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TV Review: True Blood Season Three Premiere

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Pam vamps it up this season.After a painfully long break, last night’s season three premiere of True Blood picked up right where season two ended—Sookie discovers that Bill has been kidnapped, we discover that Jessica has been a bad, bad girl, Tara is mourning the death of her boyfriend, Eggs, and Jason Stackhouse is feeling guilty because he was the one to pull the trigger.

Last season, Jessica quickly became my favorite character, and she continues to delight me in this episode. She shines in her role as the troubled teenage vamp whose hormones are as raging as her blood lust. After a fight with Hoyt in the season two finale, she reverted to her evil ways and drained a trucker. In this episode we see her dealing with the consequences by burying the body in the basement, which begs the question—what will papa Bill say when he gets home?

As much as I love Jessica, I have a feeling that Pam will usurp her as my favorite vamp this season. She had so many delicious lines last night—such as this gem, “I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think I wanna hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember, I can rip your throat out if I need to…”

Pam also appears to lean toward the ladies, which is a delightful twist. I wish I could say that I felt as positively about Evan Rachel Wood’s character, because they would make a hot couple, but for some reason I don’t find the Queen interesting in the slightest and tend to be easily distracted during her scenes.

Lafayette was also wonderful in this episode. It’s good to see him back in form, especially during his hilarious confrontation with Etta Mae. His concern for Tara is also quite sweet.

Meanwhile, it seems no one will help Sookie find Bill, which is really kind of messed up—but not half as messed up as Bill feeding on an old lady who was trying to help him after he escaped from a couple of V-smuggling psychos.

Speaking of Bill, what was going on with the dream sequence of him and Sam together? Granted it was Sam’s brain, but it makes me think I missed something. Is this a result of drinking Bill’s blood? Will Sam be lusting after Bill all during season three the way Sookie lusted after Eric in season two? Things could get interesting if Sam suddenly has to explore this new side of his sexuality—especially since bisexuality is usually relegated to women in television.

Finally, the thing that made this episode epic—werewolves! Of the non-CGI variety.

Bring it on, season three.

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