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  • Alby

    Gerry!! I miss your reviews so much!
    The last year I’ve keep coming back to see if there was something new, and now that TB 5 has started I’ve came to check once again.
    Anyway, hope everything is good in your life.
    Greeting from Argentina!

  • Gerry

    Bodie, thank you! Unfortunately, I will not be able to review True Blood again until August, as I will be travelling. I hope you’ll stop back then.

    Anita, I think all of the characters on True Blood are nicely rounded. No one’s all nice and no one’s all bad, which works for the show. It’s going to be interesting to see a more vulnerable Eric, just as it’s going to be interesting to see a more conniving Bill.

  • Anita

    Eric goes from controlling, domineering, creepy stalker to innocent boy. But don’t worry, he will return to his natural domineering, creepy stalker self that the ladies seem to love. No wonder men are so confused about women. They actually think we like nice guys.

  • Bodie

    Wow! Love your recaps. This episode was far better than the previous one! The stories are moving along faster though I do wish they would do some pruning and remove some of the unwanted stories or at least connect it to the main story.

    Looking forward to ep 3 and your recap!