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TV Review: The Shield – “Chasing Ghosts” – Deja Vu or Action Resurrected?

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Oooh! Shane is busted! Not busted enough for this gal, but I get ahead of myself. It was an exciting episode this week, to be sure, however I’m just not certain it isn’t third and fourth season leftovers.

Antwon Mitchell has a better arrangement in jail than Martha Stewart, what with “affectionate” women visitors and the ability to order the guards around. Mackey visits Antwon to accuse him of arranging Lem’s murder, but he strikes out. It was a long shot anyway. Ronnie and Vic are continuing to pursue leads on the case, and now Shane is trying to convince them not to, he’s too busy looking at houses. Vic realizes that Shane counted the grenades the night of Lem’s murder. He and Ronnie are starting to put two and two together. But when they go to confirm the number of grenades Shane checked in, they discover they’re all there.

If Shane was obnoxious before, this week he is off the charts. There really is nothing likeable about him anymore. He spent the entire episode smirking, sitting with his feet on the table, and trying to convince them to give up on Lem’s case.

Meanwhile, the city controller’s daughter’s been murdered so the strike team is put on the high profile case. Aceveda is right there trying to manipulate the facts. They start to uncover soccer mom heroin addicts and a dark underbelly to the politician’s heroin-addicted, trick-turning daughter. The raid on the murderer’s apartment was fabulous with its throbbing metal soundtrack and tension-building, sneaking-around-corners-ducking-automatic-weapon-fire action. Vic offers to bring the suspect in himself, supposedly to take the political heat, but as it turns out, it is so he could manipulate the situation to benefit the controller, and thereby gain favor towards his defense. Claudette begins to realize that Vic helped manipulate the facts to aid the cover-up.

Tina is back from her cop-modeling job, and she is not happy to be paired with Danny. Seems they both find Hiatt kind of cute — this should be good, finally the poor women gets some decent plot. When Danny talks to Tina about her attitude, Tina boasts about her new friends in high places, and the alpha female pissing match begins. I’m putting my money on Danny, what about you?

Guardo’s girlfriend shows up at the barn saying that he’s missing and spills the beans about the team taking her into bogus protective custody. Dutch starts to suspect Vic, but Claudette doesn’t want to make yet another mistake accusing Mackie. Dutch tries to trip Vic up, but it falls flat. Guess street smarts are more valuable than book-learnin’ in these sort of situations.

Vic’s daughter Cassidy confronts him about all the unethical things she learned about him on the internet. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him and drops the bomb that she overheard her mother talking about the fact that Vic had another baby, and we get confirmation that he is indeed Danny’s “baby daddy”. Though it seems he promised Danny he would stay out of it, he convinces her to let him bring Cassidy over to meet her half-brother, Lee.

Ronnie lures Shane with the pretense of a meeting of the two of them with Vic. But Vic confronts Shane alone. Watching Shane squirm as he begins to realize where it was going was so much fun. And — drum roll please — he finally admits to Vic that he killed Lem. Then they both cry. Luckily, not for long. Then Vic gets pissed. Thank God. “He was strong and you are a coward!” Vic yells. Shane says that though Mackie thinks he’s looking through a window, but he’s looking in a mirror. He’s a philosopher now! In the end, Mackie realizes that he’s created this monster. Vic tells Shane they’re done and if he sees him again he will kill him.

They are left at a stalemate, each threatening the other with the knowledge of all the (many) skeletons in each of their closets. Didn’t this happen in an earlier season? Is it just me, or does it feel a bit like a rehash of season three and four with the money train situation where Shane ended up leaving and going to Vice? I’m just not sure yet; guess we will have to see where they take us next week. I sure hope it’s somewhere new.

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