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TV Review: Venture Bros. – Season 2, Episode 4

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"Escape to the House of the Mummies Part II?" What the hell happened to Part 1?

Yeah, the Ventures are at it again, and apparently all the Adult Swim viewers missed part one of this surreal journey into an ancient Egyptian tomb. Don't lose your mind, though, it's just a gag being slyly played on us, no doubt a reference to TV two parters and cliffhanger episodes.

In true Venture Bros style, there's more to this trip than just spooky ruins. There's also a supernaturally birthed being who is supposed to be "the perfect man" – except that he can barely think for himself. There are also famous figures from history who are time-tossed and brought to these ruins, but I still can't figure out why.

Vnweture Bros logoWhat's the point of having Edgar Allen Poe in an ancient tomb with crazed cultists? It seems that ol' Poe had a huge head, and he's just there to laugh at. Who knew he had such a huge mellon? Poor brilliant writer. Caligula is also there, and he is even more worthless than Edgar Allen Poe; he's humping everything and everyone of every age like a dog. Yes, it is creepy, but it's also funny.

Venture Bros Animated gif

The Venture clan try to escape from the tombs, and unfortunately the self-indulged Doctor Venture is the only one who manages to escape, and it's up to him to send help for everyone else. I won't say if he plays hero by the end of the episode, but I will absolutely tell you that he gets a bit sidetracked. That's bad for Brock, Hank and Dean, but it's great for us viewers because Dr. Orpheus makes an appearance.

The Venture cosplay is just silly

If you have seen every Venture Bros. episode and can recite every line from memory, you may remember an episode where Orpheus' daughter, Triana, notices that Dean never changes his outfit. That's a nod to every grown-up who was mad about cartoon characters always wearing the same clothing all the time. In Episode 3, we get another reference to clothes that never change, and in the world of Venture Bros. it makes total sense.

I would call this episode out of continuity, but when you're watching Venture Bros. I think you should consider every whacked out episode part of the overall Venture experience. I just feel sorry for Mr. Poe. Poor, poor Poe.

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