free Zone" signs and video cameras strewn all over the floor. He reappears the next day at Shane's graduation party to remind his little brother how messed up his family really is. Turns out, Silas was at the grow house pilfering all of his mom's stash as a bargaining chip, leaving her with nothing but a "Drug Free Zone" sign for her meeting with U-turn. Two words, Nancy: military school.

We also see a sloshed and dirty Celia looking over surveillance videos in her room at the same motel where she's been sleeping with Doug. She is so incensed at this information, she shows up at Nancy's house the next morning with a gun and shoots out a cabinet with Nancy and Shane in the room. Though she also tried to confront Silas at Shane's graduation party, she ends up tracking him down with a police cruiser in tow to haul Silas off to jail for vandalism. Oops, hope they miss all that dope in the trunk!

Andy sends Kat packing without him, but gives her his van so she'll at least get to wherever she's going in one piece. She makes a clandestine getaway at the graduation party as the bounty hunter shows up. He then ends up making out with Celia, who tells him she has no respect for him, but she always thought he was cute.

Shane, who is developing more moxie as the days go on, delivers an unforgettable graduation speech, letting everyone within earshot know how parents and teachers have failed miserably at raising their children. "If you think of us on a plane, there's mother f***ing snakes on this mother f***ing plane!" got a standing ovation from the students, but immediately got the plug pulled on his pint-sized soapbox. He later breaks up with his girlfriend to go with Kat on her next journey. 

Nancy leaves Shane's graduation early to make her appointment at the grow house with U-turn, and Peter, the DEA agent, only to find a threatening note on her car from Peter. Conrad shows up at the grow house, but they skirt the issue of the kiss they had in the previous episode. Peter checks in, but retreats to his truck as U-turn shows up. It looks like a legit deal in the beginning, but soon U-turn and his buddy pull out their guns to let Nancy and Conrad know they're not getting any cash in exchange for the weed. Meanwhile, a pretty woman knocks on Peter's window, which causes him to roll it down and get carjacked by the Armenians Heylia talked to in the last episode. I had a feeling things were going to go this way, as Peter had been written into a corner. There was nothing more for him to do.

As guns are drawn in the grow house kitchen, the Armenians come in looking for the money Heylia promised for killing Peter, letting Nancy know what had just happened. Conrad tells them they aren’t getting any money because U-turn is trying to steal the stash. They immediately pull out their guns and everyone's at a standstill, that is, until they all want to see the goods and all they get is a sign in a safe.

So tell me, how is Nancy going to get out of this? I'll be eagerly awaiting the next season to find out. But, in the meantime, I'm interested in any theories out there.

If you missed the episode, check your listings because I'm sure Showtime will replay the finale numerous times this week.

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  • Casey Lunkley

    Your guess is as good as mine. I personally have no clue how she’s going to get out of this one.

    (Great review, by the way.)

  • Robin Kavanagh

    Whatever they do, I hope they pick up right where they left off and not pull that shtick so many series do, starting the new season a week or month later and then telling (not showing) you what happened.

  • Kasra Houshidar

    Weeds did a pretty good job of picking up exactly where they left off in the start of season two, I don’t think they will do anything less then that in season three. I just can’t figure out whats going to happen, Sylas better hope they don’t check the trunk of that car, hopefully Andy and the Bounty Hunter find the crazy woman and Shane, but seriously no matter how hard I think I have NO idea how Nancy is going to get out of her situation. I can’t wait till season 3

  • anks

    i think she’s gonna luck out with some kind of life insurance benefits on her dead DEA husband, who knows…?

  • Brian Franz

    One observation; in episode 8, when Conrad talks to Haylia at the grow house, Haylia says that one day “the big, bad wolf gonna huff and puff and blow your house down. And when it happens, I don’t wanna be anywhere near it.” When U-Turn arrives at the grow house, he pounds on the door saying “the big, bad wolf is here.” Now, I am sure that Haylia doesn’t want to be part of it, but to protect Conrad, she has already gone so far as to arrange a hit on a federal agent. It is also strongly implied that, although Nancy is in way over her head, Haylia is familiar with this game. Is it outside the realm of possibility that Haylia is around somewhere, keeping an eye on this deal? I’m not sure how this will play out, but it just seems that this choice to use the big, bad wolf twice can’t be a coincidence. The writers of this show are too smart for that. It is some kind of foreshadowing. Let me know what you all think.

  • Suahzee

    Perhaps it was just a joke recap. I noticed it, but it doesn’t need to be something that will eventually come up. It’s actually kind of logical: when you deal with those thing, and you’re married to a federal agent, you’re bound to get your finger bitten. Because, lets face it: he could get Nancy busted regardless of him being married to her. It was clear from the beginning that he wanted just as much, if not more, from Nancy than she wanted from him. Her word against his. U-Turn likes to be the mean guy, the wolf so to speak. That’s his part and he knows he plays it well and makes sure people know it. Haylia doesn’t need to be there. Sure, she probably didn’t expect the weed to disappear, but nonetheless she did what she set out to do. She doesn’t need to be around to see the outcome. She played her card, let the dominoes roll and may god have mercy on those who deserves it.

  • Raistlin

    Im worried for Nancy. She is in deep.
    Silas has put her in an even worse spot.
    If the drugs had been there, at least Nancy could have backed away and let them all kill each other for the right to have it, but with it gone, they look to her. She could make up something about needing to go get it, or have it brought to her.
    Remember there is still a good guy in the closet and the baddest mofo in the show, Conrad, is still there.
    Everyone is so focused on Nancy and the guns in her face at the end that they arent paying attention to Conrad. Maybe he can think of something to save Nancy, it wouldn’t be the first time.

    As for Silas, he is going to get lucky somehow.
    If he gets caught with those drugs, he wont have much of a role in season 3.
    I am wondering if the tape that Nancy destroyed was the only evidence of Silas’ crime.

    Poor Peter. He deserved it though. Dirty cop, covers himself in filth, realizing too late he is burying himself in it.

    I hope that Andy can save Shane from psycho girl.
    Maybe it’s best that he does leave? Not like Nancy is creating the safest environment for him to live in.

    Doug and Celia was great.
    “Im extremely long too, so imagine how much of me was in your wife.”


  • jason

    I think the big bad wolf reference is a way of showing how Haylia’s prediction came true and how well she knows the game. I’m thinking Sanjay has to do something. He burned down the bakery so we know he’ll do anything for Nancy. Also why would the writers put him in the closet if he just stayed there? I hope Peter’s not dead though. I think he’s a great character who’s been hurt and made a mistake but I don’t think he deserves to die. If he is dead though and assuming Nancy gets out of her siuation, she’s going to have a lot of explaining to do about the marriage certificate. I think the first part of the season will have Ubumchuk and Andy chasing Kat and Shane cat and mouse. It’d be a nice change and split up the group in to two stories. Just a thought

  • geo the french

    I like to see weeds with my big joint !!!!!!!!!

  • no one

    well peter is dead for sure, tvguide.com had an interview with one of the writers and she said that even though they liked his character, they had to accept that he was going to die, which is why we didn’t hear the gunshot. i think nancy will probably end up inherting peter’s property because they are married; however, she will probably have to deal with either the government or peter’s ex-wife or son. maybe there will be some shocking announcement in his will (if he has one). i think there’s definetely a chance of Silas getting arrested for the vandalism but not the pot and him getting off b/c of the possible lack of evidence. also, i definetly think sanjay will play a part in saving nancy and yea, that would be really cool if haylia was a part of that as well. who knows what will happen with shane

  • greensider

    dahm I love weeds too, I have the bad luck to discover weeds in the middle of my finals and that sucks balls because I’m totaly sober, and I can only watch one a day orso (yesterday I did watch the 8 last episodes of season 2 at once.) New episodes are coming out 18th of august (read on IMDB). the storyline, the plotscenes, the actors,… everything is great and it’s about a very popular subject, I even have watched it in school! Everybody loves it but when I saw the last episode of season 2 I was pretty blown away. Everything goes wrong! Totaly crazy. I can’t wait for season 3 to come out, It’s as bad as Heroes, why always wait so long for the next season to come out, I hate it (love weeds and heroes tough)!!!!