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TV Review: Venture Bros. – Season 2, Episode 2

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After seeing Episode 2 of The Venture Bros latest season, you'll breathe a sigh of relief that you don't end up with your eye out of its socket after a trip to the mall.

In episode 2,The Monarch is back and unfortunately his flying cocoon base of operations was destroyed — at his request. Now he wants everything back, including his henchmen and his old girlfriend, named…er, Dr. Girlfriend. Fellow super-villain Phantom Limb has been dating her (or whatever "she" happens to be with that voice) since late in the first season. Dr. Girlfriend seems bored with Phantom Limb, but does she want to be back with The Monarch?

Back at the Venture compound, Hank and Dean are celebrating their 16th birthday. This would be fine, if the cuThe one-and-only Dr. Girlfriendrrent Hank and Dean weren't revealed in Episode 1 as clones of their clumsy selves. It's so incredibly tragic (and hilarious) that Hank and Dean would really be much older if they hadn't died so much. How much older? Damn this show, because they won't tell ya.

Also, who is Hank and Dean's mom? Do they even have one? Is it Dr. Girlfriend? If it really does turn out to be her, it would answer a lot of questions. Everyone is dying to know if Dr. Girlfriend really Dr. Boyfriend.

The old couple

There are several funny moments. One comes when Hank and Dean meet Dr. Girlfriend, but they don't know her (because they were just "born"). The second is when The Monarch goes on a "henchman search" and he finds guys who are a little too well-equipped to do his bidding. Seriously, if you were a henchman, you'd pick a Glock over an air-gun, right?

The Venture Bros. new season is going to be so much fun that I want new episodes at least twice a week. Unfortunately, I have to wait for Sunday to take a new trip to the Venture compound.

Wait, where's H.E.L.P.eR?Why? Why all the f@$#king cosplay?

The Venture Bros. employs the voice talents of:
James Urbaniak, Michael Sinterniklaas, Chris McCulloch Patrick Warburton and Doc Hammer. At least one of these men is not using his real name.

To catch Venture Bros., I'd recommend watching all of Adult Swim starting at 11 PM on Sundays or catching a repeat sometime early Monday mornings.

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