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TV Review: True Blood – “Evil Is Going On”

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Another season down and as I sort out my thoughts about the finale, I realise they are essentially the same thoughts I’ve had all season long—why are all these disconnected subplots shoving the main story line to the side? Alan Ball seems to have decided every character on the show is a main character and deserves a separate story line. I’ve been hoping against hope since the middle of the season that we’d see all the subplots twine together so we had at most two left going into the finale. Instead, we had around 10 and only one had any sort of closure.

True Blood season three posterLast season, Ball only ran two stories concurrently and even then, he had pacing issues. The Mary Ann plot, while well acted, sagged in the middle because it had to spin its wheels while some of its players were off in Dallas doing interesting things. This season, Ball apparently decided to address the saggy middle issue by splitting everyone up into different stories and telling them all simultaneously. The result is that we got sagginess mixed into every episode, because not every character can be a main character. Supporting characters need to support the main narrative. That’s their job. When the writers spend as much time on uninteresting side plots as on the main season arc, the writing becomes less nuanced and occasionally even difficult to follow.

I’ll start with my favourite plot: the Eric/Russell revenge plot which nicely drew in the Bill/Sookie romance story. Ball said in an interview that the first season of a show is a process of discovering what the show is going to be, and as that reveals itself, you get out of the way. Yet he doesn’t seem to have really figured out yet that his main characters are Eric, Bill, and Sookie, along with a good dose of the main villain. When the story focuses on their troubles and ever shifting relationships, the show hums. That is in part a benefit of consistently good acting, particularly from Denis O’Hare and Alexander Skarsgard (Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are a bit more hit and miss, but hit enough to keep me invested in them). Another part of the success of that story line is that it focuses on what drew viewers to the series in the first place: the often funny and sometimes poignant question of whether vampires and humans can co-exist.

O’Hare’s vampire king decided the two species cannot exist as equals and the charmingly ferocious Edgington has stolen every scene he’s been in all season. The actor is just as compelling in the finale, despite having to act through 10 pounds of burn victim make up. He faces death with the same aplomb he did life, from threatening to come back from True Death if he has to in order to get revenge to trying to cut a deal with whomever is next to him at any given time. He conveys his grief just as believably when he reveals to Sookie who is in the jar, while trying to hide his hope for a way to resurrect his lover. Russell is still in the “magical thinking” stage of grief, which makes his eagerness to embrace Eric’s lure of faery blood believable. Russell’s deep grief makes Eric’s decision to entomb him rather than destroy him understandable—at least to Eric, if not to the other characters.

Eric’s arc this season has been admitting to himself he does care about humans and in fact still has what he considers human emotions. We’ve seen him struggle with feeling more for Sookie than he likes to admit and we’ve seen him follow a need for revenge that often puts him at odds with the people he cares about, from Sookie to Pam. In the finale, he adds Godric to the list of people he’s willing to push aside to get his perfect revenge.

It’s not entirely clear whether Godric is a manifestation of Eric’s conscience talking to him or an actual Ghost of Godric, but in either case, he represents a side of Eric the vampire doesn’t like to admit to, a side that cares about the ethics of his actions and the big picture of where he fits in the world. These are the very questions Godric struggled with and eventually decided to end his existence over. From Eric’s response to Godric this episode, it is clear that Eric is still in his own stage of grief over his Maker’s loss, because the idea of death being a route to peace makes him very angry.

I’m hoping Godric is Hallucination Godric, in much the same way Amber on House was a manifestation of a troubled mind. Plotwise, it would explain why Godric’s visit doesn’t seem to surprise Eric in the least, given that True Death is supposed to be it for vampires. And it also helps explain why Godric appears in such a saintly vision, when last season, he knew himself to be a flawed being like any other. If he represents to Eric the existential angst that led to Godric valuing a final peace over his relationship with Eric, the anger, rather than love, that surges up in Eric is understandable, as is his desire to remove the possibility of peace for Russell. His anger at Godric’s loss is bound up with the loss of his human father and all of those feelings are now aimed at Russell. Eric is more concerned at making sure Russell suffers appropriately than on removing him permanently as a threat, which lets us know he has a good deal of processing left to do for his own grief.

I loved this aspect of the story and therefore, this is one place I really chafed at the limited screen time these characters get. If the writers are going to bring a character like Godric back, then use him in a way that really resonates, rather than seeming a bit like fan service. We need to spend enough time with him and Eric to pick up on nuances such as how much of Eric’s anger at Russell is a result of how angry he is at Godric, and whether Eric is actually as grief-stricken and possibly unbalanced as the king is. We get tiny little hints, but all too quickly the show cuts away to one of the other much less interesting stories. This lack of screen time is even more irritating in Bill’s part of the plot.

Bill decides to piggyback on Eric’s scheme to bury Russell alive with one of his own to bury Eric alive in an adjacent hole. But the details of his plot are so skimpily given that a viewer could be excused for not fully following that Bill put a glove on his hand so he could put a silver handcuff on Eric and weaken him enough to push him into the cement. The final reveal that Pam took out the assassin Bill called, allowing her to jump in the concrete and save her Maker, would have been much better actually portrayed onscreen, both in terms of clarity and drama. We could have done with more of this plot and less of so many others. I care much more about the real natures of Eric, Bill, and Sookie than say, Arlene’s baby or Crystal.

Last season, Bill was far too one note and there never seemed to be any consequences for his actions. Ball appeared to be painting him as The Good Guy, which left Eric as The Bad Guy. This season, there has been welcome shading in both characters, so that they are now simply Bill and Eric, both with flaws and virtues. Bill’s willingness to lie about anything he knows that Sookie will find unpalatable has grown increasingly evident, as has his attraction to violence. We watched him deliberately use sexual violence to express his anger at Lorena, which made his denials of his own complicity in their violent history very suspect. In the finale, we watch him gleefully mock Russell as he’s helping bury the king alive. Eric’s personal history makes his anger understandable while Bill’s joy in twisting the knife seems more like a bursting through of something he tries hard to bury, but never quite can. And that something makes his attempt to murder Eric and Pam much more problematic than he admits to Sookie.

Anna Paquin and Stephen MoyerSookie spends the episode finally admitting she is very angry at Bill and doesn’t trust any of the vampires in her life. It’s long overdue and unfortunately still doesn’t quite ring true. The scene where Sookie taunts Russell with the loss of Talbot seems a little too cruel for what we’ve seen of this character, unless we get some hints in the near future that her faery heritage is not all sweetness and light. I was also puzzled about her reaction to Bill confessing that he’s just taken out Eric and plans to kill anyone he deems a threat to her in the future. Sookie is surprised at Bill’s action, but is easily swayed into thinking Bill’s murderous plans are a testament to his love for her rather than showing her he’s a less fun version of Franklin. Given that she pushed Bill aside to rescue Eric just hours earlier, I would expect her to be more upset at his death at Bill’s hands, and given that she no longer trusts Bill implicitly, I would expect his murderous plans to look less romantic to her and more frightening.

Instead, it takes Eric revealing the true reason Bill went to Bon Temps to really get the scales to drop from Sookie’s eyes. I wasn’t surprised to find out Bill was sent by Sophie Ann to nab Sookie for her, but I was shocked that he deliberately set the Rattrays to beat her almost to death so he could feed her his blood. Shading is always welcome for a character, but this kind of shading is so dark, I’m not sure how Sookie could ever entertain the idea of being involved with Bill again. Ever. Bill may be fighting to salvage what he can of his humanity, but it remains to be seen what his humanity actually looks like.

Bill’s and Eric’s journeys this season have had the opposite trajectory. Bill’s exterior projects the desire to protect and love so he can define himself as a “good guy,” as Alcide puts it. But the deeper in you go, the more you realise his dishonesty and capability to be cruel. Eric’s exterior is that of an unrepentant vampire who revels in his power and owns all his ruthless tendencies. But the deeper you go, the more you realise he values his relationships deeply, cares about his responsibilities, and is in more touch with his human feelings than he would like anyone to know. Neither has been honest with Sookie, but it’s hard to see how Eric’s hiding of his better self won’t shake out better than Bill’s hiding of his worse self. Hopefully, we’ll get more of this exploration next season.

Unfortunately, other than Jessica and Hoyt’s story line, the rest of the subplots are more about next season at the expense of this one. We had 12 episodes of set up, almost no resolution, and far too little time to get invested in any one of them. The writers realised they hadn’t been using Sam effectively, but their solution was to turn him, without any build up, into a homicidal maniac on the run. I question this strategy, because there does need to be someone on the show to represent “every man” and Sam was actually doing a fine job of that. Now, I don’t see much contrast between Merlotte’s and Fangtasia on where they occupy the moral landscape and I certainly don’t see Sam as a viable love interest for any one. Alcide appears to now occupy the space Sam used to—the “good guy” who offers a contrast to the complicated vampire relationships. Too bad Alcide has not yet demonstrated any purpose on the show other than this. At least Sam is connected to Merlotte’s.

Tara took up a good deal of time in “Evil Is Going On,” and I resented almost every minute of it.  We’ve been over this ground so many times, I do not find anything moving about her visions of her past victimhood.  Like Tara, I’m hoping for a reboot for the character or that she takes a very very long road trip.

The wrap up of Jason’s story line was as terrible as the execution of it. I don’t care about Crystal or the residents of Hotshot, so the rather fine acting Ryan Kwanten did as Jason accepts the responsibility of caring for his girlfriend’s village was wasted. Why is it a better choice for Jason to try to be the leader of this troubled village than have the authorities get involved? What can he do about the endemic poverty, the inbreeding, the lack of life choices? He’s had little enough luck sorting out his own life and at least that’s usually amusing. I’d rather see more of Kwanten with the criminally underused Chris Bauer than anyone in Hotshot.

Lafayette and Jesus’s plot line continues to somehow miss the mark, perhaps because they are so unconnected to anyone else. If next season we see how the witches tie into a bunch of stories I have no objection to seeing how Lafayette is drawn in, but it would have been so much nicer to see that tie in this season. I am doubtful about the value of making Lafayette supernatural, because at the moment there are almost no human characters left on the show. It’s difficult to explore the effects of the supernatural and human worlds colliding if we only see the supers. Lafayette seems poised to take over Sookie’s position of seeing more than she can handle due to a supernatural sense, and I think it may have been best left in Sookie’s court, rather than making Sookie so completely part of the supernatural realm that she no longer seems human. And I seriously question Faery Land, in every way possible.

Fortunately, Jessica and Hoyt’s story continues to charm, probably because they occupy that interesting space between worlds. I was genuinely chilled to see the doll ominously lying on the floor as the two love birds discuss marriage and house renovation. Besides our knowledge that Hoyt hates dolls, while Summer loves them, dolls have so far stood for disquieting magic on the show. I am very curious to see where this plot goes next season.

The finale was a mixed bag, perhaps mostly because Alan Ball was determined this season to introduce a bunch of new characters and plots to play out over the next few seasons. I hope we get a more concentrated fourth season with very few new characters. The finale came and went without offing enough of the too crowded cast and that’s with Holly not appearing and Alcide doing very little. Someone’s murderous side is going to have to come out in season four, because the show needs to trim characters and plots.

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  • Ashley

    Hopefully after Sookie hasn’t had Bill’s blood for a while she will stop being so stupid and naive, because in the amount she’s had it it has to be affecting her. Also, she just couldnt give up on him because he alwasy through around the L word and went on about protecting her and it sucked her back in every time, same thing all bad boyfriends do to get their girls back. Hopefully she wises up…I didn’t understand her reaction to Bill’s murder mission either…i mean, i get she was shocked I read that on her face, but after he got up to leave and spouted more sentiments it seems like she was going to forgive him, or at least that’s what they make it seem like. AFter everything, I couldnt believe that. I mean, Eric gave Bill chances to tell the truth but Bill didn’t take them. I am glad to see him outed like that. He deserved it after lying to Sookie so many times. Hopefully Sookie will get stronger. I am willing to give her that chance since Bill was her first love.

  • Gerry

    JoAnna, thanks for your insightful post! I agree that Bill’s feelings for Sookie do not seem healthy and I would like to see Sookie really acknowledge that. As you pointed out, Tara at least saw Franklin for an abuser, while Sookie seems to accept everything Bill dishes out as long as he says he loves her. Hopefully, we’ll see a real shift next season in Sookie.

  • JoAnna

    I enjoyed your review and this was the first time I had read any of your reviews….I’m pretty much on board with all your insights.

    In regards to believing in Bill’s reasons for getting rid of all who know what Sookie is….I have never bought the reason is to keep her safe. I believe Bill is “obsessed” with Sookie and like any relationship that borders on obsession—it begins to become dark and dangerous. Anytime this season he has spoken of Eric to Sookie–I’ve wanted to scream BS–like when he told her he had a file on her so that he could discover why Eric was so interested in her or when he says he doesn’t look at her the way Eric and Russell do or that Eric won’t be able to control himself and that’s why he had to kill him….it’s all BS. I do believe Bill loves Sookie but in no way is it a healthy love.

    I get frustrated with the Sookie on TB because she believes Bill without question….even after all the evidence that says–don’t believe the man! He tells her he killed Eric because he tasted her and she’s like “Oh no, bad boy….don’t leave”. Even though Tara irritates me–at least she tried to get away from Franklin, whereas we see no such effort from Sookie–until the very end and I don’t believe it will last….TB Sookie lacks the self-respect and backbone that makes the Sookie character great and I hope she can grow “some” before next season!

    In regards to Alcide–I’d prefer they use him as the Alcide/Quinn character (rather that intro a new character for Quinn) over the next few seasons and if he sticks around–make him a viable contender for Sookie–though she better end up with Eric!! This season seemed like such a waste of wonderful talent at times…Eric, Pam, Jess, Hoyt and Russell (and I guess Bill and Sookie too) could carry the show much more than they are allowed to do and the show would be GREAT!

  • Missouri58

    Your review was a first for me but I am thrilled to have found it. Your in depth concept rang so true. I have read other reviews and fan comments and could only conclude that they were not really paying much attention to the main plot. Of course Eric is still angry with Godric for his decision to meet the sun. Eric looked up to him and saw him as a strong leader and was devastated when Godric let him down. I have always seen Eric as much more in tune to his humanity then any of the other vampires, but he fights that side of himself constantly because the loss of his family was so painful for him and he shuns all human feeling so he will not feel the pain and guilt of having disrespected his father and then not being able to prevent what happened. I find Eric’s character complex and fascinating. Bill also has so many unresolved issues.

    I along with so many other fans watch the show for the Eric, Pam, Bill, Sookie storyline, along with all of the vampire craziness (loved psycho Franklin hated to see him go. Russell is so great he has to come back to cause more mayhem.) The sub-plots are mostly uninteresting except Jessica and Hoyt which is a welcome relief from the intense vamp vs. human. There are entirely too many players and all they do is spoil the main theme of the show so please AB get rid of many, including Alcide his character has no personality and contributes nothing, and DO NOT bring in anyone to play Quinn he sucked in the books and he would suck in the show.

  • MarleneEmmett

    I loved the Finale.

    I loved how Sookie smacked Bill across his face and told him what she thought of him. What I couldn’t stand was Bill Copmton trying to kill Eric Northman ~ that was the act of a very desperate Vampire/MAN!!!
    He never loved Sookie Stackhouse ~ that was ALL AN ACT and a poor act indeed!!

    What I want to see is Sookie realize that the Vampire who loves her and who wouldn’t ever hurt her on purpose is Eric Northman!! And I want to see Eric “Let her into his heart” and let her help him deal with all of the long buried grief he’s got about his family, and of Godric.

    I’m not interested in Bill Compton anymore, not really. there’s nothing he can really do to get back into Sookie’s good graces. If he’d been honest with her from the start, then maybe they could still he together BUT Bill Compton became a “Vampire/man obcessed” with the women he supposedly loved. Bill Compton’s more dangerous to Sookie than Eric Northman is anyday!!!

  • Gerry

    Great to hear from so many of you with your feelings and analysis!

    Michelle, I’m really happy you stopped by. I agree with so many of your points. Jessica and Hoyt to seem to be a more functional contrast to Bill and Sookie and mostly because Jessica is honest with Hoyt. Of course, I’m sure that doll bodes ill for these two, but at least Hoyt and Jessica are on the same page with each other.

    I like Lafayette and Jesus, too, so hopefully their story will be integrated into the main plot next year. Witches seem to be on the menu, so I think there’s a good chance they’ll be used well. I still miss Lafayette as a human without powers, because I loved that the vampires found the Bon Temps humans as much of a handful as the humans find the vamps. Lafayette’s mix of hustler and healer was fascinating of itself, I thought.

    MH, I have the same issues with Hotshot and Sam. Making Sam darker is one thing, but making him a cold blooded mercencary murderer is quite another. And I don’t think they can bring him back from that now. He’s so obviously not the Sam we met in first season, I won’t believe in that Sam again. And I liked him.

    I loved the idea of Godric coming back, particularly because I think Eric would be not only devastated at losing him, but angry at how. I wouldn’t label suicide as selfish, because to me it is a mental health issue and no one can walk in another’s shoes. BUT I do think the people left behind are often angry at the choice and I think it would be very believable for that to be where Eric is right now with his Maker.

    But for Godric to have actually furthered that exploration effectively, we would have needed to see the two of them actually interact, not a vision of Angel Godric uttering platitudes. What worked so well in the Dallas story line was the relationship between these two, and we didn’t get a sense of that in the finale. It was a waste of the character, unless Ball plans on continuing Eric’s visions of Godric, letting us know what’s really driving them (and having Godric seem more of the person he was, not pseudo-new age prophet or some such. Faery Land is bad enough for crossing the line from camp to cheese). I think Allan Hyde is a wonderful actor and I felt sorry for what he was given to do in the finale.

    I also agree that it’s hard to see how Sookie could ever trust Bill again, given that he was hiding some dark secrets she had a right to know and never intended to tell her. And that for all his often mentioned fight for his humanity, just two and a half months ago, he set her up to get kicked almost to death so he could manipulate her. I’m not sure Bill’s humanity is much different than his vampire nature. He needs to admit his attraction to sexual violence and his penchant for denying anything that could cause him trouble.

    It will be interesting to see where Ball takes Bill and Sam next year, because right now, neither really seems redeemable as a person to root for, to me.

  • MH

    I love your reviews and you hit it on the head about the subplots although your use of “saggy” and “sagginess” evoked images of Joe Lee’s underpants in my head. I do think that this season was better than last year but only just.

    If Eric and Pam weren’t characters in this show, I wouldn’t be back for S4; Jess and Hoyt wouldn’t be enough for me. Most of the actors are excellent, but they really need to cut out the subplots. So much is going on – most of it boring – that I can’t get attached to these characters and therefore can’t care about what happens to them. I’m so not looking forward to Jason being King of the Panther People next season. I’m also disappointed in what they did to Sam: a thief was one thing, but a murderer? It doesn’t make him interesting, and I’m not sure why he needed to be added to the crazy train express. Not that I care but Felton being revealed as a V addict came out of left field too but whatever.

    Speaking of the crazy train, I’m hoping they don’t give Eric a ticket next season. While I liked your interpretation of Godric’s manifestation, I really hated his appearance. (I despise the fairy stuff too so it may be a preference issue.) First I equated it to Obi Wan appearing to Luke to explain why Darth Vader was his father – a device to explain why Eric appears to save Russell. Russell slowly barbecuing in the Fangtasia parking lot while we watched from the monitors would have been a boring finale to that plot.

    Secondly to suggest that suicide (Godric’s) brings peace was a disturbing message for TB to send. While I agree that Eric would be angry with Godric especially in the face of RE’s greater age and continued love of existence, I really don’t want to see floaty Godric in order to explore it. I liked Godric, but in the end, his decision was ultimately selfish since even Eric’s anguish couldn’t stop him.

    Sookie: beyond her non-reaction to Bill’s protection plan, it bothered me that she so readily invited him in after rescinding the invitation hours before. I think reflection should have made her angrier, and he would have been pleading his case from the porch. It didn’t ring true to me.

    Bill: I agree that I don’t see how Bill could be a viable love interest for Sookie again after the QSA and the Rattray revelation. Also as a viewer, I don’t see how Bill could be a viable love interest for anyone after witnessing his violence towards Lorena and his overall manipulation of Sookie.

    The fact that each revelation is forced out of Bill should also mean that Sookie would permanently doubt him. I’m doubting his professed reason for killing Eric, Pam, etc. After all, Bill is the only vampire who knows that full fairies still exist. Daywalking doesn’t work using Sookie’s blood so would a full fairy fill the bill for Bill? It’s an interesting way to take his character, and I am curious where this will go.

  • Michelle

    So this is only my second time reading your blog about True Blood (don’t kill me!) and I would have to say you have got it spot on with this finale. We were expecting either subplots to end or connect to each other so that there would really be only two for next season. However that did not happen and what we were left with was a lot of “huh?” and not a lot of “yay!”.
    The first storyline I’m glad to see gone or take a break is Tara. That girl has been rung through the ringer so bad she NEEDS to get out of there and get her life and priorities straight. So while he storyline this episode could have been condensenced into no more than 3mins, let’s hope she’s better next season if she returns.
    Hotshot is boring. I don’t care for it. Like you, it would have been better for “King” Jason to have been in a confusion scramble when the DEA got there and bitten. But I guess we shall see what next season’s plot with be.
    Love the innocence of Hoyt and Jessica. They are the perfect balance between the supes and the human worlds. Even though Jessica is Bill’s child, thank goodness she hasn’t hid anything from Hoyt. She was upfront about how she killed somebody and she can’t drink TruBlood. She is the polar opposite of Bill and I like that. Those two are the simple breath of fresh air for the show in which everything else doesn’t really connect or work.
    Poor Sam! He was once one of the characters I did enjoy but with his murderous past coming back to haunt him it’s a side I did not want them to explore.
    LaLa and Jesus was very interesting. Some parts worked out well but some could have been done away with. Now that Jesus has revealed himself to be a witch, I was genuinely surprised that LaLa was so calm about it. So now that we have witches thrown into the storylines, (from reading the books) let’s see if Jesus plays a part in all of that.
    Now…onto the main event that is Eric/Sookie/Bill. I am all for Team Eric so when Eric outed Bill in front of Sookie, after he had said how he loved her and has to kill every vamp that wants her or has had her blood, I was squeeling with delight. I figured the Queen (not only from the books) but obviously because of Hadley too. However, when he mentioned the Rattrays being in with Bill and the beating, my jaw literally dropped. So when she gave him what he deserved I was genuinely happy. With Eric, she had a right to be angry too because of what had just happened and all the anger still built up. In my opinion, just like Eric said, she had a right to know.
    I am really thinkning that Eric is having a conflict with himself when he sees Godric. I view Godric’s manifestation to be the more human side of Eric with more of a connection to his emotions that ha keeps guarded. Yet after 1000 years of hunting and searching for his family’s killer, all that hatred and revenge took hold of him. I believe next season he will finally let go of all that hatred and revenge and we’ll see a totally different side pf him like never before -even more humanistic that on the rooftop at Godric’s death.
    Also what the EFF(!!) was up with the “beam-me-up-Sookie” part at the end. I didn’t like it or care for it at all. I did not think of it as being a good way to end the season. Also, they better have more Pam next season with her witty and sarcastic self. Love her 🙂
    Sorry for the long comment but I wanted to say my part as well and how I totally agree with your comments. I wish you could just go be a writer for TrueBlood and show them what to fix and what we all want to see next season.

  • Jimmy

    Great review, you really nailed it and also managed to capture my own disatisfaction with series three and the finale. Fingers crossed for a better season 4.

  • svmaddict

    Correction: “Tara had the natural reactions towards vampires” not “Sookie”.

  • svmaddict

    Best review I’ve read so far. You hit the nail on the head. Or should I say “the nails”?

    Tara, I liked for the first time this season, and that’s only because she had the natural reactions towars Sookie that Sookie should have. If AB used all that thinking Tara does for his main character, I’d enjoy the show much more.

    Hotshot, Sam & Arlene I could do without -I know they are supposed to be preludes to season 4, but I’d rather have a fullfiling season 3 first.

    Also, best analysis of Eric and Bill I’ve read in a long time. Bill *is* indeed a less funny Franklin. And less (much less) charming. I loved that psycho, he may be nuts but he had a style.

  • OHVamp

    Love your reviews. I continually am disappointed with True Blood for the reasons you discuss. I am just about ready to hit delete on this show…. but not quite. Alan Ball and his seeming obsession with Bill while continuing to ignore Eric is ridiculous. No matter how much people scream they want to see more Eric with Sookie&Bill… all we get is other crappola. Tara continues to be a disaster and painful to watch, Sam was a good solid character reduced to psycho status, and Jason’s direction is a holy mess. Laffy is great but WTF? IMHO, this show is on the edge of becoming obsolete.

  • Danyne

    🙂 You rock Gerry…! Scream Awards should be a blast..and Denis O’Hare is a shoo-in to win! At least, I’m rooting for him…betcha i know what clip they’ll show too…
    “and now for the weather…Tiffany?”
    lmao, best moment on TB this season! (besides the Eric/Sookie kiss, mm)

  • Gerry

    Thank you all, for your comments! Despite the season’s issues, I’ll really miss True Blood–I’ll post some articles on it during the hiatus. We’ll see how the show does at the Scream Awards. Last year, they were a real hoot.

    ANV, I’d love to read your comment when you have time! I love discussing the show.

  • ANV

    Hi Gerry! =)

    What a great review!!!!!
    Real life is kicking my butt right now LOL, I promise I will risht something more insightful on the weekend when things got normal again, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed and learned from you this season, I will miss you during this hiatus. I will check the Lie To Me reviews too because my family and I follow that show too.
    Lot of love!


  • Good review Gerry!
    I agree with most of it. Vampires-Humans coexistence is an interesting issue and should stay as a main stream. But we need humans in the screen for that. I would like to have more of the Newlins, for instance.
    Eric-Sookie-Bill is the axis. Will we ever enjoy Eric and Sookie together? *sigh* Eric and Pam are always good to see. I love Jess and Hoyt, and Russell still around.
    I also liked the Queen + Bill situation that is getting… complicated. The witches are in town and Jesus is the first face of it, involving Lafayette. Interesting possibilities. I prefer vampire storilines, the rest didn’t catch me.

    Thanks for the effort in doing this.
    Hope to have your reviews back next season.

  • Mia

    Very good review, thank you 🙂

    I agree that the show felt abit crowded this season, and the extra plots was distracting people from the main story. Its too bad because i lost alot of sympathy for some of the characters i usually like.

    The Godric vision that Eric had was abit off somehow. I hope it was just a result of Erics anger and grief, because i dont really want Eric to be tired of his vampire life or suicidal as Godric became. I did not see that as a positive side to Godric.

    Im glad Pam has the ability to snap Eric out of his depression, i love her 😀

  • VPG

    Gerry, I really hope somebody from the True Blood writing room reads your reviews!

    Thanks for all the great work on the TB reviews this season and I really hope you continue doing them for Season 4.

    I thought the finale was excellent, but that was only because of main story involving Eric, Bill, and Sookie and because I was so happy not to have to live in suspense for 9 months about the fates of Eric and Pam, lol.

    Thanks again for the wonderful reviews!

  • My first reaction on watching the True Blood finale was awesome. But after reading your review, I see that you have it exactly right. All the parts I loved involved Eric, my favorite character, and Russell, a worthy foe. I also enjoy Hoyt and Jessica, and am annoyed by Tara’s plot this season. Thanks for putting it so elegantly.

  • Gerry

    Hi Danyne, thanks for such a thoughtful and detailed comment! I agree that it was nice to see Eric comment on what we actually saw in his argument with Pam (that he would not simply hand over Sookie to Russell without a plan) and that it was still very understandable that Sookie was upset with him. I had no issue with her rescinding all her invitations. She needs time to sort herself out and process all that happened.

    I had a little more problem with her gleeful taunting of Russell. I didn’t mind her decision to get rid of JarTalbot or her anger at Russell, just the way she enjoyed rubbing in what she was doing. Given that’s it a very different response for her, I hope it’s followed up on next season. I don’t want that to be a throw away moment–and it very well may not be.

    I really hope we get more exploration of what Godric actually represented in that scene, because I felt it didn’t really use Godric as well as he could have been. I need to know more about how Eric felt about seeing Godric and whether his willingness to talk to him in front of other people means he’s losing it, as Russell suggested. It doesn’t seem standard operating procedure for vampire ghosts to appear, yet Eric took Godric in stride. If he’s a hallucination, then his loss is still affecting Eric very much. I’d love to see more of how Eric is handling Godric’s decision to leave him. Pam’s pointing out of her own grief at the idea of Eric’s loss is what pulled Eric out of his depression.

  • Danyne

    Ok, I’m taking up all the comments so far, lol, but I forgot Sam and Laf/Jesus.

    I think Sam got back some sense, actually, and maybe it’s good that he won’t be the goody two shoes doormat so much, but have a little more of his whole self mixed in. It was great seeing him own his being shapeshifter to Tara, rather than hiding it in some kind of scared way as in the past…and I think 90% being good is ok, so long as they don’t make him go off the deep end again. Perhaps he just buried it for so long, it came back with a vengeance for a couple days, but brought some clarity for him. I do hope he stays solid, like the “every man” you’ve described. But so far, Jason and Andy are about the only every man going, as far as being all human.
    Great point about that too, being all human becoming so rare in the show! Although, is being a witch not being human? Not sure about that…

    Laf and Jesus…hmm…not interesting to me so much, but maybe next season something cool will pan out.
    Ok, I think I’ve commented myself out. Just wanted to add that extra penny to the two cents I already posted…

  • Danyne

    Oh, I wanted to add, I hope you’re right as well about Godric, being a kind of subconscious of Eric’s, rather than some actual ghost. I hadn’t even thought of it as deeply as you explained, with his grief playing out in losing Godric, mixed with his grief over his father. Outstanding concept! Revealing of Eric’s character as well. I just love Eric…

  • Danyne

    I’ve been waiting with bated breath for your review, Gerry, as the rest are missing so much! I’ve already torn through about 20 of them, lol, but they just miss the mark, or do some cursory play by play of what happened without insight as you provide.

    You are SO on the mark about the lack of cohesion and synergy with all these story lines. Last year, when Sookie/Bill/Jason came back to Bon Temps to find the Maryann mess, it was kind of exciting, finally bringing separate stories to one. But it was much more scattered this season, and while there could have been promise with some story lines, it just ate up the heart and soul of the show, Sookie/Eric/Bill. Frustrating…perhaps too many different writers mixing things up on the show as well? I can’t figure it, but it was annoying and messy.
    But I loved all the moments with Bill/Sookie/Eric. My jaw dropped at the double cross Bill pulled, and it really showed his true colors, in spite of what may be his best intentions, he stated some assumptions to Sookie about the lack of control these vamps would have with her, when I saw no lack of control with Eric in reviving back with her blood, or Pam showing any interest at all in her fairy blood. Bill seems to think himself ever so saintly! So what a reveal about the Rattrays! but I’ve been rooting for a Bill/Sookie split, so I was thrilled at the revelation, and also touched at Eric’s assertion that he would never have given her up to Russell, and how he was so sorry for her pain, but she deserved to know the truth. He’s right…but I can see how she would feel not so great about him either at that time. Her first time ingesting his blood came by some manipulation as well. She’s just done.
    And on that vein, I think it was cathartic for Sookie to get rid of the rest of Talbot’s remains, given Russell’s ways and threats, and having felt powerless for so long and betrayed in one form or other by the vamps around her. She seemed a little too into it, yes, but I think she was just trying to display some sense of power…and Talbot was already Truly Dead after all. That jar posed some kind of further threat to her well being, seeing Russell had some kind of fantastical idea of bringing him back using her blood. Forget that! So I can’t blame her for a moment of nutty glee…
    I’m glad Tara is taking a road trip, it’s good for her, and good for us, but it did eat up a lot of time. And Jason as the Hotshot leader…gimme a break. I was hoping for more action, the DEA raid leading to mayhem, and him being bitten and becoming a werepanther himself would’ve been more interesting. But – I did like how in season 2 he got a little gumption and sense while rescuing Sookie from the Fellowship and disowning them…seemed he was growing up, until this season when he fell back into the stupid. Maybe he will grow up some more in season 4 after all…that could be promising.
    Also hoping Sookie learns much more about her powers and heritage, and that it shows with more savvy and assertiveness in season 4.
    Fatal Attraction in the Hoyt and Jessica scenario could be a nice creepy angle..the doll made me think Summer was in stalking mode, seemingly having been in the house already…but I do hope Maxine is taken care of early in season 4, she tires me out.
    I’m going to miss your reviews Gerry! I will remember you for next season though, can’t wait to see what pans out. Hopefully more Eric/Sookie, and less of everything else..or at least, better writing in general, with less new characters, as you’ve said. We have enough on the plate to be invested in.
    Also hope Bill does in the queen…but do NOT want him back with Sookie ever again. May they follow the books in this at least, I hope…