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TV Review: The Shield – “Recoil”

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Only one more episode to go, and I’m happy to report that The Shield’s sixth season is back to its old breakneck speed and edge-of-your seat action.

Mackie confronts Claudette about his upcoming review panel and she admits a decision has already been made: he has a week left. He tells her he will solve the San Marcos murders to give her the count she needs to save the precinct, and then she won’t want to get rid of him. Vic calls on his politician connection — who owes him big after Vic’s cover-up of his daughter’s illicit behaviors — but the politician comes back to say he can’t help him. He tells Vic “you’ve built a mountain of bad will too high to climb.”

Aceveda shows up at the barn with Cruz, his questionable businessman money-man, who offers them a lead for the San Marcos murders, a Salvadorian guy named Rincon who just got out of prison. Seems Rincon was bragging to his Mexican co-worker about hacking up the Mexicans while they were still alive. The Strike Team shows up at the vato’s BBQ party to confront Rincon. They offer him a deal, but in the eleventh hour Hiatt stops Vic’s unorthodox methods and short circuits any progress. Vic manages to convince Claudette to let him handle it instead of Hiatt. (This should prove to be an important part of any upcoming power play between Vic and Hiatt and, perhaps, Vic and Claudette.) The one-armed Mexican diplomat shows up with his lawyer and says that he will ID Rincon if he gets his money-filled briefcase back.

Vic makes an unorthodox deal with Rincon: give up the other murderers and they will make sure he doesn’t get offed. Seems the San Marcos murders were arranged by Guardo (guess he kind of got his just desserts). The team has 24 hours to offer up the other murderers or Rincon gets it, Claudette doesn’t get her count, and Mackie can kiss his career goodbye. Vic gives two of the Salvadorian murderers to the Byz Lats to do with what they will, and the police find their bodies an hour later after the angry mob tears them apart. Now they can try Rincon for the murders — he lives as Mackie promised (sort of) — and they can call the murders solved.

Steve and Dutch are finally investigating something more than hot handbags. They call in the dead guy’s gay lover and though it seems they’re playing good cop/bad cop, I get the feeling Steve is a homophobe. Not only that, he’s playing with Dutch, Tina, and Danny using cutie boy Hiatt as bait. There is a great line when Steve congratulates Hiatt on the interest of Tina and Danny; Hiatt says, “I don’t make a habit of banging chicks who know where to find me in the morning.”

Steve helps to choreograph a date between Tina and Hiatt and goes so far as to steal Tina’s cellphone, sending Dutch a text message so he thinks its from her. The poor guy smoothes his hair, buys a bottle of wine, and shows up at her house. Through the window he sees Hiatt screwing Tina. I changed my mind about Steve; though Dutch has been a jerk about the vending machine scam, this was going over the line. But that is about the extent of the storyline for Dutch and Steve. Seriously, the happenings with these two have been so trivial. They spent most of the episode interrogating the victim’s lover, and NOTHING happens. Will Dutch and Steve ever get a meaty storyline again, or are they just the Punchline and Judy of the show?

Shane is going “deeper into the Armenian beast than [he] ever intended.” He brings in his Armenian Gang Princess to pose as a bookkeeper for a bakery to implicate rival Mafia families. Great line alert: when Shane brings in the Princess posing as an accountant, Claudette says, “I don’t want to find her chopped off feet on my desk tomorrow morning.” Shane and Ronnie stake out the docks with the Armenian competition, and the tension between the two team members is thick. Shane tells Vic that he’s pulling his request for transfer since he’s convinced that Vic will be out in a week. Vic comes in between Shane and his new princess partner. Shane, in yet another brilliant move tells her that Vic robbed the money train and claims his own innocence to regain her trust. Now, it seems, she’s going to have Vic killed and Shane is once again in deep shit. I’m guessing that next week either Vic or Shane has to die, and I seriously doubt it will be Mackie.

Okay, so Cruz’s involvement is cinched. He tries to intervene on Mackie’s behalf with Aceveda ever since Mackie mentioned his situation to the one-armed diplomat and threatens to look into Cruz’s involvement. Vic shows up at the Cruz’s construction site to confront him, and oh my GOD! Cruz gives Mackie the snapshot of Aceveda being orally raped by the gang banger! I wondered when that was going to show up again. Now things are getting interesting.

The coming attractions look good, and I am so happy and relieved to feel the tension return to my favorite show. Now, if season seven can just keep it up…

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  • Shield Shield Shield..it gets so intense that sometimes its better to just pause and breathe

    Vic and Forest Whitaker
    Vic and Shane especially when he figures out he killed lem

    there have been priceless moments
    Shane fighting with Tavon in season 4
    Aceveda gettin raped
    anthony anderson vs Vic

    question is which is superior Shield or the wire