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TV Review: Ugly Betty – “Secretaries’ Day”

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Yet another action-packed episode of Ugly Betty! There is no end to the drama at Mode (thank God!) and it seems we viewers are to reap the benefits!

Betty is trying to convince Daniel to face up to his sex addiction problem. Betty drags a “therapist” from the psychology magazine on the 14th floor who is a specialist in sexual addictions to meet with Daniel. When Daniel agrees to try and have a sexless date he finds he is unable to make it. He seems to finally accepts he has a problem. The psychologist/journalist admits he too was addicted, and he offers Daniel label-less medication from Europe he says works when he feels the urge. Now Daniel is an intelligent cad, why he would pop nameless pills given to him by a stranger is beyond me, but I have a distinct feeling they will turn out to be placebos.

Betty is in charge of planning the Mode Administrative Professional’s Day (don’t call it secretaries’ day!) party at a medieval-themed restaurant. While there she plans to ride the mechanical horse to try to raise a thousand dollars to buy an airline ticket for her father to go to Mexico and then re-enter legally. In a gallant gesture, Henry offers to ride it for her, but gets a call from Charlie and isn’t there at the crucial time. Betty rides it, and is two seconds from winning when Alexis’s obnoxious assistant, Nick (God, how many of his type have I known in my life, the worst kind of frat boy!) throws a popper at her and she falls.

Henry confronts Nick and they end up fighting on the “log” in costumes with large Q-tip-like weapons. Henry loses, but in his delirium, he confesses his love to Betty. Charlie shows up just at that moment and tells Betty to stay away from her boyfriend. Henry is still out of it and leaves with Charlie. Christina convinces Betty that she can fight her own battles, and Betty is inspired to whack Nick across the jaw with the giant Q-tip and proves that she can fight her own battles.

Meanwhile, Alexis is considering Rodrigo’s offer to run off to Brazil with him. She goes to visit her mother in prison and she encourages her to go. While at Rodrigo’s hotel room she tells him she will go, but then by accident discovers that he was paid by her father. She ends up sitting outside the door sobbing after confronting the slime ball. Poor Alexis. You can’t help but hope that somebody will treat her well.

Wilhelmina tries unsuccessfully to convince Bradford to go public with their relationship and move on. She resorts to visiting Claire in prison to try to convince her to divorce Bradford so she can then rope him into marrying her and she can take over Mode. Claire figures out that Willie’s sleeping with him and tries to attack her. When Willie goes back to the office, she convinces Mark to hit her so she can have visible bruises and make Bradford think Claire hurt her. She accidentally falls down the stairs and tells Bradford that Claire arranged to have her beaten. He decides it’s time to divorce Claire. Phew!

Amanda’s having anxiety about growing older and not getting anywhere, until she finds she’s queen of the wenches. Amanda is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters with her outrageous facial expressions, fabulous body-hugging outfits, and in-your-face personality. I look forward to seeing the plotline develop (among other things) between her and the hunky fashion designer.

Ignacio confronts Hilda and tells her he won’t go back to Mexico until he knows that she can act like an adult and take care of the family. Hilda faces the fact that she has to cut off her three-inch fake nails in order to pass beauty school and take care of things. She passes with flying colors and acrylic.

At the end of the episode, we see Alexis make a call that implies she is arranging for someone to kill her father. And Betty is a hero at the office for beating up obnoxious Nick (it certainly made me happy). Daniel cleans up a bit and buys Betty tickets for the whole family to go to Mexico as his present for administrative professionals’ day. As he sees a gorgeous model in the hallway, he eats some of the mystery pills.

With only a few episodes remaining I can only imagine the pace quickening with each week. Will Betty and Henry end up together? Will Daniel learn to think with his big head instead of little one? And what awaits the Suarezes in Mexico? Inquiring minds want to know…

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