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TV Review: The Sopranos – “Members Only”

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The wait is over. After two years, Season Six of HBO’s mob soap opera The Sopranos finally arrived on Sunday March 12.

A quick synopsis of Episode 66:

It’s going to be a good season.

Tony and Carmella are back together and have apparently discovered the joys of Sushi.

Adrianna, offed by Silvio in last season’s most shocking “hit” is also back…at least in Carmella’s dreams.

Enforcer Eugene Pontecorvo wants to retire with his wife and move to a dream house In Florida.

The uneasy truce between jailed New York boss Johnny Sack and Tony’s New Jersey Mafia is tested when some of interim New York Boss Phil Leotardo’s boys rough up a relative of Soprano confidante Hesh.

Eugene the Enforcer, pretty much emasculated by Tony’s refusal to allow him to retire, does the only thing an enforcer can do when his balls have been effectively cut off in the eyes of his wife, and hangs himself.

Tony’s kids are growing up, too.

A.J. is now sporting a long haired “grunge” look to match the under acheiving, pot smoking slacker that emerged last season.

Oh, lest I forget, and just in case anyone was wondering, Meadow Soprano is also still really hot.

Finally, in the season opener’s ending cliffhanger, Mob patriarch Junior Soprano’s dementia escalates to the point where he shoots Tony.

In other words, based on this premiere episode, it looks like this is going to be a really good season for The Sopranos.

What sets The Sopranos apart from other Mob dramas is the way the writers delve into the psychology of these characters. And once again tonight, you had Tony on Doctor Melfi’s couch squirming away as she brought up the Oedipal relationship with a Mother who conspired to kill him.

Yeah, The Sopranos looks to be really good this season.

So let the speculation begin. Who’s getting wacked?

Tony Soprano is the odds on favorite not to survive season six. But it won’t happen just yet…not this early. Look for Tony to survive getting shot by Junior tonight, but to go out in a blaze in the season – and series – finale.

Vito Spatafore After tonight’s comments to Eugene about becoming a boss should Tony have an unfortunate “downturn in health”, the newly slim Vito isn’t long for this world. Fish food by episode six.

Phil Leotardo will be crossing paths with Tony sooner than later. Though I have a hunch he’ll survive to the end and be the one who finally takes Tony out.

Bobby Bacala unfortunately is destined to meet the same fate as Janice Sporano’s former husband Richie Aprile. Which leads to…

Janice Soprano being done in by Tony in the ultimate example of “Sopranos Family Values”.

Christopher Moltisanti is an obvious choice here (because of the gig on NBC’s Law and Order for one thing), but I predict he turns on Tony and lives to tell the tale.

Silvio Dante is another obvious choice to turn on Tony. But since Little Steven Van Zandt’s “other boss” Bruce Springsteen has put plans for a final E Street Band tour on hold for the moment, I predict Silvio stays true to the family…at least till the end of this season.

Paulie Walnuts is going to be up to his silver temples in shit this season, but will survive to play his role in taking Tony out for The Sopranos season finale.

Like I said, this looks to be a really good season.

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  • Let’s start a Sopranos Dead Pool:)

  • T

    I agree that this will be a great season..fantastic opener. But I have to disagree with the loss of Tony S. Since HBO has already shot eight episodes for 2007. I doubt they would knock off the main character in this season. But I do forsee a great deal of bloodshed

    David Chase said that he couldn’t wrap things up in this season so I think Tony’s safe. But who knows, maybe he’ll cheat again and Carmella will take him out in a fit of jealous rage—then she’ll bury him in her new property’s backyard.

    I do have a feeling she’ll find out about what happened to Adrianna though. And hey, whatever happened to that Russian who was shot in Pine Barrens? Maybe he’ll come back into the picture. Plus our new slim friend is gonna get whacked because of his “salami” fetish if ya know what I mean….

  • ahhh yes, The Sopranos. Filled with ad placements and corny one liners. The whole episode was paid for by FedEx and David Yurman. I would expect a little more class out of David Chase and the crew. I thought that the direction was horrible, and the editing was even worse. It looked like each shot had a handful of takes, and they didnt match up. The lighting was bad, the cuts looked amateurish. I was dissapointed. Of course I was watching it on a Standard Definition television, and I am used to my 54 inch High Def.

    But still, I thought the whole show was lacking until, well, ya know.

  • Da stuff dat went down in da Gersy neyburhood las nite wuz gud. Have youse no respect fur da family valuse ting, hunh? I tink dat duh cytics dunt knowst when dey sees a gud ting. Let Tony be Tony an he wil cum out OK down da rode. Da New York cheeseballs cant get nun ovur on da Gersy boys no how. I tink da du res a da sesun wil get more blud an guts befor it be dun an Tony stil be on top. Stik da in yore piep an smoke dat hunh. Bubba

  • So my understanding is that they shot 20 episodes…13 for what was to be the “final season”, and then 7 additional episodes that will be added to the end of this season as a “bonus season” of sorts, rather than in 2007.

    I still say Tony bites the bullet at the end of the season, and that if there is a movie it will be the “prequel” where they bring everybody back.

    I’m a little overwhelmed by the response to this article by the way…I actually liked the other review that was up here a little better than mine…truth be told.

    But my blog’s hits have doubled today, so thanks everyone.

    Quick question here too…does anybody know who the BC scribe is who runs a site called “Earvolution”? He gave me a very nice link today and I’d like to return the favor.

    Many thanks to all my BC partners in crime!

    Glen Boyd

  • Good work, Glen. I enjoyed the episode as well. There are a lot of interesting potential plotlines. 19 episodes left in one of TV’s masterworks.

  • Uncle Jun’s going to the home now for sure!!!