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TV Review: Ultimate Fighter 4, Episode 4

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Staying in a house, isolated, with a bunch of guys who fight each other can make you crazy, but this week, one fighter was willing to put his chance at a UFC title shot on the line for that craziness. But he got caught, and he got to pack his bags. And if you don't go crazy, there's other treachery to deal with — contagious treachery!

But first the usual weekly torture of second-guessing the match-ups.

All the Team No Love middleweights seemed resigned to the fact that they were going to fight Patrick Cote. And Patrick seemed ready to go. Then came the confrontation in the kitchen between Pete "Drago" Sell and Travis Lutter. Pete was talking smack in the kitchen, to which Travis Lutter responded, "Come on bitch." A call to a fight anywhere in the world, although Pete's best response was "You talk like that on the farm?" Travis seemed unfazed. He was itching for a fight.

And then came the rash. Fighters contracted a staph infection. Their skin was erupting with boils, and the breakout would have an impact on Team Mojo's match-up strategy.

But before the match-up came the drama. First was the sad story of Jeremy Jackson's recent struggles. He had had bad luck with relationships and money, and had been sleeping in his car for the last six months. So what does he do? Mess up his chance to get back on his feet, of course.

It all started with a change of routine, ironically enough, as an attempt to break the drudgery of being in the Ultimate Fighter house, day in, day out. Trainer Georges St. Pierre took the fighters to the YMCA for some swimming and some basketball. At the Y, Jeremy spotted a female lifeguard, and was apparently smitten. He schemed to meet with her outside of the house, and that night after some deception at the fire pit where the fighters congregated, Jeremy slipped away and jumped the fence to meet his lifeguard maiden.

The next morning, the fighters got the phone call. And Dana came over. He talked to the fighters about the opportunity they were given, but in the end, he said the words everyone was expecting to hear, "Pack your bags, you're going home."

And Jeremy was gone and facing the harsh reality of being outside of the house and saying good-bye to his potential title shot. "I'll probably have to get a job at a gas station and earn money the hard money." Hopefully, he can afford the gas to get there.

And then the rashes got worse. Team Mojo had wanted Patrick Cote to take on Jorge Rivera, but, because of the spread of the staph infection, it was not to be. Instead Scott Smith challenged Travis Lutter.

Travis is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and competed twice at the Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championships. His ground game was something to be reckoned with. According to Dana White, "He's definitely a talented guy that could be the dark horse in this thing." (For more background on Travis, read the Forth Weekly's "Reality Fights")

Scott Smith, on the other hand, became known for two things: His fight against David Terrell at UFC 59, where he had got choked when David Terrell took advantage slack referee call for the fighters to break. The other was his farting. Scott was farting all over the house, usually to the disgust of Din Thomas.

As for the fight, perhaps Scott should have done less farting and more fighting. Early in round one, Travis shot in and got in behind Scott. He threw some punches to soften Scott up, and then Travis expertly sunk in a choke.

Team No Love finally got a win and next week has the power to choose the match-up for the next elimination bout. They'll also have to find a replacement fighter for the departed Jeremy Jackson. Since the losing fighters remain in the house this season, it will likely be Rich Clementi or Pete Spratt.

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