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TV Review: The Nine Lives of Chloe King – “Beautiful Day”

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The first season of ABC Family’s The Nine Lives of Chloe King draws to a close with “Beautiful Day.” Chloe (Skyler Samuels) goes with Brian (Grey Damon) to reconnect with his long-lost grandmother, Olivia. While they are gone, Simone (Jolene Andersen) begins her plan to wipe out Chloe’s support system with the help of Jasmine’s (Alyssa Diaz) new boyfriend (Daniel Sharman). Chloe unknowingly returns to town as the plan is carried out, and she goes to meet her father. But he’s not there, and Chloe is killed by Simone. Jasmine’s boyfriend takes out Jasmine and her mother, Valentina (Alicia Coppola). Chloe awakes at Brian’s kiss, resulting in his apparent death.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of death going on in “Beautiful Day.” Brian is likely the most significant, and it’s hard not to wonder if it will stick. After all, Brian’s family is heavily connected into the organization that seeks to destroy Chloe. Many of Brian’s questions about his family remain unanswered, such as the circumstances surrounding his mother’s death, and how Olivia ends up with Chloe’s father’s book. While Brian’s father, Whitley (David S. Lee), or grandmother, Olivia, may be the outlet the series can use to explore those things, it would be more effective to keep Brian around. Maybe he’s not quite human and can survive a Mai kiss?

Also up in the air is Jasime. Valentina is probably dead because she is poisoned, and The Nine Lives of Chloe King‘s story has more of an impact if the heroic young people can defeat evil themselves, without a helpful parent leading them. As such, she seems both the most expendable, and the most likely to die. Jasmine could go either way. There shouldn’t be too much death in a single episode, and since Jasmine is stabbed, her injuries may not be fatal. If I were a betting man, I would wager she will likely return for season two. Likely, but not certain.

Chloe’s death means the least for the simple fact that she has nine lives. That is not to take away from the significance of losing two of those nine in a single span of ten episodes. It makes Chloe’s lifespan, and that of the series, seem fairly finite, despite her gifts. But she is far from done with her purpose, which has barely begun to be explored. There isn’t any real emotional impact to her being shot, and the bad guys only do it to find out for sure if she is who they think she is.

Perhaps the character facing the most upheaval in “Beautiful Day,” though, is Alek (Benjamin Stone). Not only does he overhear Chloe admit to her mother, Meredith (Amy Pietz), that Chloe’s heart belong to Brian, not him, but Alek also learns that Jasmine’s assassin boyfriend is his own brother. Alek’s heart is broken, and he is tied to dastardly deeds all in one day. His world is turned upside down and rocked drastically, as he faces the prospect of losing loves ones both physically and emotionally. Which means Alek will get some really interesting story in season two.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King is turning out to be quite the exciting series. With echoes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season one, though not quite at that level, it is must-see television. Hopefully, it will get a second season. It definitely deserves it.

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  • Selena stpierre


  • samantha stpierre

    YOUVE-GOT-TO-BE-MENTAL-TO-REMOVE-A-SHOW-THIS-AWSOME. just saying. ALEKK& CHLOE, bring this show back !

  • sabryna stpierre

    i learnt two days ago that this show existed and in a day i literally finished the whole first season. i cant beleive it stopped, im really maddd. i heard that they where thinking of making a movie, but lets be real here, a movie is only about what 1:30 to max 2 hours, and for me and probably speaking for many, that isn’t enough for a show this awsome. and ABC just know that i will NEVER EVER open my tv to your channel EVER again, you guys removed the only good show and im pissed, excuse my language! im 14, and now a day its really hard to find a show thats not always about the same repetitive things, and The Nine Lives of Chloe King was a show that trust me, was extremely UNIQUE. oh and TEAM ALEK AND CHLOEEE FOR THE WIN

  • There will be no second season. Sorry guys. However, ABC Family recently announced they are entertaining the idea of a TV movie. We’ll see…

  • me

    Im on team Alek forsurre(; hes like super hot and loving to Chloe and I HATE it when she keeps on breaking his heart :'( but I do hope Brian dies…. he was in the way butihope there’s a second season!!!!!

  • taye1994

    we need to kno wat happened. cant u see a lot of people like this show. there is a lnt of unsolved things. will chloe find magic within and bring brian back to life? will jasmine survive the stab wound? will alek kill zane? what about chloes mom? and the rezzi family history(the mom and grandmother)

  • taye1994

    do u see all these comments? that tells u something. make a 2nd show. there is a lot of unsolved things. will aleks sister survive the stab wound? will alek kill his “brother”? will chloe find magic within and bring brian back to life? and what will happen with the rezza family? will chloe find her dad? we need a 2nd show

  • anne

    ahhhhhh!!! please please please bring back the 9 lives of chloe king! i love that show sooooo much!!! and brian needs to come back to life! that show is the only reason i watch abc and the only reason i got into pretty little liars but i figure if you force me to not watch 9 lives, i can live without abc altogether! please!!!

  • Vanessa ! Team alek

    So I heard it wuz cancelled, what the heck r u thinking abc family?!?!?! People could’ve recorded it then posted it somewhere! So I bet u have way more fans than u think. BRING CHLOE KING BACK! I think I agree with Sarah. Make at least another episode!!!!! I luv alek and chloe and Amy and paul!!!!

  • Sarah

    Srry I was mean but u r disappointing millions of fans! I started watching this show in dacember on netflix and I fell in luv with it!!! Please bring it back!!!!!! Y do u keep other shows like American teen life or watever?!?! We live in america and we know all about teen life!!!! Please bring nine lives back

  • Sarah

    Bring it back! Ur disappointing thousands of fans! Millions!!!! I don’t care crap about other shows! Pls bring it back!!!!!!!!! I love the nine live! I mean, u can’t just leave it hanging!!!!! At least make another episode or something to tie it all together! I luv the romance between chloe and alek!!!!!! So I don’t want alek to just die!!!!! Pls bring it back!! If any of u agree. Say I!

  • Sarah

    I think they cancelled the show…,.. I hate u abc!!!!!!!! I garuntee u will lose viewers!!!!!!! People could watch it on Netflix so I bet there r more viewers!!!!!!! Bring it back

  • team alek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    abc better have a season 2 just becuz u loze some viewers duzent meen u have to cancel the show

  • team alek !!!!!!!!!!!

    i luv the nine lives of chloe king

  • its a mystery

    LISTEN UP ABC IF YOU DONT BRING THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING BACK MANY FANS WILL BE SO DISAPPOINTED AND I GARENTEE YOU YOU WILL LOSE THOUSANDS OF VEIWERS TO WATCH ABC FAMILY BECAUSE THE NINELIVES OF CHLOE KING WAS THE BEST SHOW IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD AND ALL OF THE OTHER SHOWS YOU AIR ON ABC FAMILY SUCK IN COMPARISON TO CHLOE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christinaja

    I finally got into a show via Netflix that both my daughter, who is 8, and I could enjoy. And then I discovered it was cancelled. SO disappointed! I really hope they find a way to bring it back.

  • ONE

    Really hoping for a 2nd season…I don’t think Brian is dead…remember they said a kiss could cause paralysis, coma, and death…and it’s implied that she didn’t kill that other guy from the club…Brian’s dad asked scar face “are you sure no one saw you leaving the boy’s apartment”…I think scar face killed that first guy…I think the uniter’s kiss isn’t fatal…really hope I get to find out in season 2

  • AAron

    If you were one of those hoping to catch season 2 of The Nine Lives of Chloe King, we’re disappointed to say that it won’t happen. ABC Family has canceled the show after it completed its first run, hoping to make way for other pilots that are in the works.

  • Sialeeds

    Seriously what the heck is going on in our society! I am so angry! How can ABC family cancel the GREATEST show I have EVER seen! Listen up ABC FAMILY WE WANT Fantasy… to get away from everyday highschool morons who offer us bad attitudes,horrible examples, followed with pathetic storyline dare I say Secret Life, ugly little liars and the lying game WOW PATHETIC! 9 Lives of Chloe king taught so much more then just 45 min each show. It had MEANING and DISIPLINE and yet some LOVESTORY to keep our hearts open for more! A REAL show! The BEST show! I tell you what I am going to do I am going to search for a petition and if their is not one out already I will get one going for all you true 9 LCK FANS!

  • Kataryanna

    This show has to come back. It is one of the few shows that does not have needless cussing, one of the only shows that does not have explicit sex scenes, and one of the only shows that all ages can enjoy. A young child of the age of ten or so can watch it withour fear from concerned adults. It has enough subtle suggestive humor to come teens and adults to keep it interesting. The action, though at times cheezy, was actually very enjoyable. The comments of Chloe during the fight scenes were hilarious. It is an innocent show that had a decent plot and a wonderous lead. I agree that not all of the supporting actors was amazing, it still is a great show. It appeals to all. Admittedly, it reminds many of Teen Wolf, but it has enough of it’s own aspects to make a distinct difference. If you don’t bring back this show it will dissapointment to many. Please bring it back.

  • Wow, I was so sad when we finally got to the end scene…

    Something about the lighting, the haunting song (“Without You” by Junip) and knowing the show probably won’t get picked up by another network really sunk in…ugh. Especially disappointing because the last two episodes of the season were by far the best! Anyway, here’s hoping something good happens and surprises me.

  • Unfortunately, the series has just been cancelled.

  • destiny

    i agree they do need to have a second season
    im hoping for a second season

  • Boochie

    Please oh plaese, do it again!!! I am hooked.

  • its a mystery

    sighn a petition to save chloe king from being cancelled go to http://www.petitionbuzz.com!

  • Kelle

    Great show!!! It better not get canceled I need to know who heals from all the damage done on the finale

  • its a mystery

    thanks ben

  • ben

    ya that is a really good ideah about chloe havivg another powere which is to give up one of her lives to save someone elses life good thinkink its a mystery

  • its a mystery

    i absoulutly just love this show! what i hope for in the second season is that they do bring brian back to life because it would give the show more drama and excitment i hope that chloe and alek will be together oh and how i think they should bring brian back to life is that chloe has another secret power that she doesnt know about and that is to give up one of her lives to save another! isnt that a great idea! i hope the second season of the nine lives of chloe king will be on soon! this show totaly deserves a second season! 😀

  • Aria

    I used to be team alek, but after seeing the final episode, you can so see how chloe really doesn’t like alek as much as alek likes her. but then again, brian dies…so alek really is the only remaining option? unless brian somehow comes back to life? they so need a second season!

  • Sadie

    I love this show so much! I really hope theres a second season, because I really want to know what happens next. the finale ends with such a cliffhanger!!!

  • Avisha

    Loved the finale!! Best episode ever!

  • Esgee

    Watched the first episode of this show, not expecting much. Ended up liking it a lot. Liked it so much, I couldn’t wait for the following week to come so I could watch more of the show. And now, I just learned that “Beautiful Day” was the last show for Season 1. I’m kinda bummed that Season 1 has ended. Can’t wait for Season 2. Any idea when that’s gonna be? I’m kinda sad for Chloe. Just imagining how she might feel when she learns of the deaths of her friends, her support system, and of the threat to her mother as well. Am glad they killed off Brian though. It just kinda felt like that love angle is a dead-end. Hope they won’t make him come back, that would be really corny if he did. Needless to say, it’s Alek I’m rooting for. Poor Alek. But I’m hopeful that he’ll end up with Chloe anyway.

  • Beth

    This show is absolutely fantastic!! I so hope there is a second season, there are so many loose ends all of a sudden. And poor Alek!! He was completely heartbroken by Chloe and then to come home and find his family lying supposedly dead in the floor with their killer over them saying he is his brother!!?? What the heck!? I can’t wait for season 2 and more Alek!!!!