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TV Review: Veronica Mars Episode 2.2

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Veronica Mars already has a cult following. I’m a proud member of that cult. And you can bet I preordered the first season on DVD which is available October 11th.

Season Two kicked off with a crash, barely sparing Veronica’s life due to the bus leaving without her. Tonight’s episode opened with Veronica contemplating what happened and the fact that Meg was the only survivor. Veronica blames herself that Meg was even on the bus. She definitely has survivor’s remorse.

The girl whose father was driving the school bus seeks Veronica’s help in proving her father’s innocence. Veronica flirts with a gas station clerk to get more information as to what he sold the bus driver. However, she noticed a sign about not making change, which clued her into the fact that the driver just wanted to make a call on the payphone. But the sheriff finds a suicide note on the guy’s computer. Veronica thinks the note was not a suicide note, but one he left to leave his family for another woman.

She decides she doesn’t want to leave any of her desires to become regrets. She goes to Duncan and has sex with him, willingly this time. But she leaves him while he’s asleep. In the hall of the motel, she runs into Logan having been having a tryst of his own.

Keith Mars is solicited to run for sheriff. Veronica encourages him to do so. He said no, but after seeing the bus driver’s daughter plead with the current sheriff to look back into her father’s case he changes his mind.

Wallace takes a liking to a new girl in town. He offers to help her figure out who hit her dad’s Porsche in the parking lot. He has picked up some skills from hanging out with Veronica and solved the case without her help.

Veronica Mars is the only show that has taken a song I like (The Dandy Warhols-“We Used To Be Friends”) and made it their theme song without ruining the song for me.

For your Veronica Mars fix, check out Veronica’s Desktop. Tune into UPN Wednesday nights at 9/8 Central.
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  • mari

    omg that is the best freaking show ever and always will b…..cant wait to pick up that dvd!!!! muahahaha

  • -E

    Yeah, I cannot wait until it gets here!

  • kauis

    I want it too, but I’ll have to wait ’till Xmas for me to go to Brwnsv. Tx. I’m from Monterrey, Mexico. Unfortunately the show here hasn’t have the advertisement it should get, plus it is airing on TNT, which is not known for its series, but for its movies!!