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TV Review: The Office – “Initiation”

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Dwight Schrute has to be the oddest television character ever created. I’m a fan of the British version of The Office also, but in my opinion Gareth doesn’t hold a candle to Dwight. He’s just so crazy and over-the-top. The more screen time Dwight gets, the more I laugh.

This episode was Dwight’s time to shine as he was taking Ryan (The Temp) on his first “sales call.” Dwight relishes being in control, trying to force his ridiculous ways on someone else. You could just tell by the title of this episode that none of this was going to turn out well for Ryan.

Dwight takes him to the Schrute Family Beet Farm to “pass some tests.” First, Dwight makes Ryan kneel down in the field, which is covered in manure, to plant a beet seed.

Dwight: “As you plant this seed in the ground, I shall also plant my seed in you.”

Yeah, that quote made me cringe, too, but it was just as hilarious as it was cringe-worthy.

Dwight "The Office"Meanwhile, Jan is getting extremely fed up with Michael and how he does absolutely nothing. Every episode I watch I keep trying to understand how Michael actually got to where he is. Who would’ve ever promoted that guy? Jan assigns Pam to keep track of Michael hour by hour — she ends up writing only two things down, neither containing any mention of work.

Today is Pretzel Day, where the building gives its tenants free pretzels. It seems that Stanley lives for Pretzel Day. But, if I worked at this place, it would seem this would be the only thing to live for.

Over at the Stamford office, it seems Jim and Karen are getting very flirtatious, which I don’t mind that much. It doesn’t really add much to the show, but doesn’t really take anthing away either. One of the best additions to the show is Ed Helms (The Daily Show) as Andy, the rage-a-holic office worker.

Back at the beet farm, Dwight drives off and leaves Ryan stranded in the middle of the field. Ryan walks all the way to an old rundown barn. Inside is Dwight, an old wheelchair, and a creepy coffin in the corner. He sits Ryan down in the old wheelchair, and begins quizzing him. I love when Dwight throws in Lost references. Remember in the second season where they went down to the warehouse and Dwight turns to the camera and says, “Remember on Lost where they met The Others?” Well, he’s quizzing Ryan in the chair and he says, “What’s the Dharma Initiative?” I about lost it. That was hilarious.

Dwight NBC The Office Dwight gives Ryan a speech about fear and vanquishing his fears. Then Dwight’s weird Amish-looking cousin named Mose (I have no idea how he’d spell it) jumps out, FEAR in duct tape letters across the front of his shirt, ready to fight. Ryan finally gets up, tells Dwight he’s a freak, and leaves. Before Ryan leaves, Dwight says to him, “Okay, you don’t have to wrestle, just get in the coffin.”

There was a scene at the end of the episode with Jim calling and talking to Pam. It was cute for a little bit, but it went on too long. They should’ve cut it shorter. We all know what those awkward conversations are like.

This wasn’t as good as last week’s episode. I believe last week’s was one of the funniest there has been. But, this was another great one. I really am amazed at the quality of each episode. The writers really must spend a lot of time on these scripts. Seinfeld and Arrested Development were the only shows I can think of that were consistently funny all the time.

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